Friday, August 28, 2009

Something for the nursery

You guys probably know that I'm a certified online shopper. I became one ever since I lived here in the States. Before I used to wonder how can I possibly look for stuff and order them over the Internet. Well, we can never estimate the power of our fingers right? And right now it is even easier through the help of Shopwiki! There are thousands of stores out there, but how can we find all of them? That's exactly what Shopwiki does. It crawls through every store like a search engine making it possible for customers to find everything and anything for sale on the web.

As for me, well I need some babies and toddler products now. As you all know, the nursery room for my baby girl is done already and I need some crib bedding and linens over here. I particularly like the blankets and quilts selection, it looks so comfy and pretty, just love it! I might also get some nursery furniture like toy chest for the little man and some wall hangings too. I found lots of cute stuff right now, like clothing for boys and girls wish I can have them all lol! Anyway, if you're looking for great deals and quality, unique products, allow Shopwiki to help you! Let shopping be hassle-free yet super fun. Enjoy everyone!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

10 Traits You Look for in a Romantic Interest

Sorry i was late for ten on Tuesday meme but i may do it anyway! Here's my 10 lists...

1. Loyal
2. Good sense of humor
3. Compassionate
4. Silly
5. Gorgeous eyes with pretty long eyelashes
6. Clean and tidy
7. Smells terrifically good
8. Witty
9. Talented/Skillful
10. Husband material

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

At the grocery

Howdy? Well guys, I've nothing much to say for things are going pretty much the same. Still so busy with everything, but at least the renovation is almost over already. Anyway, we went to the grocery store the other day and had fun strolling around the place. I don't know but the supermarket really gives me a sense of relief from stress, it has become a therapy for me ever since before. I mean like looking at the foodies and the goodies gives me bliss. By the way, the cashier seems to really enjoy using the Honeywell barcode scanner. Makes me wanna try to experience her job somehow, silly me LOL!

Back Pack

Am talking about my kurdapyo he loves his back pack a lot carrying around the house is his favorite thing to do. I took this when he is waiting Nana to pick him up and stay a day with her so he is so ready with all the toys he likes to bring with him his cars collection and his toy cellphone(Elmo) haha! Of course i told him never miss to bring his diapers and to go wipes even though he knows how to go potty already but i still let him wear just in case we missed it, LOL!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Need cash?

They say that money makes the world go round. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, we're using money to help us go through the day. We sometimes need to work double time to cope up with bills and expenses that comes our way. But of course the most important things in life doesn't come close to money or material possessions, happiness does not depend on it. Yet we need cash and that's a fact. Especially if we already have our own family, we want to provide for their needs and live a good life. But what if unexpected things happen? A family member got sick maybe or loses job, those are possibilities isn't it? Well thankfully there's a help available for us and it's just a few clicks away! I'm talking about PayDayOne, the leading provider of pay day loans and cash advance over the Internet ever since 2002. Their main goal is to aid individuals when they need extra cash to pay bills, unexpected expenses and the things alike. What separates them from other lenders is that they guarantee low cost of terms, 24 hour turnaround, and fast and easy application process. In fact, when you apply for a loan today, whether it's a hundred or a thousand dollars loan, you're pretty sure to have it in your bank account as soon as tomorrow. Even more to it is that it's the only lender that is State licensed so great rates is always guaranteed. And their services doesn't end there, they still got a lot to offer. So why not visit their website now and see how they can help you.

And if you find their service helpful, spread the word. Just like what other customers did. You can actually view their testimonies below, let's see what they have to say.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bebe girl's room

These is just few of snap shots of my bebe alexa's room, isn't it pretty? I picked the color combination and the borders and decor. With the help of my sis and mom I-L the room came out perfect though all the decoration are not yet hang but am getting there haha just trying to sneak out when kiddos are napping you know. I love my daughter's room, i've never have my dream bedroom when i was a child is just that i don't care to bug my parents to make me one haha but i promised to my self when i have a girl i will make my dream girls room possible to her so now it was dream came true! I still have more touches to put here and there, wink!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

In the box

Yes, the box am gonna be sending to the family back home is so ready now. Most of the stuff listed are inside already except for the ones I still plan to purchase, lol! There are some that I like to include such as the inflatable chair sissy loves to have. And of course the acne treatment I promised my cousin. I'm still looking for the best one though, I mean there are lots of products in the market today and it's good to have the most effective and safest one possible. And that's what am searching for now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Seafood Paella for last night's supper!

