Saturday, January 29, 2011

Planning Florida

One of the things we look forward to this year would be moving to Florida. Of course we're anxious of the new life and environment. Of what's in store for us there and stuff like that but really happy and excited too. After tax season we might check out Florida and look for a house. That will be so cool! Anyway, since I know it will be a serious task, as early as now am keeping a list helpful links we might need. For example TST Cleaning and Total Restoration, a company that offers cleaning, maintenance, restoration and other services to the residence of Southwest Florida. They have this carpet cleaning bonita springs, carpet cleaning naples, tile cleaning estero, construction services and more. Who knows, we might need their help as soon as we transfer.

Oh well let's see, where in Florida we will be, lol! I hope it's near the beach. Looking forward to the warm weather, lots and lots of seafood, living in the beach house, and just strolling around. I'm also excited for the kids too, am sure they will love it there!

PhotoHunt 250: Standing

The big statue of chicken standing on a high way. Taken in a small town in Philippines where we drove for 6 hours going to our resort destination.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Follow up...

Just doing an updates about my recent post of the shoes, It's sold already... yay! Thanks for whoever thinking of getting it. Glad i found who's wanted it from the moment she saw it, she badly like it a lot, lol! So fixing to ship it right away. Well, done with the shoe thing.. now am looking for more textbooks for my lil boy i am so proud of him yesterday because he managed to wrote his name already but momshe has to bribe him for M&Ms though, i said will give him candy on every letter he can write so he did all of them so he got his reward, haha!

For US visitors...

Wanted buyers! To those who love this celebrity style shoes am selling it away 50% off to the original price. For $19.99 + extra 5$ shipping you can have this new in box taupe crinkle booties with 4" heels and a size 7wide. Hurry it is first come first serve deal. I only accept paypal payment, just leave a comment. This is exclusive for US residence. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For a healthy kid

I'm currently reading an article from my favorite Awake magazine about the 'Five Keys to Better Health.'I find it interesting because it tackles not just on adults but children too. It says here that in parts of Africa, there are more children who are overweight than malnourished. Putting them at risk to future health problems. As parents we know we should be our child's example. A good advice to follow is- "Eat food. Not to much. Mostly plants.' Sounds very simple but with all the processed food we have now, it's an effort. So for me, the best way to kinda balance it is to keep our children active. Like what does, providing the largest online parent resource for kid’s lessons, classes and camps. Their goal is for children and teens acquire active bodies and minds.

By becoming a member, it's free, one can browse and search for activities by age, gender, time, and area. They can also sign up for select classes, which are very affordable and fun. By the way, there's a Get Kids Active! Facebook Campaign. By simply clicking sticky notes and posting to our wall, we can help grow healthy kids and even give them free scholarship. Sounds really cool! Being healthy is the best thing we can do to our selves and our children too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Benefits of family meals

Fewer than half of the Finnish 14-16-year-olds interviewed in a recent survey eat with their family. The study revealed that in many homes no meals are actually served. Yet, youths yearn for these regular, relaxed moments with their family. When asked what they wanted from their parents, the message was clear: "Warm meals, eating together as a family, and someone who listens, and has time for you," reports a Finnish newspaper. Family meals have an important impact on a youth's mental health. According to the article, youths who take part in family meals are usually doing well in school, they seldom smoke, drink, or use drugs, and they are less frequently depress.

It's indeed important to eat together as a family. People bond when they it. It's a nice time to talk about what's going on with each others lives and the things that happened during the day. So no matter how busy we are, one simple meal together, will surely bring wonders and happy times. Would you agree?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another one

Have you already heard about apidexin? For those who are up to date with the latest weight loss products in the market, you probably know that it's one of the top-rated diet pill around. Anyone tried it? Is it really effective? Are there no bad side effects or anything like? Just asking here though, hehe! Anyway, weekdays is almost over, it's weekends again. I just hope that everyone have their best time at work and be happy and blessed. See ya around folks!

They made it!

