Saturday, January 28, 2012

American Idol

Thanks for the article from Jermaine Haynes

I just saw that another American Idol is starting! This show has been on for so long, year after year! I can’t believe they are still going strong! I love the show so much. It’s always something the whole family gets into, and there aren’t too many shows out there that we all like. I wish it would come on in the summer, though, instead of the school year. The kids always want to stay up and watch it, and on a school night that is just not possible. We record it and watch it the next day, but it’s not the same. All their friends (I guess they don’t have bedtimes?!) are talking about it and they feel out of the loop. We do get to watch it just as soon as we all get home from school, though. I’m hoping for some good singers this year! They’ve had some pretty awesome talent the last few seasons, and I’m hoping for more of the same! I’ve got to go to to figure out what channel it is going to be on this year!

Working mom

My third day of work exhausted but productive in different side of me. For the passed 6 years just now i get back to working outside the household. I enjoy and it's not full time because of course my kiddos needs me and the house as well. This is not permanent job it's a temporary while the busy season is in but who knows i might like it and as long they want me there will be there, haha! Just updating my blog here so i won't miss you guys! lol. Will just come and check on my blogs here and there and am still visiting you always just keeping the time management as what others say! Wink.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Wishing for Summer

When it's not even spring yet. I can't wait winter to be over. Though I must say the winter air is pretty relaxing but I really do love the sun and the outdoors so much. Back home when it's summer, I mean we only have wet and dry season, our family would often go to the beach. It's the perfect place to enjoy the cool waters while under the summer sun. Vacations are usually during summer too, the time of the year when reunions are common for friends and family. As a child, I only have fun summer memories.

I would like my children to have the best possible summer moments as well. I think they would really love it if we could have even just a small pool at the backyard. We've been thinking about it, the husband and I. It'll be a nice project everyone in the family is looking forward to. Might as well try to browse for affordable pool supplies and pool accessories as early as now. It could mean lower deals because it's still off season. My kids however needs to learn how to swim though. To this day, I don't know how to swim! I don't want them to be like me whose been frustrated all her life not being able to splash and dive and fly underwater! Having a decent pool around is a good idea, am excited! Who knows, maybe it's still not too late to learn summer comes. Winks!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look alike

I swear this Indian actress and my best friend in college are so look alike in so many ways! The moment i glanced at her it remind me of my bff who sadly have passed away 4years ago seems just yesterday everybody mourned from her tragic death we just missed her dearly that's why every moment never felt that long already. Anyway, Katrina Kaif is my new favorite foreign actress knowing they're simply look alike i like her to the highest level i just miss my bf so much one reason i am watching movies movies alot lately i see her to this actress the way she talks, acts, smiles, eyes, mouth in short her face and her silliness and all. I think i am obsessed with her now hahahah not to mention she's so pretty! At-least i forgot about what bad happened to my dearest friend so and all i can think of is our moments together we enjoyed our years in college and after graduation until i came here! Because when i thought of it makes me choke still :-( but life must go on!

Wish i have a picture of her with me to share so to it for your self but i decided to just left it in my home country.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday Challenge: "TOYS"

His uncle gave this cool red jeep with trailer and the boy likes it a lot! One of the toys that he really take good care you know kiddos they get bored easily and sometimes rough to their toys but except with this one though!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Feasibility studies

If that's the term. I'm really hoping and eagerly waiting for our plans to push through. Been planning to start a small business with my father in the Philippines and if things will go well, we'll be starting soon. If I may call it a feasibility study, we're discussing on what, where, and how to keep it running. My father is really business minded, I'm giving her my full support on this. Right now am reading articles about restaurant loans and other franchises and retails. These are good business ventures nowadays and maybe I could get hints and feedback about what's working well in the business world today. Exciting!


The guys back home. Having a great time at the beach doing some planking. My brother is the mastermind on this. The oldest one in the group, and definitely the silliest one too! I think they have really cool pics courtesy of their official photographer, my sister. Poor her, always behind the lenses. LOL!

New find

I just came over by a new online shop that has a huge collection of medical uniforms. To those working in the medical field, it's always good to compare prices and quality, whatever suits you best. Anyway, I got another new find too. A new game my sister shared to me. It's called fruit ninja. It's a game played using an android where you have to slice a bunch of different fruits while avoiding an exploding bomb. It's really cool and exciting, no wonder sissy is getting hooked with it. Am pretty sure my son will love this game too, he likes the kind that needs skill and tactics, lol! Anyway, I'm wishing everyone here a great and blessed week ahead!

