Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A gift

Husband kicks his being romantic tonight! He had an overtime job and we went with him and so after the work done we headed up to grabbed a bite at the Chinese restaurant in town. To make my story short, when he was up for paying the check, i was wandering around and i saw on a very corner the jewelry display. It absolutely caught my attention to those beautiful and sparkly rings on the wall, oh i just loved rings!! I told him i have few favorites and this is one of them! It's a gold overlay with a rhinestone leave and yellow crystal cut piece just perfectly beautiful. In my surprised, he also paid it to the cashier and the woman handed me the ring! What a sweet hubs I've got! Thank you bebe!! Another addition to my collection. Wink. lol.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kids At the PARK

That's when we were at the park earlier, kiddos were having so much fun to the point we had to bribe them for slushy just to go home, lol. Was effective though, we're all thirsty after the two (2) hour activities. They look so cute and adorable just watching them made us happy too!

On Spine Treatment

My cousin has scoliosis, an abnormal curving of the spine. Good thing we find out about it earlier. It’s not something so serious and the doctor’s recommendation was just about proper exercise and lifestyle. But in more serious cases, sometimes a patient needs to undergo therapies and operation. The spine treatment centers of america is one place where people with spine problems can go and actually be treated. Well, the spine is a person’s backbone, it has to be healthy and in the best shape possible!

Playing time at the park

It's Sunday and sunny day in sun shine state, so while the kids are hyper we took them to the park close to the beach her in town of Vero Beach. It is a wonderful huge park, we are the first family early noon then couple hours several came in and play also. Kids were so happy and enjoying every play station up there! We told them as long they are being good mommy and daddy will take them most afternoon to play and just roam around whatever they want too do in the park. They sure like birds just came out from the cage. lol. All of us got to relaxed and chilled out, then after we got some slushy from sonic. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Back to Business

Things happened so fast, as if we were just planning to move to FL and now we are finally here. It’s as if only yesterday when they were discussing to sell the business and now the family is starting a new one. Well not really new, it’s the actually the same tax office. Everyone is back on track! Eavesdropping I may be, the guys are looking for Custom signs which definitely has a say to what the office stands for. I know they’re excited for the opening, me too! Husband and the siblings are doing their best to finish the project as soon as possible. Things are doing well for the whole family here, we can only be grateful! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Future Architect

Our future architect! He can sketch, draw, trace in his own imagination. We are so proud of our lil man, he is 5.5 years old now and we are blown away by his milestones. He is indeed advance in many levels. I really thought that he is behind to other kids like his age however we found out that he is ahead. He can reads paragraphs and so much more! These are just samples of his sketches and drawings either in the monitor or papers sure he got the potential as a future architect, haha. He is fascinated with cars in awhile now, he knows quite few names of famous cars and truck around, i tell you that! lol. Just proud of him! Wink.