Thursday, March 31, 2011

Investing on gold

As we all know, among all other precious metals, the most popular as investment is gold. It has been tried, tested, and proven through the years that investing in gold can serve as protection during economic and other crisis. It's not surprising why many people nowadays plunge into this kind of business isn't it? But such investment can be possible only through reliable and trusted companies. These companies sell bullion or gold coins. Among the most popular gold bullion are the Krugerrand, Australian gold nugget, Philharmonic, and American gold eagle.

For someone who has the means, well, why not? Gold is something like a sure investment, it's value increases over time. By the way, I happened to land on Gold Coins Gain, an Aurum Advisors website. If you want to buy gold bullion and consider getting into it, they have everything you need there like the world gold coins and other information about this kind of market. And you can be sure with them because their company has been featured by national media. Just check out their page for more.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swimming Pool During Pregnancy?

This is very interesting fact to those who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant this article may help you. It is stated that pregnant women should engage in light swimming exercise to ease delivery and eliminate the fatigue they often experience, according to Japanese obstetrician Hajime Murooka. He investigated the matter after noting that women divers had easy deliveries. Murooka had 50 pregnant women take 45-minute swimming lessons three times a week. After monitoring the mothers and fetuses, it was found that the exercise had not harmed them in any way, and most of the women went on to have almost painless deliveries when giving birth. Source: Awake

Monday, March 28, 2011

On antennas

Do you know the source for hd tv antennas, indoor and outdoor antennas, and other accessories such as? Well the source is no other than The Source. Antennas are still very practical and in demand nowadays because unlike satellite tv that might go down when it's snowing hard or raining, faithful antennas can pick up good quality channels and cost less too. It's cool having those old stuff sometimes, brings you back to the good old days when things were simpler and less complicated. Isn't it?

Blue Monday

My sister anniniput just had her ultimate vacation so far in the famous tourist destination on earth... where? oh just in Boracay, Philippines simply as that! LOL. She had a blast i tell you too bad i wasn't there otherwise i would be joining her awesome time at Bora. This place is one we planed to go when we will having our next Philippines trip. Can't wait to that!

printing pics

It's way too over due but better late than never. I'm talking about the pictures I'm suppose to print after our Philippine vacation last year. The wedding pictures of my brother which I promised to send them copies but gosh I forgot, lol! Guess I should do the printing soon before I forget again. But I wonder if we still have ink-jet, cause you know, it's different for photo purposes. Speaking of, in case you guys need cheap ink cartridges, cheap printer ink, cheap ink for printers. From brands like Kodak, Samsung, HP, Epson, Canon, and so forth, INKGRABBER is the place to go.

It's the leading online supplier for products such as and they even provide a 90-day money back guarantee. Do give them a visit if you need those ink-jets like me. I will tell the husband, I'm sure he has some in the office. I'll do some printing then when I'm not that busy.

Have a blessed day everyone, Good morning!

goody box

My family in the Philippines sent a box full of goodies for me, and I got it just yesterday. I'm so happy! Was asking mom to give me her purple dress which is so neat and pretty. And so she said yes. But here's the twist, mom included a little purple dressy for my daughter Alexa too. I tell you, the little girl loves it so much keeps on telling "mine,mine,mine!" At two years old, she's already a fashionista with an attitude. Well what can I say? Just like me..hehe!

Will do some mother and daughter photo shoot maybe tomorrow. So excited to share pics with the family back home. Winks!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A shoe lady's dream shoes

I'm a shoe lady, I must say. More than purses, or jewelry, and other stuff, I prefer those pretty heels. Would spare my allowance way back in collage just to have that nice pair sold in the mall and be so sad if somebody else will get it first. So having a decent collection of shoes today puts a smile on my face. I'm just blessed and thankful that I got to land in a business that involves shoes, lots and lots. LOL! My babies, as what I call them aren't those super fancy and expensive ones though. But of course I'd love to have a Prada shoes, at least a pair. One of my dream shoes! Every girl knows Prada. It's recognized as the go to brand for style, class, and beauty whether it's a bag, shoes, sunglasses, or dresses.

