Thursday, December 29, 2011

The kind of Toys

Wooden toys are better than plastic toys i think! That's what I've learned though because wooden toys can be keep years by years and you can pass it through the years as long as you know how to take care of them. My mother in-law prefers wooden toys just like the wooden train tracks. She got a set of trains tracks with set of mini stuff like miniature trains of course, mini trees and signs as you can see all on the photos. The kids loves it specially my boy he would play all day long with it. And the other to my notice Nana just got him another new set of this to bring home! My reaction was WHOA! haha because another stuff to clean. But one thing though they are so useful for their development stage makes him busy because of so many stuff to do and build. It's a great idea for our little ones to work their brain and eyes you know. Wink!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Barbara Walters

Thanks for the guest post by Donn Schroeder

One morning I was getting ready for work and overheard the tail end of an interview with Barbara Walters on Good Morning America. She was saying that she had another special that was going to air that night. I always love to watch Specials that Barbara Walters has because you never know who she will be interviewing. We have so later that day I went on the internet to Good Morning America’s website to see if I could find out any more information about the special. On that website I was able to watch the whole interview that they did with Barbara Walters on Good Morning America. So really I did not miss anything. Every year she has a special about the most fascinating people of that particular year and then at the end they announce who they think was the most fascinating person of the year out of all the people interviewed. She was saying that they pick people from all walks of life so you don’t end up with all entertainers or politicians. Whoever ends up on the program, I am sure, will be very interesting.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Blue Monday - Blue Head dress

Smiling Sally

My little girl was in a mood of hairdo malfunction the other day, thought of capturing that precious moment, lol. But the truth though she loves to be always exaggerated and she enjoy dressing and fixing up her self, thought that someday i will enroll her to fashion design school either in Online Colleges or local schools so that her future will be as colorful as she is now! Anyway, I found this really cute blue headband and pink hair piece on my favorite online store and thinking these would be nice addition pieces to my baby girl's wardrobe. So i am into collecting hair dresses for her. Oh just enjoying my life to have such beautiful daughter to dress up and do stuff with and everything about her! I sure mommies agreeing with me! Wink.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sad realities

Watching the news earlier today. Actually am not fond of watching current events because the sad realities are so rampant nowadays. I hate it watching news about juvenile delinquency and teenagers being hooked on drugs. On a positive note, there are professionals and rehab centers like los angeles rehab that's so equipped and capable to help them. Help is really needed to save those kids out there. They're suppose to have a bright and better future ahead of them. Parents really plays an essential role in molding their kids minds and heart. Let's work hard to become their good example to follow.

Educational show they love...

My kiddos loves to watch Blues Clues the blue puppy, lol. Everyday not to mention even though the episodes have been watch gazillions times already well it's not a problem though because they learn to many things on this educational kids show like blues clues. My son and daughter knows every stories he even recognized this man Steve's brother Joe that's what they told me, LOL.


The box am suppose to send to the Philippines is still here. Don't know when I can send it actually. Our schedules was messed up and wasn't able to bring it to the forwarder. It's fine though for I can still put some add-ons to it. My cousin likes to have a north face backpack because she's constantly out of town, like once a month. She's having her masters and she has to attend seminars once a month. Well, I think it's cool because this kind of backpack is very durable and tough. Just the way it is for short trips and overnights. Let me see if I can grab one for her. Would charge her for that though, lol!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angry Birds Game

This is what we are 4 is doing right now playing angry bird games on roku device, it's like wii but different just hard to explain haha! Anyway, been several days already spending quality time with kids after dinner we usually watch movies after dinner but somehow we all hooked by this funny looking birds along their targets the biggy pigs! The boy here is cheering his daddy "says, good job daddy, good job meanwhile the the lil girl and momi are the one getting excited if ever Dada misses the target. It is fun though other than just watching movies. Just for a change will keep playing till we get tired, LOL.

Have a wonderful evening to all!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Peeking outside

I am peeking outside right now at my DIL's office building because it's under construction i mean the hired men are trying to finish the bricking on the entire building despite colder and winter is fast approaching they have to get it done before the busy tax time ahead. Well, I saw them wearing extra warmers clothes anyway so i think temperatures are no bother to them plus i saw their gloves are from tillman gloves store when in comes to durability wise those gloves are superb! I guess they know what they're doing and always ready no matter what weather condition may it be!

On the second note, I am shopping stuff for my girl i saw the cutest head dress, facinator or whatever you called it last night i can't move on until she have it she loves to dress herself with extra accessories from head to toe, LOL! Wink!

