Monday, August 27, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #188 : Mums


From my grandma's room to your screen saying you a beautiful Monday morning everyone... despite of heavy rains and stormy weather heading to us here in FL, estate! My entry of MYM! Pretty yellow mums, a close friend of our grandma visited here last week and brought the beautiful pot of mums. Wink.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

JCP gorgeous dress!

I would say i love the dress so much! JCPenny's is one of the known mall in America they sell good quality products such as clothing, shoes, women's accessories and including home improvements. They never fail us to give the best of their products to all! This is my new dress from them like i said i super like it in over all design, and color combo with the complimentary nude pump heels the outfit pulled it off perfectly! By the way, it's my wedding outfit this coming September! I can't wait to wear them on! Wink!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beach for rent, cool!

So we are now in FL, still house-hunting. We are so busy but at the same time glad for this short vacation. We still haven’t been to the beach though, which is one of the things I so love here. Speaking of, I know lots of people would love to spend a long, lazy day in the beach, if they could. Well, there are lots of beachfront rentals being offered today, all over the world. For example here in FL, there is Coquina island cottage where the beach is all yours to enjoy. It is situated in Captiva island and the cottage is just a few steps away from the Gulf of Mexico, imagine that! Would you like to own your very own beach even just for a day? It’s the kind of vacation worth saving and planning for isn’t it?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday #102 : Ballet shoes

It's time for Shoesday Tuesday meme, what I've got here is my super favorite flat ballerina shoes with pretty  bow at front, hubs doesn't really fond of that "humongous" ribbon as what he described on it... but hey, I like it alot i won't trade this shoes for a new pair! Kidding aside haha but i loved it because they're very comfy and of course it's RED and just right for summer season! Wink!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

What’s the term?

I just chatted with my brother yesterday and he was asking for a certain name of something. Alright let me explain. He was asking the name of a cord that is composed of an elastic strands forming a core. He said we used to have it, that elastic cord with a hook on both ends. I was also confused at first but later on realized what he meant. He was looking for a mfrexpress bungee cord and when I Iet him see the pictures, he confirmed. LOL! I guess he needs it for storage something, I’m not that sure. Anyway I’m just glad we figured it out or else we’ll both end up frustrated.

Free GoodNites Undies!

Who doesn't like free stuff? I don't! lol.. i just don't like them, i love them! Freebies are every where online. In order to get them just go to designated distributors of the brands you wanted. Like for instance, my lil girl still wearing the nite underwears and for the retail price right now? my goodness! I can't wait when she stop using it but anyway for now i am glad i know how to finds samples and freebies here and there, i don't know... i just enjoy it alot waiting on the mail man handed me boxes full of good stuff and it's free y'all! Anyway, got the free goodnites under pants the other day with attached coupon inside! More so i have several coming... so for that i saved.

Bulova watch for Grandma

I miss my grandma in the Philippines so bad, makes me want to go home in a heartbeat. But things aren’t that easy, as much as I want to plan a trip I guess it would take a year for us to make it. Anyway, that would be fine for it gives me ample to save more and actually buy a bulova watch for my grandma. Every time I asked her what she wants, all she answers is that she wants a watch, whichever kind. I think this beautiful time piece, particularly this “ladies Bulova crystal watch” would make a perfect present and I bet she will love its classic and timeless design. It’s one goal I need to work on, something that will make grandmamma smile big time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Son's class first portfolio. Students have been ask to write a short essay about their selves or anything that is interest them of doing, like what did you do during that weekend, where did you go, what did you see and everything then they should put it into writings. This was last weekend when we went to the zoo, he narrates his most memorable moments when he was strolling at the zoo. He is fascinated with the red eyes tree frog so the very first thing he asked there is, to see the tree frogs! He was amazed with the giraffe, elephants and reptiles!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday #101: Trendy Blue Wedge

My first entry for my Shoesday Tuesday meme, created by yours truly! Who doesn't love shoes? So every Tuesday am inviting all shoeholics, shoe lovers, shoe addicts gal and guy to join me sharing your very own shoe fetish feelings! Lets blog that SHOES! Don't miss out every Tuesday! And Feel free to leave comments after joining so i can visit you back. Thanks!

