Friday, October 31, 2008

Personalized Baby Stuff

We believe that our children are precious gifts from God! they need more extra care and loving in everything. Including to the material things that we give to them, parents always make sure to buy stuff that are safe and harmless for their little once. Now a days lots of baby toys, clothing, even food are are made from harmful materials that danger to our children.

I personally always cautious of what to get for my son, for instance his toys and all his things i do check from where its made! haha just motherly thing. Anyways, As I was surfing online for his shoes, I found a site that provides high quality products and vast selection personalized gifts for baby all in one place not to mention they are safe and non-toxic materials stuff.

You can search bunch of related sites that has the stuff you need for your kids and baby. Make your personalized new baby gifts for friends and family. This site is very useful and helpful for me as I am expecting another one, I can make my own customized baby gifts for my baby to be without any worry what's with it.


I wanted to get my son a pair of boots, and i like this one. It's hard to look at store for my style good thing i found this online so i will just order this soon because winter is approaching time for booty shoe! I know it will look cute to him wearing mini boots! CUTE!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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I got a gift from lola Jo!

My friend just arrived from her vacation in the Philippines yesterday and she brought the gifts from my mom for us. I can wait to have it, maybe friday she's gonna bring it in the house. Just couple of clothing for me and kurdapyo...(wink)! I miss mall or window shopping in the Philippines it's quite different here from there! you know what i mean. Anyway, back to the gifts... thanks lola! excited na mi sa imo padala... love you'll!!!

Kurdapyo on the roads!

This is my son been doing most of the time on the roads while we're on our way back and fort. He look so serious on his toy laptop, busy making noises and clicking stuff haha... even the sounds at times kinda annoying already but we careless as long he is happy and entertained him. We are so proud of him, he doing really good on the trip!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Laugh out loud!

"Laughter is the best medicine." It perks up when we are sad. It uplifts the weary. Life should have lots of reasons to smile and laugh and one of them are jokes. A joke from a friend make us laugh out laud, sometimes a joke is just what we need to start a wonderful day. Make people happy by your corny, silly, naughty jokes. In fact, it is available online at With the widest selection of jokes in many categories like blonde jokes, political, nerd jokes plus so much more! This is not a joke! Visit the links now and enjoy!

We are proud of HIM!

Dada and mama are very proud of kurdapyo because he didn't complain while we were driving for how many hours. He's very calmed and doing pretty good in his car seat while playing with his toys we brought, his toy laptop and elmos CD. My laptop came in handy, he just watched the elmos movie and after he fell asleep several times. He is so good boy, we know this long drive is too much for his age yet but we are grateful that he is fine and very energetic! We love you son very much!!!

From wastewater to drinking water

The several million inhabitants of Orange County-a low rainfall area of California, USA- benefit from an innovative solution to the wastewater problem. Instead of millions of gallons of wastewater being dumped directly into the ocean each day, the majority is returned to the water supply. For many years this feat has been achieved by a wastewater treatment plant. After primary treatment, the wastewater undergoes secondary and tertiary treatment. This involves purifying the water so that it is as clean as conventional water. It is then mixed with deep-well water and goes into the groundwater basin. There it replenishes the basin and also prevents salt water from seeping in and ruining the groundwater reservoir. Up to 75 percent of the district's total water needs are drawn from this underground supply.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been looking for this!

I been looking for this Cushion for my son's Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair that his grandma bought for him couple months ago. He loves the high chair a lot, except the cushion is missing and i wanted to get one, timely i found this as i surfing over the net. I really like the design and you can choose the color you like either blue, pink, green or just natural but my choice was blue. What i like of getting a cushion is that will adds comfort, support and long time sitting for my son because you know toddlers unpredictable. Sure son will be happy!

I don't know what's to fix!

Oh man i really don't know what to fix for dinner right now, I wanted to cook a different one not the usual dishes that we always have every now and then. Tired of American food honestly! i can't help it sorry. Hope i have my family to help me think what to cook, because i tell you Filipino food has different varieties right, you won't get tired of same thing again and again. Oh i should quit complaining I'd better fix now while no body isn't starving yet! (sigh)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Talking about Steroids!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word steroids? Big muscles and body builders? Oh yes, many uses steroids to achieve the body they want. But you have to be careful in choosing which one is the most effective and safest for you. Yes, there are still many legal steroids available for you in the market. These prohormones allows your muscles to grow to achieve your dream physique. But remember, you must be an 18 year old male or older to take these kinds of supplement. If you're planning to take legal steroids, visit body building factory now. Click the links to know more about the products and get advices from the experts!

14 weeks!

We just arrived from my OB's appointment couple hours ago. I am confirmed 14weeks pregnant! we heard our baby's heart beat pretty good but we're late for my ultrasound app and need to be rescheduled well not a problem though next visit we will have my ultrasound. I am happy with the staff and my new OB, they are so nice and accommodating. Now i am excited for my pregnancy i wasn't really at first because I'm not that sure yet, but now it is confirmed so totally mix emotion happy and anxious and everything haha! My son will be big brother soon and I'm sure he'll be a good one because we can see already him with other kids, he is friendly and sympathetic boy.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Best Travel Deals Guide

As i was saying lately that i am really wanting to go for a vacation and we were really thinking of going to Florida end of this year. Every now and then i check good deals for our vacation including hotels and tickets. One of the best online travel guide is sending me news letters and top weeks of best travel deals which i found in reasonable prices and fits to our budget. I think we might get contact with shermanstravel guide for more information about our up coming trip to Florida!