Solitude moment

Finally i have my solitude moment with the husband and we are taking our dessert snacks after eating dinner not long ago. Kids are sleeping early tonight... so we both taking advantage of it :-)! I haven't put them to nap earlier and when they're not they went asleep not later than 8 and so we are quite right now while watching movies with my sweetheart! Anyway, i love this ice cream bar of snicker, well i like snickers but this one is really really good what a guilty pleasure just forget the diet for now! Wink!

Have a wonderful night everyone!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Throw it away!

Some things in life are not worth the keep and the best thing to do is throw it all away! Feelings, negativity, vibes, grudges, unhealthy people, wrong choices, to name them. Literally speaking too, some things in life that should be discarded are junks. It might be an unwanted sofa, a pile of household trash, scattered debris, etc. If it's time to move them out of your way, 1-800-GOT-JUNK can help. Providing the Woodlands Junk Removal services and to other areas across the US especially around Texas, they're a team that gives their customers peace of mind in dealing with the removal of their junks. Whether it's appliance removal, carpet removal, tire, leaf removal, garbage, computer recycling, rubbish removal, and even disaster preparation aids. You can give them a call or simply visit them online and their team will be so happy to help you.

On a second note, I do plan of sorting things here in the house. Maybe I could have a garage sale for stuff which we no longer need but still useful. I have a lot of shoes in the closet and clothes too, those are definitely not junks but I would love to turn them over to those who want it. Maybe before the busiest days of tax season, let's see.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My two astronauts

Smiling Sally

At the US space rocket center on Saturday kids were having a blast while strolling in the huge museum. This is one of the memorable photos I've took to them, aren't they adorable?? My two astronauts in my life! Wink!

It kinda, sorta changed my mind

No online shopping that much! That's one of the things am determined to do this year. I wouldn't give in to the impulse of buying and spending anymore not unless we need it. Though most of my purchases this passed year was because of my business as well so less guilt for me. But as I learned about Nomorerack and all its amazing offers, it kinda, sorta changed my mind. Alright, let me tell you about It is a top destination for shoppers who are looking for quality, brand named accessories and apparels in most affordable prices. All the items they have in their website are up for grabs through exciting daily deals, here now gone tomorrow kinda thing. Yes, once you found a product you like, you gotta put it to cart right away for it's available only for that day. They even have those insanity deals as what they are called for discounts reach up to 95% off the actual retail price! Can you believe it? Incredible right? My eyes popped when I saw their EOS rebel SLR camera with the original price of almost 500 bucks, now down to just $20!

Would you blame me if I changed my mind and do some shopping here? Anyway, you might be wondering how can such amazing deals and items be possible when it sounds so impossible? This is how they work. Behind nomorerack is a team eagerly hunting for deals, closeouts, overstock products, and cancelled orders from different sources. They then pass it through us, the shoppers who want to have the hottest and coolest stuff yet in very low prices. Their shipping rate is reasonable too, 2$ flat rate for every product. Well, this latest online discovery sounds really interesting to me. No haste though. A shopper should be wise and learn more about the whole process especially on things that involves spending. You could check them out too and discover a new way finding deals and saving money. This might be good place to shop without breaking our budget. It could put smiles to especially to mothers out there. Winks!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Son is Hooked

This is what makes him busy lately he's so hooked unto the angry birds and now after he is done in the first sequel Dada bought him the next sequel angry bird Rio! Can't believed he is good on the games most levels is either his daddy or him got it! He even figured out the stuff that is hard! Smarty pants! Now he teaches his baby sister to play and the girl is so adorable to watch although she always drive her big bro crazy once in awhile but they get a long very well in this ally.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Keep Your Winter Fashion in Style with Leg Warmers

Many of you might know the 80’s movie Flashdance, a film that put fashion and dance into another level. And for those who are unfamiliar with fashion trends during that time, you might find the huge use of colors and fashion statements very intriguing. That is what the 1980’s fashion is all about: fun, vibrant and hip. This is also the time when leg warmers are extremely popular and this piece of accessory that is often used in dancing and cycling is now making a comeback as a fashion necessity.

