Tuesday, March 22, 2011


For pottying in the toilet! These are the things we promised to our kiddos whenever they are ready to use and go potty as a big boy and big girl in the bathroom, lol! Well whatever works do it right! My boy that is almost 4years old now is really fascinating and adores his cars collection so we thought of getting him a bed which is a car bed. He is so drooling over it so trying his best not to forget to go to potty in the toilet it is really hard and very challenging for us to let him use the toilet but we know he will get over his training pants soon as he sees this in his room.
Then when my 2year old baby girl is also ready and big enough we planned of getting her one, put away the baby crib because she loves girly stuff and pinks so this would be so perfect for her!


w0rkingAth0mE said...

ang cute i like both :)

Mharms said...

I like the crib bed :)
Really pretty.
by the way, please follow and subscribe too.thank u She.


Divine RC said...

wow, you have an simple but elegant site here. i love it. by the way, i subscribed to your feeds here :-)