Ginisang Monggo for Dinner!

I'm here in the my kitchen preparing something for dinner, i thought sauteed monggo is good for tonight. Husband likes it a lot and so our son, ofcourse me! i missed ginisang monggo all of a sudden, they called it as poor man's dish! i don't know why they called it this way as a matter of fact ginisang monggo (mung stew) is full of nutrients and very healthy more so if you put several veges with it like okra, eggplant or kamote leaves. But mine, since i don't have that veges in my fridge other than okra decided to put some onion leaves still taste delicious! hmmm yum yum with rice!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dying to go to Disney!

I am dying to go to Florida for a Disney vacations, It's been our planned with my husband since we got married 3 years ago. But because of the circumstances we always postponed the dates. But right now we are talking about pursuing to have our ultimate vacation soon. Disney vacation is one of my dreams and i would love to be real soon. I can't wait so as my two boys! Sure my my son will love it!

Introduce Your Children to Reading

It has been noted that the children of good readers follow their parents’ example," states neurolinguistics specialist Beatriz González Ortuño, as reported in the Mexican newspaper Reforma. Since children have a great capacity for learning, it is good to encourage their interest in reading even before they can identify vowels. For example, stories can be read to them that will help them to develop their imagination. The newspaper gives the following suggestions for introducing children to reading: "Sit down together. . . . Allow them to turn the pages, to interrupt when they wish, and to ask questions. . . . Ask them to talk to you about the objects and characters that appear in the story. Answer all their questions. . . . Relate the book to the life of the children."

Go acne away!

Lately i am having a problem with blemishes in my face. I blame my self because i usually sleep late at night and during the night i wake up ones or twice to change my son diapers. So there you go i am always lacking of sleep! So no wonder i get some pimples or acne especially in the forehead and chin where in my oily spots are. I should put an acne treatment ahead of time so that it wouldn't get worst!

Silly boy!

This was my son's face when we let him eat the brownies mix! looks like he had a beard and mustache haha. While I'm pouring some brownies in the baking pan at the same time he's eating some of the left overs in the bowl. Silly little pickled haha... so fun to watch his face all dirty and sticky! CUTE!!! love you son you let us laugh with all your tricks and silliness...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vacation to Las Vegas!

Going to las Vegas with my family is one of my dream vacation ever! and i want to stay in one of las vegas suites there and experience the comfort and fun. Las Vegas is the most dynamic, spectacular city on earth, we all know that this place is fabulous of any kind of entertainments, attractions and of course fine cuisine with all the city lights going on! surely this trip will be unforgettable lifetime experience for us! I can't wait when it will gonna be! maybe next year who knows...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hanged out with the cousins

Late afternoon last Wednesday, the boy and the girls were enjoying playing in grandparents yard. While waiting on the barbecue to be cooked and the rest of the dinner food. Sure these four little fellow had fun under the sun. We called them the 'thorn among the roses'! haha.

Friday, October 3, 2008

How Safe Are Carpets?

HOW much time do you spend in indoor areas covered with carpets? A report in New Scientist magazine suggests that the answer may be a matter of concern, particularly for children.
The magazine noted: "Our exposure to most toxic pollutants is between 10 and 50 times higher in indoor environments than it is outdoors." John Roberts, an environmental engineer in the United States, claims that samples of carpet dust from typical homes can contain alarmingly high levels of pollutants. These include lead, cadmium, mercury, pesticides, and the carcinogenic polychlorinated biphenols (PCBs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Accordingly, pesticides carried into the home on shoes and pets’ paws can increase the pesticide content of carpet dust 400-fold. These pollutants are said to persist for years. Since pesticides and PAHs are semivolatile, they evaporate, drift about, and then resettle on carpets or other surfaces.

Young children often play on the floor and then put their fingers in their mouth. So they are especially vulnerable to pollutants. Since young children have a higher metabolic rate than adults, weight for weight they breathe in much more air than do adults.
Some researchers wonder if the increase in indoor carpeted areas may be contributing to the upsurge in children’s asthma, allergies, and cancer. Roberts observes: "A house with bare floors and a few area rugs will have about one-tenth of the dust found in a house with wall-to-wall carpet."

Roberts suggests that to make carpets safer, you should use a vacuum cleaner with a power head. Then, once a week for a period of several weeks, make 25 passes over the carpet within four feet of the main entrances, 16 passes over areas with heavy foot traffic, and 8 passes over the remainder of the carpeted areas.

After you have completed this simple procedure, if you then make half the above-recommended number of passes over the carpet each week, you should be able to keep dust levels low. Roberts also advises: "Put a high-quality doormat at each of the entrances to your home and wipe your feet twice before entering."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is your child safe?

According to the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), car crashes are the leading cause of death among children between 5-14 years old. Says NHTSA: "Over 50% of children who die in crashes are unrestrained by safety devices. In addition, 4 out of 5 children are improperly restrained. Here's what NHTSA recommended:

Safety Tips- the safest place for children is the back seat.
1. Infants should be placed in a rear-facing child safety seat in the backseat of the car.
2. A child at least a year old and weighing at least 20 pounds may be placed in a forward facing seat.
3. At 40 pounds, the child can use a booster seat, which is secured by one of the car's lap and shoulder belts.
4. At approximately 80 pounds and height of about four feet nine inches, the child may begin using an adult safety strap.

Cautions-Children should not sit in the front passenger seat until they are at least 13 years of age. Air bags can cause serious injuries to children and babies. When a booster seat is used, a lap belt alone will not provide sufficient protection if the booster seat does not have a shield.