Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kids will be kids

Mom was busy doing chores and errands inside the house, meanwhile the kids was very busy as well doing the mess! That was caught in the act, what a messy room could be? when i check my kids playing in the boy's room. Toys were everywhere, stuff were upside down, threw here threw there! Instead i get stress I try to just relax and chuckled up how the tiger got upside down like that, poor thing! I can not believe it how two small boy and girl did a tremendous big of a mess! Haly Guacamole! I guess kids will be kids.. Whew! I am glad they listen and help the mommy clean the room. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shady Looks

 According to an old man's tale, when you are wearing sunglasses you are up to of something or hiding, uncertain and mysterious, lol. Well for me it doesn't mean like that! Wearing sunglasses is understood to protect your eyes from the sun's rays. These days fashionable sunglasses are very common, all ages is using it! As for me i can't not ride a car or go somewhere without having them. It makes me feel comfortable and protecting my eyes from drying beside the sun rays. These are my randomly selected shady looks. Those shades are my favorites can not live without them in my purse and either one of them must be carried all the time. I put a pair or two in our car as well so, if one is forgotten i have a back up pair, lol. Though I love those all from RayBan style to edgy look. Thanks to the sponsors from Firmoo fashion sunglasses i got them for free!  Others, I got them from my favorite online store GJ. Just saying i am no collecting of sunglasses but i just enjoy having them as my accessory Wink.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bloggers Wanted ~ Secret Garden Playhouse Event

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

His first big boy BIKE

The little man's first big boy bike, we told him if he is doing great in his school we going to get mommy and daddy a new bicycle for him, and he didn't fail us! He did most of his school thingy beyond our expectation. A 16" Pro Thunder Bicycle is what he chose, he wanted orange color because that's his favorite color lately used to be blue now its orange, lol. Got it at online. He get so excited and being a good boy right now he knows something arriving pretty soon! For sure he'll love cruising the yards on this bike featuring cool chrome graphics.

More features: Crossbar pad adds protection Oversized steel short frame Steel unicrown fork for durability Knobby, puncture-proof tires Rear coaster brakes Double-guard chain guard for added safety Training wheels are preassembled Ages 6 to 8.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Homemade FG Basket

Next week for us is a busy week! Why? nahh we just having a wedding date, lol. Well, a family gathering, my bro in-law finally getting married to a beautiful fellow Filipina a family friend back home, they met when husband and I with kids and him went to visit PH last September of 2010! Anyhow, the rest is history! They will tie the knot in just a matter of days and everybody is very much excited of course including meh! YEY! Husband and I will be in the entourage so as our lil man and the lil girl, she's their flower girl! So to make my story short, since i do enjoy doing crafts I decided not to buy her flower basket but instead to make one! So i did, this is the basket i was working on for 2 days, it is customised by momshe the color motif is purple with blacks and whites ensemble. I wanted to be unique and not a store bought basket! It is only simple but pretty, the bride and groom decided not to have a lavish or extravagant wedding just private with families and friends so thought the basket fits perfectly! That's the step by step thingy. What you think do i qualify for a job?? LOL.

Material you need for this cute simple flower girl basket:

A basket of any kind (depends what size do you want, that was from my plant i kept the basket for future use)
Fabric glue, glue gun or any kind of crafts glue.
A box of rose petals
5 packs of decorative flowers
2-3 rolls of ribbons of any color and designs

That's it guys.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's not time yet

My uncle had plans of putting up a pharmacy, it's his dream venture maybe because ever since, he has been connected with pharmacuetical products. So anyway, he was serious and last year was 'the year' he thought to be. He made some appointments with suppliers already, looked for a place to leased and even started to canvass stuff such as Pharmacy Fixtures, gondola, cabinets and accessories. He met up with prospective clients and started gathering papers. The first step was doing fine but then somethings happened that was out of his control. It didn't push through. Well I guess it's not yet time. Things happened for a reason and we really can't rush and haste things especially if we want to hit the target. I'm pretty sure that business is just around the corner waiting for the right time.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The creation and the model