Not feeling so good

I am talking about me, am sick as dog right now, I should know better! Well it started last Monday I knew it's coming before then i just tolerate my urging, lol. Talking about drinking a lot of sodas in the weekend and deprived my self to take enough of water the outcome is my UTI hit me again... bummer! If i just control it i know it wouldn't happen!! Anyway, I guess will just go get some antibiotics tomorrow because this thing is way over due already and i can not be sick... too much to do around, kids, husband, chores and lots of chores to consider. Hayz!

Monday, December 12, 2011

On scrubs

Scrubs are worn by individuals working in the medical field but we relate them mainly with nurses. This particular dress code speaks so much of their job. It is generally loose-fitting and very comfortable because as we know, nurses have to bend and move a lot, roam here and there. Some of my friends are nurses, I find it really nice looking at them wearing their uniforms. They look so neat, responsible and heroic. Although the hospitals where they work provides them with such uniforms, I think they would find it interesting visiting this link, It's Blue Sky Scrubs, where they can find a huge collection of medical uniforms and cheap medical scrubs. What's nice about their products is because all of it are made from the finest fabrics, mostly cotton which is good because it's more absorbent and reduces bad smells. All are tailored with a nice fit to give a slimming effect with fashionable stitches for a trendier look. Scrubs need not be boring, dull and old-fashioned. With Blue Sky scrubs, nurses will look great while doing the job they love best.

Mellow Yellow Monday #151

He's first battery operated guitar. Got it when he was 3 years old and he was so funny when he heard music he acts like playing a guitar and show it to everybody. This is plastic so am not so worry if he bit this toys up you know kids are so rough at times :-).


Friday, December 9, 2011

More of sillyness

The little girl asked and begging momshe to make funny faces on her pics as well. For her content i let her watched while am editing her photos and she laughs out loud as if she knows what we are doing! Well, actually she knows what we were doing she's a smart little girl! Her big bro was teasing her big time and as you know kurdapyo is a big teased! We are just being silly again and one of the moments i love the most!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Like mom, like son

I was so bored the whole day and for that made some experimentation with photos. Ended up with the picture above. That's me and my boy, being as goofy and silly as we can be! His reaction was priceless when he saw it and said, "oh your lips so pretty mama!" "I got no hair!" "Sure that's a big necklace!" Quite opinionated for a 4 year old boy isn't he? LOL! Being bored can sometimes bring the fun side of everyone. A perfect time to discover new things too, in this case editing pics. Winks!

Check out my other edited FACES!

Friday, December 2, 2011

So craving for!

White chocolate! Hershey's cookies and cream in particular. There's no more left in the pantry when I checked it. Anyway, might as well grab some sweets this weekend. Gotta have a handful so I can include it in the box to be ship in weeks time. Anyway, am still not sleepy so am cleaning my inbox right now. There are plenty of unread messages, lots of mails, spam and so forth. Some are about travel sites, health info, about cigars, diet, etc. Others are about the lowest deals up for grabs. I don't want to read this updates for now, might get tempted to shop again. Hey, for the record i'm not PREGNANT! Haha but really need to have at least a bite of the white chocolate otherwise i can't move on.

Saying good day for now. Talk to you later!

TGIF once again!

Always looking forward when Friday comes either way with plans or not in the weekend. Because husband is with us and we get to spend quality time without any distraction! He's been so very busy lately even though the busiest season here is not yet due to his cabinets job make him so much occupied the good side is you know already, lol. Perhaps this week will be his last week of his extra job which is good he can relax before tax time. But we just heard someone got interested and saw his work and wanted him to customized their kitchen cabinets as well. We'll see then. How bout you what's your weekend plan?

TGIF to all!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Perhaps soon

I'm so eager to start a business soon, in the Philippines though. I've discussed it with my father already and both of us are excited. But am not gonna go into the details until we're officially running, lol! Just to give you a hint, we might need some POS system software to help our business perform well. I'm really hoping for our plans to push through. On a second note, I really should be take a break today because for tonight's meeting. Need to catch up some sleep because I was like awake the whole evening yesterday because of too much caffeine intake. So before insomnia hits me again, should fix my sleeping patterns and that means going to bed early! Right?

The Best

I am talking about my new washer and dryer. They're simply the best helpers I've ever have in along time i called them my helpers because without them my goodness i can't imagine how's my everyday life's gonna be! Living in the US is not easy household chores wise no body is helping you but your self! Compare to Philippines we can just easily hired a helper and your done they will do all your chores and everything! So I'm so glad that the husband really knows what i want, what i need and what i love! I enjoy every moment i do laundries!!! Amazing they are so quite unlike my old once they were so noisy and shaky, LOL.