I guess I need to do a lot of saving for me to have the real one. But you know what? has great and exciting offers for all those fashion obsessed. Prada items like jackets, sweaters, pumps and high heels, went down to their original price as low as 28% less. There's this dark red platform pump I'm drooling for right now, oh my can't take my eyes off it! Well, maybe in the near future. Anyway, to all the ladies out there, you can check out Bluefly and see what I'm talking about. And for the men too, even bigger discounts are waiting for you. Winks!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Thank goodness it's weekend again but we have no specific plans for this weekend perhaps we will just stay at home since we having a bad weather both Saturday and Sunday... Hate it and definitely not fun at all! I may suggest to the husband to just go ahead and start building our new counter top we just got the tiles yesterday for the kitchen's counter top. We both agree the design and color so we're all set! Or if we don't feel like working it tomorrow i guess we will just visit the grandmas and pas there's no where to go anyway because it will be nasty and they missing their grand kiddos badly! :-D

Have a great weekend to ya'll!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For my future SIL!

SIL is short for sissy in-law...haha! I'm so excited for her (a family friend that my parents let her live with them since i came her in states) i bet she is in mix emotions right now because soon my brother in-law will come and see her once again! Am so happy for both of them that everything works well and now they are soon to be together in perfect harmony, lol! Anyway, she's in cloud 9 right but the pressure is also on, poor thing she mentioned she can't sleep, hardly eat and so anxious and her acne is popping out here and there so my family is asking me to send her some acne supplements before the big moments of her life comes! We told her though no matter what she's still pretty it's just pimples we have plenty of stuff to get rid of those thing. All i can say is calm down and relax and take a deep breath everything will be alright. Been there done that! I managed..lolz! Wink.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


For pottying in the toilet! These are the things we promised to our kiddos whenever they are ready to use and go potty as a big boy and big girl in the bathroom, lol! Well whatever works do it right! My boy that is almost 4years old now is really fascinating and adores his cars collection so we thought of getting him a bed which is a car bed. He is so drooling over it so trying his best not to forget to go to potty in the toilet it is really hard and very challenging for us to let him use the toilet but we know he will get over his training pants soon as he sees this in his room.
Then when my 2year old baby girl is also ready and big enough we planned of getting her one, put away the baby crib because she loves girly stuff and pinks so this would be so perfect for her!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Raising bilingual children

“When children are nurtured with patience and sensitivity, multilingualism can be a source of great fortune for them, their families, and society,” states a newspaper from Mexico City. Studies have concluded that children who speak two languages perform better in school than those who speak only one. Sometimes parents worry when their children mix words from the two languages in one sentence or make mistakes by applying the rules of one language to the other. “But these grammatical ‘mistakes’ are trivial and quickly overcome,” says the report. If the languages of both parents are taught from birth, they are naturally absorbed, and in time, the children will handle them separately.

Well I must say that being a Pinay mom, it happens all the time that I talked to my kids in my mother tongue. I never saw them confused or what, Josh especially just gave me his silly smile. Now he can say some visayan words too and whenever I talk to them, mixing english and visayan, I just know it, they really do understand.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gold Bars from a Vending Machin

Another cool article from the Awake! magazine that's worth sharing. Cause you know, it's good to be updated with the latest happenings from the other side of the planet. :)

In several places around the world, gold bars can now be added to the long list of products available from vending machines. For example, a hotel from Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, has installed a machine that dispenses 320 items, including gold bars with weight of up to 10 g and customized gold coins. Gold prices are updated every ten minutes, using a computerized link to international markets. At first, the machine accepted only local currency, but a credit card option was planned. The location for this initiative was chosen because of the region's high demand for gold according to the report.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Very Special Holiday Season

Guest post written by Zac Kinley

I was looking up the internet address for one of my favorite television shows the other day when all of a sudden it dawned on me: 2010 is almost over! Where has this year gone? I seriously have no idea. It seems like just yesterday our sweet baby Jane was born (when really, it was more like April) and now we're setting up to ring in the first new year with her. Oh, how time flies!

We're attempting to make this holiday more special than ever, just for Jane. My wife and I already have a pretty detailed itinerary, chock full of family visits, fun activities and other things to get us in the holiday spirit. We're going to take tons of pictures, too, to share with Jane one day since we're sure she won't remember much of it. But it makes us feel good to be able to spend this holiday with the people that count most: your family.