I know for sure I've already written an article about my new hobby but i just wanted to gathered them once again, haha! Well, here are the stuff I've been up to for quite sometimes now! Creating crafts for my baby girl. You know how girls loves this kind of things "the girly stuff", apparently my 3 year old girl is one of those girly girl. She's our princess and i enjoy dressing her up, doing her hairs and all that. When i get bored it's either i go online, baking and sometimes online shopping but i opted and make some balance to not to be on the computer all the time instead do something else so i decided to create a new hobby and that is the sewing dresses for my girl and crafting! Those are my collection, i created those and along with my one and only model, lol. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Barbie Dream Townhouse - Free sign up!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On drums

I love music but I guess it never loved me, lol! But I know someone who is such a music fanatic and she is none other than my younger cousin. She loves to sing, dance and play guitar. I know her long time frustration is to learn how to play fantastic drums but accordingly, it’s one of the most difficult and complicated musical instrument there is. The beat has to come from within, a real talent that is. What makes drums less simpler, they are more costly too than handy ones like the guitar. I guess drums will only be a mere dream to my cousin, but you know what? Why not!

So we are back!

We're back from our long 3weeks stay in Florida, got to visit the grandparents with great grandma as well. Vice versa we've missed each others so we are thankful that in the 3 weeks time with them i may say we had  a great moments TOGETHER! The father and son gone fishing several times meanwhile, ladies just spending each others company chatting and chilling out. Had the opportune time also to helped out their large garden and such! Headed back Monday and had the longest drove experienced in our life!! Whew. Total of 14.5 hours instead of 12 hours because we've planted to drove by the coastal line of Atlantic ocean rather than in the boring interstate the entire time! Anywayz, butts hurts, sore backs, stiff necks but all is well and the hours is worth driving for got plenty of beautiful pictures as we go along! Wink!

His Harmonica

My mom lost her father when she was barely three years old because of illness. She has no memories of him except that he plays harmonicas. My grandmother used to tell us that if he’s alive, he could’ve taught us play harmonica too for he’s good. The sad thing though, grandma wasn’t able to keep the harmonica grandpa used to play. I wonder how is it like listening to someone so close to you play a melody , much more if it’s a sound from a harmonica. Oh well, I should stop this sentimental things before I get to miss home so much!

Monday, September 10, 2012

best Buds

While everyone was busy fishing, I was obviously busy with another thing. There's nothing more beautiful than seeing your kids growing up like weeds and there's nothing more wonderful than knowing they're best buds and simply partners. She got him and he got her, that's what siblings are. I love these pictures, although I have no idea what are they up to, seems like they're pooling on something or what. LOL!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

She and Shells

She's ready go shelling with her princess pink bucket, whenever we go to the beach carrying the bucket is her thing all the time whatever it takes! 

Then here you go the lil missy is busy picking up shells, she's picky when it comes with looks, it has to be purty and cute otherwise she'll just throw them back to the sand. We are so ahead of her and she just taking her time all the way behind us! She look so cute carrying her pink bucket around. I just let her do that because she have the fun time experience of her life and take note she never forget each shells she got! Yea, that's my baby girl!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twas a long day

Since yesterday was a holiday housemates didn't do much of work here and there, instead the father and son went out fishing! Well, that was yesterday though! Today was kinda long day for us, husband was all day busy installing telephone and cable lines for parent in-laws new house and also he went to the local store to grabbed some bulbs if i heard it right it is the best halogen light you can get! Dad in-law wanted to have some nice new light bulbs around his house for extra lightning at night! I think they are cool. Well, glad hubs did all today and tomorrow is another sets of tasks i guess!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday #103 : Teal Wedge

This is my beloved teal sling wedge pair of shoes! It is two years old but they're still looking new and the pair is my favorite among my other shoes i have, so i really do take good care of them! They are rare and limited edition of Qupid collection. I got plenty of compliments whenever i worn them in the meetings or spiritual feast. I love the color and the style it is so edgy and unique in my opinion! Wink.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Busy as BEES

At the ocean beach striking a weird posed...
At fishing groves...

Kids are busy like their mommy and daddy, they're our cheering squad wherever we go somewhere! Yesterday daddy was in the mode of fishing in the ocean and kids were as excited as us, lol. They love to play at the sand and seeing beaches is the best time of their lives! I am always behind them to captures every move they do, just feeling great seeing them together and enjoy each others company!