Got this blue wedge months ago i thought it is perfect for summer season to wear. However though, i haven't get a chance to wear them in anyway, i preferred my flat ballet shoes most of the time whenever we are going out somewhere. And so i am thinking now, what i am going to do to this adorable super cute blue wedge with floral top design, knowing the summer season is coming at the end soon! Hmmm, thought of having a giveaway here and this excellent unworn condition blue wedge would be the winning price for the lucky winner. Will do the mechanics first and finalize it before i will launch the mini giveaway treat! Watchatink?? opinion much appreciated! Wink.

In addition, the wedge is super comfy and fits true to size (6.5) :-)

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Looking for little black dress

Embellished Ruffle Wrap Dress
sale $67.50
original $90.00
Wrap design with inside button and side-tie closure gives you custom, figure-flattering style. Glitter accents offer sensational sparkle. Flutter sleeves and ruffled trim lend feminine flair. Imported Promotional offers available online at may vary from those offered in Kohl's stores.

I agree a right woman to wear this dress would look amazing!! We are hunting for little black dresses to wear on the up coming wedding of the family member. We're getting anxious as days passes by because there's no much time left to prepare. Will be more or less 5 weeks to go before the big day! Anyway, this is one of the choices, it's simple yet elegant from Khol's! Thought of, to complete this ensemble, match the dress with a nude pump heels and accessorize it with eggplant color fashion clutch and dangling earrings, sure it will enhanced the ensemble just right! Since the motif of the wedding is PURPLE & BLACK. Watchatink?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Home School

Unanimous decision that our boy will be in home school! Since school season is here we decided to enrolled him this year and the first day of school was last Tuesday the 7th. It was tiring but quiet fun for both of us. I got to enhance back my outdated brain. lol. Anyway, this is his mini school work station, finally i just got it done organizing this morning with daddy's lil help of putting the shelves on top of his computer desk! So everything his books, booklets and supplies are just grab away! He's so excited and i am glad he like to do his school work and all that! Got to go tomorrow will be another busy day for him and the teacher! LOL. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don’t Miss the Fun!

Talking about summer getaway treat, kiddos are the one who gets very excited. Yes, they have the reason to feel the excitement most especially if they knew the place where to go. Today many people are totally feeling the fresh, breezy air along with a finest and quality service in the place like Orlando, Florida. Right now there are many places to choose from, so Orlando escape the experts of hotels will might help us pick the best place for us and for kid's exciting adventure!

There so much things to do in Orlando such as amusement parks, Disney world, universal studio, Epcot and more! We can enjoy also the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic! This resort has their best rates guaranteed and with family Disney getaway package if you book the executive grand suite. What’s good about this place is their 6th Night Free with $100 food and beverages to enjoy. Our summer treat for kids will be very remarkable since they can enjoy their additional time in Disney Parks at no additional cost plus the kids can have a chance to dine with their favorite Disney characters at Garden Grove spot. Entirely, this will complete the kid’s vacation indulgence.

So, after the delightful enjoyment, you will be able to tell the world the different activities that interest your family during the vacation, share your Orlando escapade on pinterest too! That others might check that out.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Over due

This beautiful dress here is long over due already to send to my cousin in CA for her girl. Got this in my favorite online store almost 2 weeks ago as her request. But being busy lately i haven't get a chance to go to postal service and i know they are looking forward to have it. So i hope he can drive me tomorrow to the post office! I am pretty sure they will like it as much as much as we do, the lil girl wants to wear it too bad it's not hers, haha. Anyway! she's find with it because i got two one purple and the yellow is hers. So all are happy! 

Coupon for Kids

Start today till the 8th Chili's is having a cool coupon for kids. They can eat FREE with entree order of parents choice! Parents can enjoy these days without cooking dinner for you kids as we all know our kiddos sometime are picky as can be, so this is the best way to treat them! So Click here to print your coupon allowing you t score two free kid’s meals with each of you and your spouse's entree purchased. Remember the offer is valid through August 8 and take note it cannot be combined with any other offer! It's awesome huh! Go get your now and headed at Chili's. Wink

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Making model houses… in my dreams!