Sneak peak

Hello everyone! I guess some of you here still remember about several months ago i mentioned of doing a contest giveaway in my blogs... but due to my busy schedules i wasn't able to make it happen right then! But gladly to say this time we will make it! Yes, watch out for it will gonna post the first ever contest giveaway of my blogs. To give you the sneak peak of what the grand prize winner awaits.. here's the photo, am giving away this brand new with tag trendy handbag in pinky color. So if you are a girly girl kinda girl why not join with us! Come by tomorrow MARCH 15 for more details!
All bloggers in the world are welcome!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Graduation gift

Can you believe how time flies by so fast? As if only yesterday kids were just kids and now they're so grown-ups. Was able to say that because I learned that the little girl in our neighborhood before will be graduating soon. Since she's taking up nursing, they're thinking of giving her some discount scrubs I guess. Shhhh! Never mind the word discount, if it looks good and the quality is better, then go for it! Well that's one of the nice things in the Philippines, people love giving gifts. Winks!


Am so anxious and excited right now can't help to have butterflies in my stomach because we are going to Florida! This is it baby, it is really getting closer that we really going there, lol. Well, it's just a quick visit though this time just checking on houses that we might possible purchase soon and make sure it is the right house, place for us! I really wanna see first before buying it and one thing is i want to see on my own eyes how the big the kitchen is, or how spacious our bedroom is gonna be stuff like that! Oh well, have to go now and have my beauty rest it is gonna be a long week! Good night ya'll. Wink!

Law firm at Florida

Spring is officially here, I think, and tax time will be over in a month. Couldn't get any better than that. Busy days wouldn't be that busy anymore and of course time to go and see Florida baby! Speaking of, we've been eying some nice spots, a friendly community and safe place to be when we transfer. Because I think that's the most important, a good neighborhood and healthy environment to raise children especially. So it's no surprise if most of the time I'm busy browsing anything about Florida. Just like now, well I landed to Musca Law website. Let me share some info about them. Obviously, it's a website for those who need help, for breaking some rules. A top-rated Florida criminal lawyers and Florida dui attorney, they specialize in charges like drunk-driving, traffic offenses, theft crimes, probation violations, and so forth. In case you find their site helpful, you can contact them and schedule a free confidential consultation.

Though I don't find lawyers to be so friendly, sometimes their presence mean problems or something. But the fact is we need them. They are hereos, ready to help us in some of our lives battles. Anyway, I hope everyone will have a great week ahead!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Challenge : CARS

Just caught our attentions in this funny looking car because of the over the top wheels and with bulls testicle hanging behind it! Crazy isn't it??

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Reading to Newborn Babies Beneficial

“Reading to young children has such a powerful impact on the rest of their lives that experts now recommend parents begin doing so when their babies are just hours old,” says The Toronto Star. Dr. Richard Goldbloom, who years ago spearheaded the first newborn literacy program in Canada, says: “One of the things we’ve learned and observed is that when you do read to a baby, they really pay attention from very early infancy. They are listening.” Research indicates that just giving books to children from a very early age improves their vocabulary and reading skills. According to the newspaper, “the point is not to force toddlers to learn to read, but to expose them to both quality and quantity of language so they can acquire vocabulary and letter and sound recognition—and, eventually, actual reading skills.”

full article from Awake! magazine

“Appreciate Your Mom”

Labor analysts estimate that if a Canadian stay-at-home mom with two school-aged children were paid for all the work she does, her annual salary, including overtime pay, would be $163,852 (Canadian). The figure is based on current market wages and a “100-hour workweek, consisting of six 15-hour days and one 10-hour day,” says the Vancouver Sun newspaper. The study was actually conducted five years ago. Imagine the increase in our time? If paid, moms would have been the best-paid-employees of the world! Among the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom are those of day-care worker, teacher, driver, housekeeper, cook, nurse, and general maintenance worker. The newspaper offers the following advice: “Appreciate your mother: She’s probably underpaid.”

Well right, mothers like me don't get salaries for our 24-hours/7-days a week job. But knowing we have a beautiful family, ever loving and supportive of each other, it's all worth it. It's what you call labor of love. Winks!