Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Browsing randomly

We’re off to FL very soon like if I stand on my tippy toes I can see it from here, LOL! But then again, there’s still so much to be done and accomplish before we leave. I’m browsing randomly now because I’ve been looking for this special kind of bowl, a kid-proof, spill-proof bowl which I think would be very helpful during our long travel. Then again, surfing brought me to this restaurant equipment and supplies site which made me remember about my all time wish of having my own restaurant. I'm gonna browse a little bit more about their cool stuff who knows maybe one day i am into restaurant business, HAHA! Oh well, is just nice to think about! About to go to bed, goodnight everyone!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pompom style head dress

Another cute crafty thingy i made for my little girl, another pretty pompom hair dress! She is so happy when she knows momshe made more for her. I must say am proud of myself of doing such things because not just i can save money but it is customised just for my girl you know! I am really serious on this hobby right now and thinking to further it more, as you know i take orders too, lol! So just pm me! Wink!

Will post more photos of my designs...!

The Bows

Hello mommies! How's your day so far? Anyway, mine is busy as always and a little bit more fun than usual because as i mentioned in my recent post than I'm into new hobby right now doing crafts for my little dolly girl, haha! Both of us get along very well when it comes to this i love making stuff while she enjoy being my model. 

Anyway, for today's project momshe created a bow that is shape like bow ties. I tell you mom's out there it is so easy to make for your lil one. Here you can see what do we need: 3 ribbons with different sizes, a scissor, glue gun & a glue stick, thread and needles. 

 Then you also need couple of hair pins or fascinators it depend on how you wanted you ribbons gonna be. And so taadahh... My finished product! She loves it, thank goodness otherwise it cost me a lot to buy hair accessories every now and then you know girls! Wink.

Monday, May 21, 2012

the dress

I've always loved making my own stuff ever since I was like a teenager. I remember making my own purses, would crochet some and my favorite are the ones made from old, faded jeans. I used to copy my grandmama, she's one talented lady, sewing, knitting, are really her cup of tea. But ever since I came here in the states, I totally forgot about this passion of mine, or maybe I just didn't have the time. Then one day, several days ago to be exact, I woke up and realized, hey what's that sewing machine doing at the corner? Since I have a few cloth at the drawer, grab it and taadaaah...! The dress my little girl is wearing is lovingly made by meh. (Biggest Grin!) With a matching pretty little pompom head dress. I think I'd be making more of this in the coming of days. Who knows, it'll be a part of KC's collection soon. Wink!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Time to Chill Out

Living in this busy world could soak us to a weary life style. Who are those in the family who sense this way? Bet you know it! Yes it’s true, a mother actually always live through this experience every day of her life. The career of being a mother is called multi-tasking. Believe it or not, they are often called “The Super Moms” for they are like those superheroes that save every body’s life. Its kind’ a weird, however it’s true. Most of mommies are being devoted at home doing all the stuffs like cooking, cleaning in and out the house, washing and ironing clothes, children’s home teacher, attending hubby’s necessities and of course babysitting. See how your mommy works? How can we grant her a break if these are her duties every day?

If you guys want your mom to relax for all those responsibilities, think of the possible ways. A one day break in a week could mean everything to her. So, why prepare and plan it in advance? Those duties can wait in a day for a simple family bonding near the lake, maybe on the beach or maybe going out shopping. In that way we can guarantee that it is her time to chill out.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

little Man

Hiya mommies out there, I would love to share this heartwarming picture/quote to start the day. Isn't it true? Before we know it, our little boy are turning into little man already. Time flies by so fast indeed. Yet, they will always be our babies, no matter how much they outgrew us. this pic! :D

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My sister just came from a trip, she said it was more than a thousand miles of long driving. They surely had a blast but since they were all first timers, I bet they’ve also experienced some road blocks and confusing detours. It would be cool if they have a gps tracking device, it’s quite famous here in the states especially if you’re a new licensed driver or if you’re on for a cross country driving. It monitors and keeps track of your journey and tells you where to go. Well getting lost in the road can spell fun but it’s always better to be sure of the way.

Goodies for kids

I got a very nice deal for my little girl's summer spring and summer outfits! Was so happy that i just payed $8.99 plus regular shipping cost me total of 15.99 for all 15 pieces of girl Disney shirts... so sweet isn't? She's so ecstatic upon seeing her new Disney characters shirts! All are so pretty nothing bit the price!!
Meanwhile, the same for my boy i also paid 8.99 for 12 pieces assorted carter shirts and osh kosh for boys! He loves every shirts he got! So far i am very happy with the shopping i made for my kiddos! Hope you are too! Wink!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We might go ahead and have our kids the slides that their Daddy wanted to get them for awhile now, since they are getting big and more inclined to outdoors activities i bet they will love to have the play sets. Thought of buying it whenever we move to Florida fairly soon because it is kinda hard to get it here right now and knowing we are not staying here anymore, that would be a handful of moving right? So anyhow we have the ideal paying set for our children and we both sure they gonna love it! Can't wait for that!