Wednesday, February 27, 2008

silly boy

My son is really funny...sure he will entertain you which ever! he loves to do poses here in there and make silly faces I guess may pinagmanahan haha. Every time he face in the the camera he does this snoty face when he's being silly. Just like on this photo while eating a banana, he was so giggle and laughing out loud with his flurry nosey and winkyeyes. We enjoy it alot! he is our clown and makes our life colorful all the time. He is our treasure, if dada and mama don't feel good just the smile of bebe everybody will feeling better! We love you so much son.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

6 quirky things about me

lara ... thank you au!
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Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about my self.

1. Before and get up to bed... it's my mannerism thing to smell my hubby's armpit hehe don't know why I just do.
2. I can't sleep with out my blanket on me even it's so warm.
3. I don't eat whole white meat I rather prefer bony one and pick the meat
4. I am a shoecoholic
5. I love eating ice ever since but more right now even though I feel so cold and chilly.
6. My meal isn't complete if I don't get some from hubb'ys plate!

These are just I remember for now but I know I have so many quirky thing, it might sound funny but I can't help that's why my husband tease all the time that his wife is weird! which is I admit though hehe.
Now, it's my time to share this to you guyz... pls grab it jerlalou, , janet, resebel and my sistah jewel.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Surrogate Mother

I am chatting with my family back home every trice a week. Lately, I heard that they are helping a couple to look for a surrogate mother for their baby. Especially my mom and dad they really wanted to help to this couple since this is the son or daughter of my dad's attorney. Well anyway, I learned that the baby was a premature less than days to be 7months old, very crucial for a little one to be born on that age.
Unfortunately, the mama can not breastfeed her baby because isn't time yet for her lactation, and the only thing the doctor advice is breast milk for the baby to survive! When hearing that, I felt so sad can imagined the feeling of them, I am a mother now so I know that was hard to take it seeing your baby in the incubator with all the tube and gadgets sticking on and everything then you can not give the only thing that your baby need... ohhh that's awful! Good thing my parents are there to help them in anyway they could for the family.
My mom and dad are the one looking for surrogate mothers who could give breast milk and everyday or most of the time they bring it in the hospital at least a bottle, each time the baby should take 5cc for every 2-3 hours! my dad said... he felt bad too especially he is a grand father already so they are trying their best to help.
I was thinking that if ever I am there in pinas I will be glad to give some of mine since still having some, bebe still in feeding. Fortunately, my mom has quite bit of friends and her friend's friends. I hope everything turn good and wishing the best of the parents and of course to the little one.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

shoes... are fun!

I loved shoes and sandals to the highest level! I think that's womanly nature. Not to mentioned purses and stuff like that. But right now, I am collecting shoes thanks for the sponsors and courtesy from hehe, when I was in pinas I have several shoes and sandals to wear but not as many as I have here right now, there even though I love them but you know budget is only limited edition hehe! However, here in US people can afford to get what they want... as of now I have 45 pair of shoes in my closet I can't believed I have that many, friends, in-law are fond of giving me shoes really, and I'm just a girl who loved it so what else I could say... wow thank you! even though I couldn't wear them all anymore hehe! I wish family are just close by. The other day, I went to payless store got something for bebe... I can't help to get one for me so did! and when I am about to go pay I saw a very cutie shoes and small for me but I couldn't resist! so I got it for my mama! I will bring it when we visit pinas soon!

shopping online... cool!

I am hook in online shopping right now since I don't have much time to roam around the store or mall with my husband because I am so lazy to go somewhere because of so freaking cold, and tired of wearing layers clothing. Winter really makes me lazy I don't know, I just prefer to stay at home and do chores, visit my blogs and playing with my bebe and just be lazy! haha. But at times I want to buy or get something so I just go online to look for nice women stuff most of the time. My husband is the one taught me to go online actually he's fond of looking his electronics stuff in the net so I joined with him I shop mine too hehe and I found it cool to go online stores! When I was in pinas, shopping is my relieved medicine when ever I feel sad, bored or upset of something, all I got to do is buy something for my self even just small things.. well mostly I bought blouses just things like that and sometimes treat my self to go eat hehe!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

