Friday, July 27, 2012

Florida sun

Another reason why I’m so excited with our coming move is because of the weather. I really miss the sun and the tropical breeze that makes us go to the beach or a simple walk in the park. Where people can get their sun-kissed-skins and perfect tan anytime they wish. I have a couple of friends here, they’re using sunless tanning products because they really want to get tanned. Well, I like it better being fair but if I get tanned, no problem! The thoughts of the beach, sea foods, and palm trees, oh my I can’t wait! Have a wonderful weekend ahead y'all! 

A brilliant idea!

I like it when I get to see how people organized their things and arranged their stuff very well. I mean, especially when it comes to home decorations and arrangements. I love to see pictures of house interiors and look for ideas. Then I saw the picture above and wow, I think it's brilliant! I supposed the owner of that room is a book lover and a minimalist. Incorporating the two, he/she created a room that's so neat, cozy and very smart! I also love the gray, white, and green combination and how the owner made used of the space. I guess this is one kind of a room that's worth to copy. What do you think?

The stairway

One of the reasons why I’m not online lately is because we have been accompanying the husband in his job somewhere over there. The handyman was called for to make a staircase, it took him several days to finished it. Looking at my husband doing the job he does best makes me proud and happy. What adds to the happiness is when you hear nice words from happy and satisfied clients. He also did a slight repair in one of the doors, replacing the knob and catches. I had so much fun helping him to the job, i told him we could be partners for his handyman's work. Anyway, now that his job is over int he meantime, I guess we can start preparing and packing for our coming move.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On the way

I got the dress last week from one of my favorite store online. The little girl can't wait to see it because she's with me while doing the online shopping, she keep telling me that "she love it so much, thanks mom for my princess dless" haha. So cute to listen her reaction. I don't know why am so addicting to lil girl's dresses now adays! I guess it is a mother thing huh?

Anyway, the dress is so worth the money quality wise and price just so right! My relative in other state, when she saw this picture she asked me to get one for her lil fashionista as well in different style and she's set i got her one and ready to ship to her! Wink. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Self-control is a Key to Stability

"Research suggests that a lack of self-control during youth may predict health problems, less financial stability and a criminal record by adulthood", says Time.Over 1,000 people were studied from birth to age 32. By adulthood, those who as children were more impulsive and easily frustrated and had the most trouble with delaying gratification or waiting their turn were about three times as likely to report that they had poor health, had low incomes, were single parents, or had committed a crime. Yet, "self-control can be learned', says the same magazine, adding: "School and family interventions that teach kids to self-regulate early on may lead to healthier and more stable adults. It is really important to teach and train our children as young as they are to be patient.

We need to show them who's the boss but exercise it in a gentle and loving way. Tantrums are normal but we parents should be wiser than our kids and not allow them to grow up like spoiled brats. It's for their own good after all.

Monday, July 9, 2012

On sending flowers

When was the last time you received a bouquet of roses or your favorite flowers? Remember how your heart skips a bit and how it brought smile on your face the moment you smell them and read the card with a sweet message? Really, it’s one of the nicest feelings in the world! Don’t you think it’s about time to make someone feel the exact happiness you’ve had by sending them flowers too? By the way, you can visit, they have a huge collection of beautiful floral arrangements for any occasions. I love their mixed bouquets selection, the autumn spectacular arrangement in particular, it’s just so lovely! It’s sure fun to receive one, but even better to be the giver. Wink!

Have a great Monday ahead y'all!

Little Red

I got this dress for the little Missy a day ago, as per demand lol! Alright, let me explain. I need to have a couple of dresses for the little girl because we are to attend a convention. So I did some browsing online hoping to find something nice. I was eyeing for a black and white formal dress which I think is so adorable and classy. But the girl hates it! She said, "not that yucky dless mama!" Silly girl! Instead she chose the dress above. Yes, the little girl and her fashion sense. She loves anything bright and flashy! Oh well, girls will be girls! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Behind the song

Might be a story, but have you ever wondered what’s behind a beautiful music piece? There must be a pooling of a lot of elements of course like the composition, the singer, arrangements, and instruments. I can’t imagine the complications and the meticulous job each one has to do before coming up with a song. My cousin had been to a studio once, they were allowed to view someone recording and she said it was so cool, jaw dropping. I guess they’re using only the most advanced of technology. A particular soundcraft gb4-32 mixer, accordingly, it’s what musicians need on concerts and when touring. Pretty interesting huh!


These are freebies from online school that my son will be schooling this coming August! Once you enrolled to them they are sending free computers and printers along with all the supports that son's needed for his home schooling journey such as books, booklets and more. We decided to put him at home school program and us as parents are trying to do the best of our ability to provide him everything in his new journey to take in. He is excited and looking forward to start in August! Am anxious too!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

They’re changing floors

These days I haven't spend much time talking with friends online. Got caught up with so many things like the convention we’re attending tomorrow and the short trip next week. But then again the other day, I wasn’t so busy so might as well see what’s happening with everyone in the hood. Glad I did it! A friend leaved a message asking me where to find a nice flooring supplier because they’re supposed to have a renovation soon. Knowing that my husband is a handyman, they thought we have an idea. Since we don’t live in the same state, I can only help them through the Internet by sharing friendly links that cater their concerns. I told her to click the follow link and it’ll lead her to Ray’s Flooring America. It’s one of the best actually in terms flooring materials because they have a huge selection from hardwood, tiles, carpet, vinyl and laminate. When it comes to prices and deals, they’re also very budget-friendly. I hope my friend will find something they really like and as much as her, I’m also excited to see their newly renovated house. A home makeover can be stressful but definitely it’s so much fun as well!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Addicting Game