What a nice surprise for me fixing PAELLA for the very first time honestly i dunno how to cook this! But i have no choice last night i craved so bad i can taste it just thinking about it and to make it worse timely i have seafoods in my fridge so i decided to make last night slowly but surely was so glad it came out so good! Am proud to my self actually, lol! I agree paellas are kinda complicated dish to prepare lots of things to gather and stages to follow but if you are persistence it's just so easy to make as long you know the step by step procedure and the flavor of course. Well, all you need are 1-1/2 cup of rice, 1/2 cup sweet rice( i thought it would be nice to mix the two together so the consistency will be sticky rice), 1 onion, 1 bell pepper, shredded chicken, chicken stock( boil chicken for an hour or two and keep the broth), half cup of fried calamari, half cup of cheese hotdogs, half cup of shrimp, cooking oil, garlic salt, salt/pepper to taste and yellow food coloring. Actually you can decide what to mix in your rice either seafood or meat or both which what i did.

Just suite the slice onions and bell pepper in a pot then season to taste, add the shredded chicken simmer for 5 minutes then add the rice stir it, then add the chicken broth mix it well add the food color(yellow). The exciting part is preheat your oven in 375 degree and place the baking pot for 35minutes till the rice cook. After take it out then mix the seafood and hotdogs then bake another 5minutes. Then walahhh Paella is ready to serve with spring onions! Wink

I noticed

I noticed lately that am gaining weight again i don't know why am watching my diet though but right now it's hard not to eat while fixing delicious meal everyday basically am the chef of husband and brother in law cooking their lunch. Actually momshe is so hectically busy here right now and being busy is not good not taking care of yourself you know, so for now i guess it's fine to gain weight a little and will just take diet diet pills later which i was planning to in the first place!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I miss my Kurdapyo!

I took this last night he is not moving out though! Just getting ready to sleep over his cousins house they begging us if they can bring him which is he likes it a lot so we decided ok haha even though he's still a fetus for mommy(my baby boy). He is so cute carrying all his stuff all alone so momshe really took a snap shots,lol! Well until now he's not home yet auntie and cousins and him will go first to the park and play a little bit while is not too hot yet and then they will come bring him home later on. I bet he is having fun right now but we missed our son so much the house is so different when Kurdapyo isn't around! Too quite... :-( can't wait to see him!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet the Robbins

Sissy has been bugging me a lot to register with a social networking site lately. She said it's way better compared to others and how easily we can get connected with friends and almost everyone else. Well I think I should give it a try so I registered. Anyway, this though isn't about it lol! I was just amazed how varied their apps and users are, I didn't even expect to see the Robbins Bros very own account. I'm pretty sure we all know about Robbins Brothers, the world's biggest engagement ring store. I first knew about them when I asked hubby where he bought the one he gave to me. Accordingly Robbins Bros was one of his options since it's very famous for helping couples in love find the engagement rings of their dreams. They also have a lot of great deals specially dedicated to their on line fans and customers. I mean, that's if you share about your most unforgettable date, you'd have a chance to win a free romantic dinner. They also have a bunch of proposal videos, watch them and you'll surely be head over heels. Oh well, thanks for this social site, now I can be updated with the latest treats and offers from the world's leader in jewelry store.

See ya everyone, got to go!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Goodies Finally Send to San Diego

Oh it's been few days that i keep telling to my cousin in San Diego to send her the box but circumstances not allow me to send it on time because of so much things going on here husband is so busy to drop it in the postal service and I too is soo busy at home with the kids so it is always postponed but good thing my mother in-law offered to drop it off this morning so probably the box arrive at my cousin's home approximately this Friday! I'm so glad to send my baby's outgrown clothes to her little baby because we decided not to get pregnant anymore so all my little girls stuff will be passing to the family or relatives you know. My daughter is 4months old next week and she's growing fast so i need to sort her things what can wear and what can't wear anymore and send to my cousin. Thank Goodness I finally send it! Sorry for the delay manai, haha!