Thursday, July 29, 2010

Assistance you might need

Time to hop again and see what's the latest in the online world. Haven't doing it lately because of my super busy schedule. Anyway, just want to share this roadside assistance link to all my visitors. Maybe you are planning for a crossroad adventure one of this days and for that you need to be informed. When you're traveling on the road, there's lot of possibilities, good and bad. So know that there's help available, just a few clicks away. Actually we've been receiving on mails about this offer and i guess we need to sit back and think about the possibility am sure this will come in handy.

In what language do babies cry?

From as early as the second day of life, babies cry to the tune of their mother tongue, according to the researchers in Germany. They recorded the cries of 30 French and 30 German newborns, analyzing frequency, melodic patterns, and pitch. The cries of French babies often began on a lower pitch and then moved higher, while those of German babies often began higher and then became lower. In both cases, the babies were mimicking melody patterns typical of the language of their parents. Hence, it is believed that language development starts in the womb and that a baby's language starts with its earliest cries.

full article from Awake!

how I wish!

Very Soon we will fly to the Philippines and see everyone back home. My gifts for them are almost ready but still eying for some more lol! I just wish it's Black Friday, you know the time of the year when everything goes on sale! I'm thinking of gadgets, ipod and PSP perhaps, pretty sure my cousins will love it but too bad, for now I can only hand them chocolates. I really can't tell enough how excited and happy I am. Our coming trip is fast approaching and before I know it it's time for us to ride on that huge plane. I'm actually preparing our luggage at the moment, while typing here and watching TV..haha! See ya around guys, muahh!

Good morning mommies..

Time to start our day! Fixing something for breakfast? They say it's the most important meal of the day and I agree but since am on a diet, most of the time I skip breakfast. Anyway, I'm so excited to share this silly poem I found while browsing the papers. So timely for breakfast, makes me starve...LOL! I wonder if the author was so hungry and desperately wants some ketchup when he wrote this?

Read on and enjoy.. :D

Where Did All the Ketchup Go?
by Michael Evan Simons

It seems Heinz is hiding, all the bottles disappeared.
And so have all the tomatoes, it's far worst than I feared.
The tortilla chips are lonely because the salsa ran away.
And the mustard on my burger can't find anyone to play.
The hot dogs all feel naked, and all their buns feel bare.
And then there is the pancake, he just doesn't care.
My eggs have scrambled feelings about the missing fruit.
Or maybe it's a vegetable, like I could give a hoot.
The spaghetti has been saddened by its sudden lost.
The meatballs are all panicking, they've lost their only sauce.
The french fries are all mourning, for ketchup was a friend.
But still nobody knows just what brought about the end.
There's too much speculation and hardly any leads.
But in the fridge molasses keeps on laughing till he bleeds.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mommy ponders

The moment I became a mommy, I really felt that I became a different person. In a good, positive way. I think parents would agree with me if I say that our lives indeed changed the time we became parents. When we're single, we tend to just go with the flow and not worry about the future that much. But having a child is different. Now we live not just for ourselves but for our family as well. As early as now, we take steps to mold them, for them to grow up as good and responsible adults. One of which is bringing them to school. Education is essential as we all know but the truth is nowadays, it's also getting more expensive compared to before.

I don't think about it that much yet, my kids are still young. But for those who do, there's a site that's very helpful in providing financial aids, collage scholarships, collage grants, and minority scholarships to students absolutely free! They've got advice on how to earn that scholarship in collage. Cool isn't it?

Anyway, thanks again for coming over friends. I appreciate and value all your visits, will see you around too. Winks!

2months old

Am talking about my online store it's been 2 months already that i haven't get a chance to clean some up like do some updates and stuff that am selling there to make it matter worst the admin reminded me several times already but i can't just catch up my busy schedules here and there! Gladly today i did some updates of this and that, delete the old stuff and replace a new ones i tell it is not easy as 123 having an online store! Ughhh.. I know i don't need to complain because this is what i want too but sometimes feels like it's too much already and i need to slow everything down. Oh me, oh my! plus not to mention my blogging career. To ya'll i really try my best to keep in touch in here and make a connection with you guys and thank you for everything!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All about cars!

The CarConnection website as we know it, provides all the needed information, reviews, star ratings, news, insurance and more. For someone like me whose knowledge is limited when it comes to cars, through it I can somehow have an idea about this toys for the big boys. Why men and women as well are in love with their sports car and spend much to make it look extraordinary. For those planning to buy a new one too, this site is also very helpful in comparing cars, providing the pros and cons, making it easier for a buyer to decide which one suits him the most.

Just to give you an example of their deals, I'm checking out several offers like hyundai santa fe prices, mitsubishi eclipse prices, gmc sierra prices, and honda civic prices. Personally, I really love the mitsubishi eclipse, the red one was stunning! It looks so chic, elegant, yet tough. You see, I'm basing my choice more on the looks because when it comes to the specifications, I'd end up getting confused LOL! How about you? Have you tried browsing The CarConnection already? Was it helpful to you?

