Saturday, January 25, 2014


People love music. Music, a kind of magic that helps an individual to relax and to lighten up itself. Many instruments gives very pleasant sounds that makes our heart pump and jump when we hear it sound. A guitar called new crown gives very relaxing and heart warming tones that really blends on our taste in music. This new crown guitar which is used with many musicians in the world are really loved by their owners. Even me myself wants to own this new crown guitar and have a cheerful time playing with it. Try this kind of stuff and have a great musical day!


It's so nice to have a two days off  from work where i can stay at home with my kids and taking the time to clean. I felt so relieved after getting the household chores done. Seeing the house squeaky cleaned is wonderful, no mess all over, no uncluttered toys here and there, organized kitchen and tables, etc. Even though i am a busy mom outside, i still taking over my household and everything the same as i am a full time stay at home mother of two! It is a tiring multi tasking jobs but all are worth the effort and i am happy as ever! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fixing here and there

It is much advisable to all home owners to check their estates and property every now and then. Or even annually perhaps. My father in-law is up keep of his property to look good and always not having problems by all means. My husband is his maintenance for the job. Recently he is doing some fixes here and there such as showers and utility lines, kitchen and cabinets doors including door knobs. So the better half knows what he's doing by the help from a one stop source of all your households, residential and commercial needs.