Back in collage days, my brother used to make model houses as a school requirement. It was part of his architecture class, making miniature models of parks, apartments and landscapes. That’s when I realized that I’m also fond of interior design because I was the one helping him do the assignment. We made mini chairs, beds, roofing, and so on and so forth out of sticks and papers. T’was really fun! I hope what we did with those mini houses can happen in real life, I mean, it’s just so nice to actually build a dream house! Speaking of, what’s my dream house by the way? I have these ideas in mind and one of them has to do with the flooring and the walls. Much more when I check out Stockett Tile & Granite Company’s website, what they have is exactly what I dream about! While browsing the gallery, I saw this natural/cultured marble bathroom remodel options and where you can get to choose which material you like best for your bathrooms and I honestly can’t decide! Every detail is so beautiful! I particularly love the oriental wall where white and brown tiles matches so well, you’re like in a spa. If you have plans of building your dream house or remodel your homes, better check with them.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Want some FREE?

Another free stuff i took advantage of! For US residence only. Here's the mechanic, go to their site carstore dot com and get your free card at type the code when checkout "FRIEND12" the click "send me blank" for free shipping! Mine is on the way. I chose the THINKING OF YOU card to send to family. They wide selection of card of all occasions so so don't miss out! Will just run till tomorrow! Hurry! Wink.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fond of Tea

If anybody ask me what is your kids favorite drinks or refreshments, definitely would answer: Tea! In a restaurant in particular i choose to get them the tea rather than sodas or punches, well it is healthier and good for them. I never give them nor kids wanted to have sodas any kind of sodas pretty much they hate it especially the boy! So momshe is happy I don't need to explain them why soft drinks is bad for them because they don't like it in the first place anyway. So either water or tea for them while going somewhere to eat. This was at Chili's restaurant and one of the best sweet tea I've ever had!

They want to have a farm

One of the reasons why the entire family is moving is because of the FIL’s longtime dream that is to have a farm. He’s been discussing it with his kids that after retirement, he wants to have a farm house with lots of crops, a huge garden and maybe some animals too. I guess that dream is going to happen soon. The last time we went house hunting, the husband saw this old Spanish house with a very huge lawn. They love it instantly! They’re envisioning cultivating the area and plant crops, fruits, and vegetables.

I really hope everything will be settled. Right now the husband told me to look for irrigation systems because we might need it once we get there. Well, it’s not that hard to find. I have seen a huge selection of sprinkler heads and other lawn sprinkler system online. Placing it in the yard will make watering plants much easier and it’s quite fun too, to have a sort of shower outside you know. 

So guys, if you’re looking for anything about lawn sprinkler and irrigation systems, garden accessories and tools, pumps, valves, etc. for your garden or farm maybe, just visit the links mentioned above. Should keep this link saved, in case the husband should ask again. 

Love the concept

Imagine if you and your sisters have a room like this? Or you and your girlfriends live in a pad like this? Oh my that would have to be sooo dang cool! I saw this one while looking at interior decorations and DIY photos and thought that it's worth sharing. Who ever designed this room has but one intention of keeping bonds closer, in a chic, classy and super cool way! I simply love the concept, now I want it for my kids. Wink!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ku'z Kowts!

Hi guys! i am so excited to announced that i just created a new and fun page. I am asking you a favor to visit Ku'z Kowts it's my very own compilation of famous inspirational kowts, funny kowts, demeanor kowts, tagalog kowts, kowts for all ages and just nothing kowts! Quotes are never been boring i am sure you familiar of i already specially in the social network site like facebook, quotes are flooded and showered by creative individuals and groups out there. So i was thinking why not be one of them, there's always something for us huh just embrace it since i enjoy it too! So please check it our my fan page at facebook click the link. Be the first to read and share too if you don't mind! Thank you!!