One hundred and one percent sure that the angry birds game are so freaking addicting to play in fairness been reading lots of status in my fb about mothers talking about their kiddos love this game, lol. Well, i can relate to that because my son as well is so hooked to it he's done with the 2 series of angry birds and now he's into the AB-seasons which there so much scenarios involved so pretty much he is back to playing and getting addicted to it once again! Glad we can just purchased it directly to our television at amazon. But without him knowing the password otherwise he'll be shopping by himself that's really not so good, yikes! lol

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It’s nice to have it in the patio

Talking about our house hunting, we have seen a prospective property that the husband and I both agree. It’s an old Spanish house with a huge patio. I refuse to get excited but when I think of the tweaks we can do in the future, if it’s us to have it, well I really want to have a nice garden with few pieces of outdoor furniture. And then I stumbled over a website wherein you can customize your cushions for your outdoor furniture, might as well try it. They have a virtual cushion designer customization, you just gotta follow the simple steps in creating your own cushions. So I went ahead for custom bench cushion because I think having benches in the garden will be so cool, a perfect place to hang out on sunny afternoons, anyway I chose the round pattern, decided on the thickness, diameter, and of course color! And that’s it, cushions made of sunbrella fabrics are now ready! I should be keeping this link in my favorites, in case we’ll need cushions in the near future. If you’re interested, visit them too, just click the links!

Have a great morning!

Moment with my D'ter

Moment with her is one of the precious time to be besides KUYA, lol. This is are lonesome time together where we can do anything girly stuff together without the big brother because he is with his daddy too playing boys things! So anyway this is one of the things we do as momi and d'ter time I usually does her hair because she loves it and i love it too, one reason i enjoy having a daughter she's my walking doll. I am amazed how she behaved whenever i do her hair she just seat still there until it's done nicely with her cute little voice thanking me and kissing plus hugging aahhh what a wonderful place to be!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

He's checking on flooring

If you happened to drop by at my blogs in the past, you probably know my stories about our quest to find a new house. I actually thought it’s going to be so easy, but it’s absolutely not. We had seen several prospects already but picking the right one, there’s got to be a lot of careful consideration. The budget of course is a factor and my husband, being a handyman/carpenter, he’s very much particular about how the house is built, the walls, doors, roofing, and flooring, it has to pass his taste. There’s this particular house we’re eying, it is an old Spanish house with a very wide yard. I ask him why an old house? I think he has a renovation in mind. Just recently he mentioned about flooring in ann arbor, it is a website that provides a variety of flooring options in America for many years already. Their hardwood flooring are gorgeous, especially the maple and oak. And by the way, they have great bargains now in some of their items, you might wanna check them out. Although I prefer not to have renovations but I’ll just support the husband whatever he decides on. Maybe he has better things in mind and I trust him for that.

Extreme Couponing

Been in couponing most lately i have a friend that teaches me the tricks of extreme couponing and i love it when you knw how to use them right! I tell you she can really save bunch of $$$ every day and $$$$ every month! Geees how cool is that?? That's why it ask her to really guide me of this because just like her i wanted to save alot! Let say you shop at CVS, Publix, Kroger & Target these are the stores that gives consumers the better savings ever you could have imagine! I collect coupons that i never done it before and i like it as well my husband he is so supportive he drive over there and i am the grocery shopper! LOL. If i can of course you mommies out there can too, there's nothing hard in trying! Wink.

It’s a floor makeover

What comes into your mind when you hear the word makeover? Change, right! How about a house makeover? What’s the part of the house you’d like to renovate? I think flooring things is one of the most exciting. Changing the floors will give your home a completely new look and feel. Wood flooring are very cozy while tiles are easier to clean and maintain. Or you can pick vinyl or laminate which are equally fantastic too. You can get confused but if you really know what you like, picking the right thing won’t be that hard to do.

Now if ever you’re wondering where to search for a wide variety of flooring whether hardwood, carpet, tiles, laminate or vinyl, well you can click here and it’ll lead you to Floormax Flooring America. Through them you can choose which material you like best, which color, appearance, and of course it has to be within your preferred price range. Right now they have a big sale up for grabs wherein their clients can really save much on flooring materials.

Right now I’m here at their page and reading their design ideas. You see they’re right. Choosing the right flooring can be a daunting task because there are so many options available. Some are too clean and boring, while others are too daring and flashy! Then they also have tips about design ideas for an easy to sell home and I think we need this. Our house is officially for sale, these tips can help us reach more buyers. Well, if you have plans of home renovation of maybe you just want to discover new interior ideas, just visit them online and see how their website can be so helpful and practical.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Golf toy

Kids are into golfing now and i don't know why they enjoy & love this game. They spend their golf pretend play at the back yard since we have pretty good size back. However, this won't last long children always have something new to discover and they get bored every now and then so momshe is smart enough to get the cheapest golf play toy ever, lol! Got them at dollar tree where everything is a dollar! wink!