Just browsing here, this time I feel like wanting to read about inspiring stories of successful people. Pretty much we can learn from them don't we? Hey, there are real weight loss stories too which are very interesting. Some has been overweight all their life, others because of circumstances, still others because of health problems. Yet because of proper exercise and diet, along with strong determination, they've made it. Cool! I'm happy because soon enough I can say, I did it too LOL!

Keep that :)

We smiled when we were kids……

To be beautiful when we grow up......

And even if beauty fades with time… we'll still look and feel happy.

No matter what bad things happen to you,
A Smile on your face..
Because you look beautiful when you do. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

To those of you

Who are dying to lose weight, click here for weight loss supplements. I used to think that products like these are just empty talk, full of promises. That none of them actually works and just a waste of money. But then I found the one that proved to be so effective for me. Been using it for a couple of months, and it really did wonders. So guys, it pays well to read lots of reviews, do your assignment, and look for feedback. It's not impossible to achieve our desired weight, we just got to be determined and look for the best help. Happy weekend!

So excited

Just the thought of going there makes me jump and gives me an ear to ear smile, lol! Husband and I planned of going to Florida this summer and go to these wonderful places on earth. Can't wait to it, well we need to go to see Florida this mid year eventually because we have the decision that we might possible moving there end of next year, entire family will slowly moving there everyone is tired of severe cold temperature, haha so Florida i guess is the nice place for us for a change of environment. Anyway, while checking on houses there near the beach we thought of heading to these places as well! Am soooo excited like a!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Just wanna share another friendly stuff to my readers here. If you like to have a makeover in your house, bathroom, or anywhere you need tiles. You can drop by at Glass Tile Outlet, the leading online glass tile store that specializes in glass mosaic tile and more. I have a friend whose looking for a house to buy, maybe she'll then decide to fix some stuff like change the tiles or whatever. Gotta keep the link in handy especially now that they have a sale. Alright, happy chilling, cold weekend everyone! Have fun wherever you are. Winks!

Cousin Called...

Yikes! My cousin just called an hour ago to let me know that she's in the mall right now with her husband and kids of course. Oh boy she is telling me that one of the women apparel store is going closed and all the stuff are drop down just like the jeans for $3 and formal pants for 2.40 and shirts and blouses too! She asked if i want some, lol. Oh yea another spending time again but i go ahead and send her money to shopped for me, u can't beat 265.00 savings for $40 damaged. I will sending package to my family so this is perfect goodies for them..;-)!


My sister was asking if I know where to download a free karaoke maker software. Said she wants try making one, if it's possible cause the ones for sale are quite expensive. She's on this new project now, to prevent boredom I guess, lol! Anyway so now am browsing. Hopping through different pages, even stumbled on POS systems websites. Well there are lots of software actually I wonder which one's the safest. You know from viruses, spyware, adware, etc. Pretty sure there's one good deal here, sissy can have it a try, soon. LOL!

To those of you

Who are dying to lose weight, click here for weight loss supplements. I used to think that products like these are just empty talk, full of promises. That none of them actually works and just a waste of money. But then I found the one that proved to be so effective for me. Been using it for a couple of months, and it really did wonders. So guys, it pays well to read lots of reviews, do your assignment, and look for feedback. It's not impossible to achieve our desired weight, we just got to be determined and look for the best help. Happy weekend!

What a bargain

Who doesn't love bargains? of course nobody especially now a days we need to find things that is budget friendly. I admit I'm one of those people who waits when the prices will drop down to the lowest! Anyway, just like this ring it is genuine topazes it's worth $209.00 in the retail stores but just got this for... wanna guess how much? well, just paid it for $14 bucks! Not even close enough huh! It is so far my first ever bargain purchased in 2011 what a good start huh? I am really excited to get arrive here and wear it! Wink.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our family green New Year's resolutions

Guest post written by Anthony Banks

This is the first year ever that we've had a family-wide New Year's resolution. But we decided on it together so I think that we'll be able to push each other to keep it. One of our daughters, Emma, decided that we weren't recycling all that we could in our household and I knew that she was right. So we made a resolution to recycle all that we can in an organized system.

