Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Beethoven week marathon

It is so funny my kids for some reason is addicted to Beethoven, i am talking about the movies, haha! They been watching it for several times already since Sunday especially the Beethoven part 2 when the wonder dog just got his puppies to his girlfriend dog Missy cutie! LOL, yes i know the movies because it reminds me when we were kids my siblings and I keep watching this stuff and i kinda reminiscing my childhood. All i can say is am happy that my kiddos lately have the fascination of this movies. Just love seeing them so hooked on the TV screen and just love the dog, they really feeling it! Nice family movies to watch indeed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cool Idea!

(Photo not Mine)

I just had my molars pulled yesterday and for that I'm supposed to be resting now and for the next couple of days. Since I've finished all the chores and timely because we kinda sort all the cluttered stuff here already, I can now sit back and relax a little bit. The husband will be the one to watch the kids in the mean time since I can't move around like the norm. Anyway soon enough we will be moving to FL and we're all getting excited about it. One of my plans when we are there already is to start my newly discovered hobby, which is sewing. I love making dresses for the lil ones and you can see my samples if you scroll down a little. (winks!) But wait, as I was randomly browsing online, I saw this super chic and lovely tee, as you can see above. Oh I just love it! The idea of putting ruffles for the peacock is really cool and unique, and I guess so simple to make. I just need a plain tee, a cloth paint to draw the design and some colorful ruffles. Can't wait to try it soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Differentiated Math Intervention

Guest post brought to you by Cori

This year I was part of a curriculum writing team for my school district. For the last five to ten years we have been finding that our math scores have been consistently low, and so we have made it a district-wide initiative to focus on improving the way we teach math. We are doing a head-to-toe makeover of our basic math program, but also introducing a math intervention curriculum outside of the options we offer to classified students. This intervention would be for students who do not qualify for additional help by law, but who consistently seem to fall behind or struggle with important math concepts. The best part of the program is the differentiation it will be able to offer each student. The program will be fluid, which means that a student who qualifies for the intervention because he or she is struggling with the first marking period's concepts may not necessarily need to continue with the extra help once the second marking period rolls around. This will also free up space for students who may need to enter the program later in the year. Students will be pulled out in small groups for a double dose (or in the case of tier 3 students, a triple dose) of brief math lessons. Using assessments, we will be able to form these groups by similar areas of need so the lessons can be specific to each child's weak concepts. This will eliminate useless time spent on a lesson about geometry that one student may need, while another student is really only there to solidify their multiplication and division facts. Teachers will be able to utilize a variety of manipulatives and tools with these small groups which are often not available or more difficult to implement in the whole class environment. We implemented a very similar program for Language Arts about five years ago, and while it took a year or two to work out the scheduling kinks, we saw really impressive results almost immediately. The ability to provide extra differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our struggling learners is a really exciting prospect, and it is an honor to be a part of team that will hopefully bring this to fruition next year!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mini home office

This is where i work on my online thingy! Hubby built that up for me when we had our addition 3 years ago. I super like this mini corner of mine where i can concentrate and focus of what i am doing blogging wise. Away from interruptions and distractions because it's all the way at the back of our dining area in the very corner of it , lol. I am very much aware whenever we're moving pretty soon this corner will be missin :((. If i could only take this with me i would.  Oh well, i guess i'll live huh?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Green Works really works!

My total helper in the house it made my job easy and quick! AM talking about this little fellow the green works cleaner it is truly all in one cleaning agent! I love it promised haha, everything goes along well with him just 1 2 3 walaahhh she get the dirt away!! Just using paper towel in the glass surfaces i tell you there nothing left behind unlike other cleaning stuff out there make my chores easy really. When husband goes to Lowe's i never miss to ask him to get some because only the stores carry them now! And knowing this is environmental friendly specially for your little ones they are not like other brand you know. It's all natural, that's one reason i love it!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

An aid to business

I'm reading about this liability insurance for marketing agency article and I think this will be a good thing for the business. Well not mine but for my father back home. He's into dealership of some goods and marketing stuff. Although I don't know if this kind of service is available in our area but at least I can have an idea about. On a lighter note, I really think I should get going right now. It's Saturday morning and it means chores are lining up and must done it fast because if I stand on my tippy toes, fun weekend is so fast approaching again! Have a great one everybody!

Busy mom

I am so sure my time online is pretty limited now a days! But I'm glad i have a good time management between online and offline. I have so many things going on here and there, kids, house, yard and more house work including painting and organizing because we are really into moving out in our state pretty much soon. Anyway, i have no complains i love hectic and busy time, lol. I rather be busy than nothing to do at all. I just need to update my blogs and do a lil hopping for you guys! See you all later!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are you?

Looking for jockey scrub pants? Maybe you are if you’re a nurse or someone working in the medical and dental field. Scrubs are indeed designed for ease of used.. With regards to those kinds of jobs, it is important for the uniforms to be very comfortable and breathable. But many think scrubs are boring, well not anymore. Today, scrubs are becoming fashionable with lots of designs to choose from. There are also other accessories, hats for instance, which are nice and cute. I really do find nursing uniforms very simple yet dainty. It truly matches well to a job as noble as theirs.

House hunting

Just came from our trip to Florida major reason is to look for houses that is possible we might like to buy. Just looking here and there, we saw several nice houses on the top of the lists was this one behind me i love love it big garage and built new despite it is a little far drive from the city limit however though kinda doubtful about the neighborhood i hate being in the woods, for honest reason and both side of the house are lands that are not develop yet! Anyway, though we still have several once that we like and maybe one of those will be our new place to stay in Florida! Just excited to move to new place, new adventure and new journey! Wink.

On helmets

I'm quite sure i'ts not only here in the States where helmets are required to every motorbike driver. Back home in the Philippines, there was a time when it was fine not to wear helmets. But accordingly, right now if drivers and their passengers are caught without their helmets, they are obliged to pay for the fine. My brother is not a helmet user before because he hates it ruining his hair. But right now he has no choice but to buy a helmet, the thing is he wants scorpion helmets in particular because as what he said, it's sturdy and stylish. Oh well, he's really like that, knows exactly what he wants especially when it comes to stuff for his big bike.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

happy boy

The happy little man enjoying the sand. It's been ages since we haven't been to the beach, the last time was 2010 back in the Philippines. Soon enough, this will be our neighborhood, for good.. makes us all so excited. Got a lot of stories to share about our recent trip. :D See ya around!