driving lesson

In order for me to get a driver licensed here in Tennessee I need to get familiarize everything about driving test thing. Says that it requires the following test I will be taking like vision, knowledge which is writing test that's why I feel seems like going to school again for quite a long time now, needs to know every rules and regulation! Although I'm not complaining but the study guide that hubby hand me to review are quite thick hehe! not just one but two separate sheets! pressure but I guess worth while because I really wanna know how to drive you know here in United States driving is really important. So far I'm kinda getting started to read all this so in no time I'm ready to take the written test and afterwards the last procedure is the hands on test, and this is what hubby patiently teaching me haha! I'm crossing my finger that I can get what I need to learn I'm kinda nervous actually when it comes me handling the car can't help to get panic in certain situation gusshhh! Well this is my big project right now... know how to drive and make hubby proud of me and for myself! lol

our Anniversary

Our anniversary is really fast approaching! I am thinking ever since of what to gift to give hubby, hmmm last year I bought him a Casio watch in-fairness he like it haha he doesn't have a choice! and we ate dinner with bebe in the belly! It was a moment to remember , I even kept our receipt for a memorabilia haha! weird me huh! I guess that's the way I am, keep everything that has something to do with hubby and I. Including the first movie ticket we went together, our tickets in our honeymoon haha things like that!Anyway, right now I am thinking of a nice get together with his family in our house you know pinoy style anniversary where in you invite families and friends eating and have fun. Yet, hubby said it's different here... we supposed to be pampered by them. So right now I don't know what exactly. But either way I am excited and looking forward to our day! I still have couple of days to decide what nice gift for him not that expensive though... just the thought that counts!


Have any one heard kimchi or even try it already? My mom says that kimchi is realy good, just like the taste of baguung or ginamus in visayan ( anchovies) in english. My mother's friend was the one introduced it to her. I heard that once in awhile here but I haven't try it yet and not even interested about it, until my mom mentioned it to me. since then I am curious what the taste of kimchi.If not all know what is Kimchi... it is zesty Korean staple because korean love zesty delicacies, and kimchi is perhaps thier favorite. And like what my mom said, a meal of her friend is incomplete without kimchi. But what really is kimchi? well, this is part of the internatinal family of picled vegetables. It is similar to sauerkraut of germany, ohh I love it with hotdogs, in other words kimchi is like atchara and pickled mostly we recognized.I have to try this! I need to go to a asian market to get one. But it's kinda distance to us here so it needs to have an appointment to go there hehe!I wanted to make my own since I found a recipe from an old magazined it's not that hard to gather but I think its' complicated to make.

Here are the basic Ingredient

1 pound chinese cobbage

2 tbsp salt4cups of cold H2o

2cups very hot H2o


1tbsp finely chopped garlic

1tbsp finely chopped fresh ginger

1tbsp finely chopped scallions

2tsp finely chopped dried red pepper

2tsp sugar1tbsp salt

Preparation: Separate the cabbage leaves, and sprinkle them with salt. Pour in cold water, and allow the mixture to stand in a cool place for 8hours or overnight. Rince cobbage well and squeeze the excess liquid. Pour very hot water over the seasonings mix well. Combine with cobbage leaves. Put the combination into large glass bowl. optional cutting the leaves to make them fit. Cover with plastic wrap, and leave in a cool place for about 2days. Drain the leaves, and cut them into bite size pieces. And the rest just pack into jar for ready to serve.

Sounds really yummy! I love this kinda food.

Speech Disorders Among Children

" More and more children start speaking late and use a very limited vocabulary," says the Polish magazine Wrost, "because adults do not talk with them."Mohers apend 30 minutes a day with their children, on average, a fathers, a "mere seven minutes." As a results, almost 1 child out of every 5 "suffers from certain speech development disorders resulting solely from its arents' negligence." According to Michal Bitniok, a speech therapistand linguist at the Silesian University, warns: "If such children are not treated early enough and remain uncared for, their speech disorders might cause them difficulties at school and in their adult life."

So this is an open mind for us parents, we should always give extra time and give more attention to our dear young once especially in their growing years. Talk and listen to them every single time, don't take them for granted and be aware of their needs. Afterall, If we do this... we will be blessed and proud.

Newly blog

I'm trying to create my youngest blog and I hope this will be as nice as the other I have... Before I really don't have any interest to you know do blogging, until I first started and I felt interested I think blogging is cool thing to do, where in you can express your thoughts, your feelings and anything you wanted to say you can put into writings. Well, I'm not really good in writing compared to my sister she is the one that is good in making journal and stuff like that easy and quickly just like my mom. But I believed now if you just have the guts and willing to try things for your self you can do it and enhance your thinking ability! I am not that good unlike the other blogger in the house they use thier expertise and creativeness but anyhow I am not that bad either I guess hehe! I may say... I'm just right no more no less.
So, I hope this youngest blog will be as informative as the other! I will try to put something here.. especially all about motherly thing and things like that.