Sunday, March 27, 2011

A shoe lady's dream shoes

I'm a shoe lady, I must say. More than purses, or jewelry, and other stuff, I prefer those pretty heels. Would spare my allowance way back in collage just to have that nice pair sold in the mall and be so sad if somebody else will get it first. So having a decent collection of shoes today puts a smile on my face. I'm just blessed and thankful that I got to land in a business that involves shoes, lots and lots. LOL! My babies, as what I call them aren't those super fancy and expensive ones though. But of course I'd love to have a Prada shoes, at least a pair. One of my dream shoes! Every girl knows Prada. It's recognized as the go to brand for style, class, and beauty whether it's a bag, shoes, sunglasses, or dresses.

I guess I need to do a lot of saving for me to have the real one. But you know what? has great and exciting offers for all those fashion obsessed. Prada items like jackets, sweaters, pumps and high heels, went down to their original price as low as 28% less. There's this dark red platform pump I'm drooling for right now, oh my can't take my eyes off it! Well, maybe in the near future. Anyway, to all the ladies out there, you can check out Bluefly and see what I'm talking about. And for the men too, even bigger discounts are waiting for you. Winks!


lilin said...

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