I wanted to get the other kids involved in Emma's recycling project too. So I looked online to figure out exactly what we could recycle in our town and the drop-off locations. While I was looking up that stuff online I came across the website and decided to sign up for one of the satellite internet packages that I found on it.

I think that we'll be able to stick to these family New Year's resolutions about recycling because I got the kids excited about them and even let them paint the recycling containers we're putting all the stuff in before we take it off.

7 foot tall snow man

When i saw this i was so WOW... lol! My son's cousins did made this huge 7 foot tall snow man last Monday. I don't know how they did it but sure it is a lot of effort they put into it! Well, our snow right now is so thick and hard so there is really a way you can make this kinda thing! I bet they had fun... the picture speak for it self! Amazing isn't it?? The funny thing though when his aunt share the photo my son said: "ohh, it's a BIG snowman, but it's missing the nose!! haha silly boy! He really noticed the lil bitty thing!

On weight gain

I must admit that am far from being who I was before. In many ways and aspects. I believed I've changed alot for the better. On how I view people and deal with problems. When it comes to priorities and goals in life. On a lighter note, it's also a fact that I really gained weight, far from being the skinny me I was before. After my two pregnancies, weight gain became a serious issue. No matter how strict I'm with my diet, most of the time I gave in. Thought that I can never reach my desired weight and that saddens me. Also thought of trying diet pills, even the world's best diet pills! But because of the hundreds available, I wasn't quite sure which one works best.

Reading some reviews and articles did helped a lot. Some good ways to stay fit is having a diet plan and choosing healthy, diet foods. Of course, exercise and active lifestyle do wonders too. And if you really need one, there are safe and effective weight loss diet pills available from trusted stores. Right now, am happy with the diet am maintaining. It works well for me. Along with the herbal coffee that controls my appetite, soon am about to reach my targeted weight. I'm so getting there, lol!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow time is here

This is the first time since i been here in the US that the snow is thick and hard, it's estimated 6-10inc. across TN us we got 7-inches i thought! We haven't experience much of snowey winter for years honestly. Anyway this is the moments we had yesterday i brought my kiddos outside to take advantage of the! My lil girl didn't enjoy at all she keep saying NO WAY, NO WAY! which is so cute for me for some reason however my kurdapyo had the best time of his life, haha i honestly had to bribe him with chocolates just to go back inside. He was having fun running around in the backyard and it is his idea to go slid to the slides, silly boy! he doesn't care if he was blanketed with snow. It made me laughed because right after we just went down the steps he did the silly thing by laying down the snow and made a snow angel...LOL! What a kid! Am glad he had fun though!

Watta way!

Winter seems to keep on getting better and better! I mean, we're having another snow right now and it is thicker this time, actually kids and I had fun yesterday playing outside making snow!. But one thing though making it hard for everyone to go on their daily routes because of bad weather. Making it lazy for me to do chores, lol! It's also more difficult to go for a ride even to your fave restaurant. But you know what, am thinking of food delivery services... have you heard about Seamless Web? It's where we can order food online from over 5,000 restaurants! So cool isn't it? Just be a member, it's for free and browse through different restaurants and have their food delivered right to your doorsteps. Might give it a try, what you think?

sport gifts are cool!

Do you know someone whose a sports fanatic? I found a cool site that has goodies like customized football gifts, personalized hockey sticks, basketball mugs, volleyball frames, and a lot of other stuff that would definitely make any sport fan smile. I think it's perfect for dads, husbands, best buds, to give on special occasions and even on ordinary days. I have a girlfriend whose a die-hard basketball fan, sure it'll make her giggle if she has this cute little token. Anyway, how's your winter day today? Dang it's so cold! We're having snow again this week.. and hard this time, geeezzzz!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Challenge: LIGHTS

The center piece of the living room. Nice!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

for the love of sweets

Ever since I was a little girl, am in love with chocolates, desserts, and anything sweet. I can't help it, chocolates make my days brighter and happier. Till now, can't run out of it, have some in the fridge, pantry, and my pocket LOL! Kidding aside, am on strict diet but have to take a bite or else. My favorite thing would be milk chocolates with almonds. Truffles too and fudge bars. Dang! Now am craving! But right now am missing peanut brittle so much. My aunt back home used to make the best peanut brittle in the world, lol! She used to sell it to our neighbors and of course I'd always get my share.