By the way, they just don't cater on brand new vehicles even used cars as well. Their wide selection of car makers allows you find the nicest and most affordable ones too. If you have time, especially if you're planning to get a car soon, don't miss to drop by their website and be informed. Winks!

Wardrobe Wednesday

I been eyeing this beautiful dress for months now and i can't help to want it for my daughter time she will be a flower girl soon and i thought this would be perfect for her since the motif of the wedding is white and depends on the girls what favorite colors they will incorporate to the white. I love red to the max so this is so i wanted for my lil girl, don't she look gorgeous on this? Got to get it now!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Take me out to the ball game

It's one of my many wishes to watch a live game, whatever it is, basketball, volleyball, or football. I'm not a huge fan but just for once I'd like to experience something like that. I also want to watch a concert of a famous artist. Wondering how it is to be right there, I mean you know singing along. But I know with my very hectic schedule being a stay at home working mom and wife, those things will remain as wishes I supposed. Not unless I'd win free tickets like BUSCH STADIUM TICKETS? Or Comcast Center Tickets? How about Caesars Palace Tickets? Men, that would be awesome! Only the best of the best events happens in those place right?

Nothing's impossible and maybe someday I'd have such tickets. By the way, I didn't believe in winning jackpot that much until the other day. Somebody knocked on our door and and gave us a nice surprise. Our household won a free electric charge for next month, cool! And we're featured on the papers today, cute! Anyway, I hope someday the husband will totally insist to take me out to the ball game. I'd be sooo happy!

Ku'z Happy Costumer

Hi mommies out there! Just wanna share here few of my happy costumers who is delighted and very satisfied of their purchased on my online store. I am so happy also that so far everyone is sending me good compliments of how they like my shoes not just they are trendy and stylish but of course in good quality they said! Wink. So if you want to get info and looking for shoes that is budget friendly, trendy and high fashion just check out Kurdapyaz Collection just sent me a message or which way you prefer! Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Must not forget

Am almost done packing the box to send in my family in Philippines, but this time it's not shoes though. As you all know my brother is getting married very very soon and ofcourse the preparation is getting serious from ceremony to reception and of course we must not forget the wedding invitation without it this won't be complete. So anyway to make the long story short i offered to my mom that I'll be the one shouldering all the stuff for invitation, favors and decoration. I just got all the necessary stuff for wedding favors at hobby lobby last Saturday and now am fixing to get the invitation as well. On the second note my grandmother is asking me about her supplements to enclosed it in the box am sending. And just for fun... haha i love surprises so am going to get a prenatalvitamins for my future sister in law who knows they might want to have a little family right after they get married and am excited to have nieces and nephew. I know she can use it for their future plans, wink!


Am talking about our city Utility board... because every month they are having a draw to a lucky family to get a free of charge electric bill and so happened we got pick for the month of! So next month we won't pay our electricity no more... what a cool deal huh! Just luckily they choose our house to avail the free thing. I hope in the future again. lol! And another thing is that the couple of the household should have their photo shoot with the banner we got pick haha so tomorrow we'll expecting me and husband in the newspaper. Yikes! first time, well share it here when we get the newspaper. lol.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keeping Out of State Family Updated

The author of this guest post is Jeannie Marriner

One of the things I love most about using the internet is how it keeps my family connected, even though we live over 1000 miles apart. I cannot imagine not being able to share my baby's milestones with Grandma and Grandpa.

The first thing I do every morning is to turn my computer on and connect to the high speed internet. Then after my first cup of coffee I jot a note off to my sister and her husband who live in Houston. Next, I like to send my in-laws a couple of photos of the kids. I also update my Facebook page and check my brother's page for updates.

Sharing photos with my family is literally the next best thing to being there. I really enjoy seeing the latest photos from my nephew's baseball games and my niece's piano recital. Of course, I would rather be there in person, but staying connected with hughs internet service Tennessee gives me the feeling that my family is still close, and that we are not going to let the miles that separate us keep us from still staying connected to each other. After all, we are family.

Almost miss it but...

We made it the doctor's visit today with my MIL drove me there. I really thought it's going to be on the 27th good thing i kept the appointment card in my wallet still so when i check it... oh man it was today that my lil girl will get her 4 shots! 4 huh?? i was kinda hesitant when the nurse told me but i decided to just gave it to her since we are going on a trip soon i know she will need it more than we never know you know just for protection of her going to a first time place. Anyway, despite she was crying the whole time she got her shots, yet am glad my baby girl was cooperating while her doctor checking her well. Every thing is great accordingly, and she growing up good as well so momshe has nothing to worry about! Wink.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

on diet pills

I have an uncle who weighs more than 250lbs, he's huge! I mean, he gains weight so easily and it'll took him forever to loss it. I'm quite sure he already tried a lot of supplements, but nothing seem to works. Should tell him about a best weight loss pills comparison website, to find out which is better you know. Anyway am so excited to meet everyone back home, it's been 4 years! Just thinking about our reunion makes me ecstatic

PhotoHunt 221:Free

I guess some of you guys already aware of my up coming contest here in my blogs. Well, if you are interested to join which I'll be announcing very soon the What, How and When is going to start just wanna make sure everything is well set up. Anyway just giving a hint what prices awaits you one is this signature purse is giving away by momshe for FREE for the one lucky winner. LOL! So hang on there will playing soon. Wink!