As its name suggests, leg warmers are worn to provide warmth and comfort to your legs. The material is thicker than that of an ordinary pair of socks and could be made from cotton, wool or synthetic fiber. So what makes a leg warmer an ideal winter accessory? Aside from style, it also provides you with benefits which means it’s stylish yet highly functional. You can easily transform a casual outfit into something funky with a pair of brightly colored leg warmers. It can also be worn with almost any piece of clothing making it very versatile. All you need is a little fashion creativity and you can easily create a wardrobe that is comfortable yet appealing.

Since leg warmers come in a variety of colors and designs to choose from, it will be ideal to invest on a few pairs that will suit most of your outfits. It is available in stores and online which makes buying one very easy. Remember that as temperature continues to drop down, go for clothes and accessories that will keep you warm and protected from the cold air.

Rose is a freelance article writer who is fond of traveling. During her free time she explores different places and experiences the adventure. She also enjoys writing about fashion related topics such leg warmers for women.

Mellow Yellow Monday #154- 2012 Calendar


Two of my beautiful ever calendar creation with inspiring quotes for 2012! I am so proud of this creation a gift for my parent in-law's fast approaching wedding anniversary i am dedicating the flower collections to them because i took all the flowers around our yards! As you can see the pictures speaks for themselves... gorgeously pretty! My entry for MTM!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Great job she has!

I am talking about my friend Rowena dear we're classmates in high school and parted ways during college. I am so glad that i found her in social network site and we are talking about anything and everything including our jobs and etc. She's now working in a cruise ship as a hospitality manager and it pays good money as in great pay check! I remember when we were in high school i told her that (I'm getting my own online hospitality management degree!) Because one of my dream job too is to work on a prestigious five star hotel and become a manager on that hotel, haha! Well, i don't dream small if you dream why not make it big and to the highest right? Well, anyways evidently my friend pursued her college degree in hospitality management look at her now great job and just enjoying cruising! Wink.

Yummy Sunday 123: My Chocolate

Nothing much to do last Friday so i though of what could i do best? but to bake a cake for all the pepz! haha. I am so proud of my special chocolate cake delight with my secret filling and frosting recipe and for the record i made it all the way from scratch not using any kind of cake mix! And everyone likes it so much. The funny thing though while husband was getting into the office the entire pepz first reaction was "Whoa! my goodness! because it is so tempting not to have a bite of it! As you can see on the pic how freaking good that is! I know am so bad because everybody are controlling and in their diet regimen. LOL!

She passed!

A sister in faith just shared her happiness to us, she passed her state test to become a certified nursing assistant. I am so very happy for her, one thing i can't help to ask about how she did it. I mentioned to her that i am interested as well to become part of the medical team because the more I know about what a medical assistant does, and so the more i can take care of myself better as well my family. More over, the fact that medical career is highly in demand now a days. People get sick every now and then. For me this career is the career of the future. I am so considering my self to become a certified medical assistant, assisting doctors and healthcare professionals. My friend is only 17 years old and she's working professionals how great is that? Congratulation to you!

I like you so much!

Some don't but me? super like! I thought i can't find this slipper anymore been looking it on my online store but unfortunately i couldn't until this morning just a thought of checking it again and boom is back in blue and purple. My friends said they can't walk on this kind of slipper looks like a boat for them and when you walk you gonna be like swinging back and fort but for m though it is some kind of unique and the more unique it is the more i like it! Definitely would order this pretty soon while the supply last otherwise I'll miss it again and that is not an option this time, LOL.

Sad but true

Was chatting with my sister yesterday and she's telling me about the sad news that happened to our nearest relative in the province. Now I'm even more convinced that more people need to become a counselor or mentor to these lost teenagers. They could have save them from evil doings and corrupt minds. Anyway, back to our relative he was convicted of attempted murder because of this stupid drug related problems. He get so bad if he's drunk or high in drugs. It is really sad to hear but true we can not do nothing about it anymore accept the fact that he is now caught if he only listen once before even his parents can't control him he really needed to go to rehab. Just wish him the best inside hope he learned lesson and accept some counselling session. That's one thing parents should do the best of their ability to guide their children in the right path and molds them good.