Anyway, since am far from home just happy that See's Candies have those treats. From dark to milk chocolates, toffees, candy bars, peppermints, and sugar free treats. One thing I like about this website is that their goodies are cheap yet mouth-watering. Oh my, now am drooling. Gotta get this out of my mind or else I'd ruin my diet. Haha!


You can feel her Care in form of a Sister..
You can feel her Warmth in form of a Friend..
You can feel her Dedication in form of a Wife..
You can feel her Passion in for of a Beloved..
You can feel her Divinity in for of a Mother..
You can feel her Blessings in for of Grandmother..

Yet she is so Tough too..
Her heart is so Tender..
So Naughty..
So Charming..
She is a Woman.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stocking stuffers for our little fashionista

Guest post written by Mary Peters

Our daughter is quite the little fashionista, or at least she thinks so. She loves to dress up and put together new kinds of outfits. Even though she's only 7 she also tells me what I should wear together and actually a lot of the time she give me good advice on it! It's pretty funny actually. So we got her some dress up clothes for Christmas and I thought that I could stick a few other things in her stocking to go along with that stuff.

I went online to come up with some inexpensive stocking stuffers along those lines and when I was doing that I found the website and after I read through it a little bit, I decided to order one of the internet packages from our home off of it.

As for some of the fashion stocking stuffers that I got her, one of my friends told me that she likes to get dress up stuff for her daughter from Forever 21 becuase it's really cheap and they have some crazy stuff. So I made a stop in there and got this really big flower hair clip that she can put in her hair, along with some crazy looking necklaces that she's going to want to wear everywhere.

foodie jewelry

Girls love accessories! Be it bold, sassy, simple and cute. But what if the designs are out of the box? I mean what? Like the photos below.. They're just mouth-watering literally. If I have an earring or a necklace like this, I'd definitely mess up my diet, lol! I really like the cupcake earring, and the necklace I think that's a sushi... hmmmm yum!

gas logs for winter

Oh yeah hit me hard this year! The freezing cold weather isn't funny anymore. I really don't like winter with all honestly except for the very nice scenery it brings. What do you guys do to keep you warm? Layered clothes, a little wine, the heater? I wonder if fireplaces really do wonders. Guess so. Anyway, speaking of, for those who have fireplaces in their homes, you may need lots of gas logs nowadays. At Hansen Wholesale, they provide their customers the cheapest logs for fireplaces like R.H Peterson Real Fyre Gas logs, vented, ventless gas logs, outdoor gas logs, and so much more. You gotta check out their holiday sale now for they have great offers. Guaranteed, they have the lowest prices on all gas logs by R. H. Peterson providing only the best since 1994.

This winter things surely drives me nuts. I'd really like to have a fireplace here in our place, that would be cool, lol! I know many of my friends out there can relate. But you know what? It amazes me how my kids seem not to be affected by the chilling cold weather. Anyway, have a great weekend everyone? Let's say hello to 2011, hoping the best for everyone. Winks!

Monday, January 3, 2011

quick cash

Who needs quick cash? Sometimes, there's just point in our life when we badly need money yet we don't have it, well, until payday. Sometimes, an emergency situation arise, or some unexpected spending. A good option to avoid overdraft I guess is to apply for payday advance or online cash loans which are very fast and easy to avail. With good quotes and low interest rates, one can really find the one that caters to their present need. Just look for the trusted online financial service company and be in good hands. Winks!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

PhotoHunt 246: Fuzzy

My first post in 2011. It took me a while to update this blog I've been so busy lately and didn't able to catch up some posting here! Anyway thanks for Photohunt i was able to..haha! Here's my entry for this week. My sissy in-law's cute puppy Jasmine. My kids adore her so much whenever we go to there house!!