Stress causes pimples

I agree,lol! These past few days was stressful for me because of lots of things. You know preparing for our trip, mommy chores, not to mention some bogus buyers. And the result? Pimples, grrrr I hate it. Time to apply my old time remedy, that is milk and honey.. yeah it works. Just glad my pimples aren't one of those adult acne which is hard to cure like one i knew she has bad acne that she even ask to get her an acne treatment. It can be very frustrating isn't it?


Took this on Tuesday @ the park for my entry in LATSOF. Like it the way I got!

Friday, July 9, 2010

One of Americas #1 Weight loss Supplement...

I was browsing about how to loss weight in a matter of a month because i need it As you know very soon we are going on a trip to Philippines and i wanted to loss weight before then. So i bumped into this link you can find the list of diet supplement in the market today with all the good reviews and everything. I found out that one of Americas top list is the Hydroxycut hardcore, it give you amazing fat burning results. They claim to give you thermogenic fat burning, a higher metabolism, lower appetite, and other greater benefits in general. So what do you think? is this good or what? Will try surfing more here. And will let you know what am getting! Wink.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mommies learning from Monkeys

Found an old magazine in one of our drawers, flip the pages a little and got caught with one article. It's entitle "Monkey Sense." I want to share it with my readers here because it tells a lesson of motherhood and training a child. Ok, here it goes...

Monkey Sense

In Sierra Leone, West Africa there is a saying: "The monkey doesn't just tell her child,'Hold tight!' She says,'Look down.'" This brings to mind the picture of a young monkey high in the trees, clinging to his mother's back. The idea behind the saying is that if Mama merely says to hold tight, her youngster might do so for a while, but since he doesn't know the reason behind the injunction, he may soon forget and loosen his grip. However, if the youngster looks down, he will see what a long way he is from the ground and will be impressed more forcefully that his life is involve. Why, he could be seriously injured or even killed! Having understood the danger more fully, he has strong reason to hold tight. Now any added commendation or command will be more respected.

What a fine example in teaching others, especially children. The moral of the story is that rather than just issuing commands, it is important to impart understanding. Of course, on occasion there may not be enough time to do so that first. For example, if your child, without careful looking, starts to cross a street busy with moving traffic, you might command him to stop and come back immediately. Giving the command here first is crucial. But then an explanation of the danger the child was in can impart understanding.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ugly acne!

Do you know someone whose so unhappy because he or she has pimples? It is such a big deal and it can really affect their well being. My brother and a cousin of mine used to be so problematic with their pimples. It bothered them a lot and often times it makes them fume. Then they read about acnepril reviews and applied it. Good thing their pimple are gone now. So for those whose tired and sick with their pimples, why not try it out too?

Nice day-out...

With cousins and auntie at the park this morning! Sissy and I planned to bring the kiddos outside since Mr. Sunny and nice weather today we had a fun day out we brought a huge blanket and had a dry picnic under the sun! It was cool we also took the scooters of the girls and the tricycle of kurdapyo. He really enjoyed every bit of the moment we were up there. Plan to do this more often! Wink.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Beach makeover

I'm getting ready for our big trip so soon from now, I can't wait. The fact that I'd see my family and friends again makes me teary eyed, lol! Anyway, it's a sure thing we'll go to the beach. So I'm pushing myself so hard to stick with my diet and exercise or else I might get the best weight loss pills ever. Should look good when I come home my goodness! Can't wait for our trip, got our tickets... yay!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Single mom alone

Written by guest blogger Alex Marker.

As a single mom with a six month old baby, I was a bit paranoid and slightly scared living alone for the first time since my divorce. I moved from a very safe and quiet suburb area, back into the city to be closer to work and daycare. Now the issues at hand was going to be feeling safe enough to go to bed a night without worrying or jumping up every time I heard the slightest little noise. This was hard for me; I had to be a light sleeper to hear the baby when he woke up, and so I had myself trained to hear everything.

I started off by getting a dead bolt lock for my door, I figured if someone wanted to get in, they would; but I was not going to make it easy for them to do. Then I had a adt fire and security in Arizona installed, I thought that would make me feel safer. I could set the alarm at night before we went to bed and it would go off of if someone came in. Well, I still had some issues, so the next week I went to the local dog pound. Here I found the cutest little Chihuahua, now I know this does not sound like a guard dog, but she barks at her own shadow. So now if there is anything I need to know about she can let me know.


Am so much relieved right now knowing that my package arrived safely in my hometown. And all are in good condition now i can send more package one a time. When my sister pm me that they got the boxes my anxiety disappeared and very thankful about it! I hope they all love the stuff that i sent them! Wink!

Have a good day ya'll!