Friday, March 14, 2014

excellent guitars

There are those things in life that you're just passionate about like travel, sports, writing, music and so on. You'll do everything and would even go the extra mile to be good at it. That's what a friend of mine did. I just saw her post in FB with her newly bought excellent used guitars from guitar center, her face so happy, I can see her excitement and love for the instrument. She already has a good old guitar but it has always been her dream to have the high-end kind of toy. Would love to listen how good she plays right now, maybe one of these days.

Counting by Two's from 1-100

Son is doing great on his schooling we are so proud of him. He did such an excellent job with his math. According to his teacher at the end of the year he should know how to counts by two's from (1) one up to hundred (100). And we very much surprised in a matter of two days i gave him the charts to study and he did it! Son is indeed a smart boy. I am glad he is doing well in his lessons and over all his school works.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's women thing!

Women love their shiny little charms, those sparkly ear trinkets, gleaming chain in the neckline, shimmering stones on fingers including the toes and flashy stringed ornaments on arms and down to the ankles. Yes, I'm referring to the jewelleries that we women, including men, at that, love and adore! Interestingly, I found a site where you can not just select and buy your jewelleries, but where you can build your own bracelet to suit your own delicate taste! Personal touch in our blings? That sounds startling!In Pandora jewelry, you can do amazing things. You can start with selecting the chain/bracelet of your choice, spice it up with the charms that have meanings for you and pep up with elegant clips. Why not try customizing your own today? Cause i just did and got so amazed with my very own output!

Early Bird Mom

Waking up early is the best thing to do for a working mom like me. Taking advantage while kids and husband still asleep. The moment you can take control of the household chores without destruction. At the same time i am busy baking for a cake order to be pick it up soon. It's a busy early morning already. Afterwards we'll take kids out for a lil while before i am heading to my night duty later on. Happy weekend y'all.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thought of it..

My co-employee asked my opinion on what could be a nice gift for her best friend who will leave the country soon. I told her what does she think will make her friend truly happy, something they have in common. Then she mentioned they got close since they've went to the same music class in grade school. And they've been through so much and that music kept them together. I told her why not go for a music piece or anything related. Then she automatically made up her mind and decided to give her friend one of those Ultimate Support Stands. She said her friend has been saving for it and it would be a great surprise for her.

Kids Shopping for Clothes

Kids are growing like weeds before you know it their clothes were outgrown already. Well, that our case. I'm in a practical way of getting clothes for my two hyper and growing kids. I do shopping during off seasons where i can get bunch of discounted stuff and i make sure i get them one or two bigger size than the normal size the have so that they can wears them through the years ahead. We had some shopping spree going on few weeks ago. They need bottoms and tops for spring and summer. I am happy with what I've purchased so far. 

About Saxophone

Do you like listening to saxophone? I personally find the instrument very mysterious and intense yet subtle and romantic. I honestly haven't seen nor heard someone play saxophone yet, like live but time will come when that'll happen. Could be on one of the town's concert maybe. I've been seeing advertisements of some famous bands having shows and one of these days I will tell the husband to take me there! Speaking of sax, if you do play the instrument, you might wanna check on some reeds for saxophone at Guitar Center, I'm pretty sure you need some spares. Winks!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kids riding toys

It's our anniversary month right now and we're gone 8th years blissfully, happily married and getting stronger despite everything we've been through all beautiful and challenging years of our lives, lol. Anyway, this month we celebrated, last weekend we headed to Orlando and had the best and expensive lunch date husband and I had, lol. Then we both decided not to buy gifts for us instead we get some for our kiddos. So the two lil people we're so happy and ecstatic with their new riding toys! It's priceless seeing them happy a scan be. Wink.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


People love music. Music, a kind of magic that helps an individual to relax and to lighten up itself. Many instruments gives very pleasant sounds that makes our heart pump and jump when we hear it sound. A guitar called new crown gives very relaxing and heart warming tones that really blends on our taste in music. This new crown guitar which is used with many musicians in the world are really loved by their owners. Even me myself wants to own this new crown guitar and have a cheerful time playing with it. Try this kind of stuff and have a great musical day!


It's so nice to have a two days off  from work where i can stay at home with my kids and taking the time to clean. I felt so relieved after getting the household chores done. Seeing the house squeaky cleaned is wonderful, no mess all over, no uncluttered toys here and there, organized kitchen and tables, etc. Even though i am a busy mom outside, i still taking over my household and everything the same as i am a full time stay at home mother of two! It is a tiring multi tasking jobs but all are worth the effort and i am happy as ever! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fixing here and there

It is much advisable to all home owners to check their estates and property every now and then. Or even annually perhaps. My father in-law is up keep of his property to look good and always not having problems by all means. My husband is his maintenance for the job. Recently he is doing some fixes here and there such as showers and utility lines, kitchen and cabinets doors including door knobs. So the better half knows what he's doing by the help from a one stop source of all your households, residential and commercial needs. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Her bff

Sure kids has a very wide imagination. As you can see on the picture about my daughter's Stuffed teddy bear. She treated her nicely and like a real friend, she actually called her "my bff". Funny thing, they or she do bunch of stuff and activities with her teddy. Wherever we go teddy must be with us! Everyday whenever she dress up or changed, she has to change her clothes too with her outgrown dresses, undies, shoes so on and so fort! One night i asked her to change and get pajama on, and this what happen, lol. She said "mom, we're ready to bed" We can't help but chuckled and laughed about it she's so cute!