Saturday, June 26, 2010

nice pajamas!

Everyone who loves pajamas, raise your hands up! I bet there's alot of us who loves this bedroom attire. It's comfortable, light, cute, and sexy. Back home in the Philippines, am always getting a new pair of pajamas, my grandma used to sew something for us her grandchildren. I also know how to make one in fact, t'was a school project and yes, I made a couple of cute women's pajamas. Hmmm.. now I'm thinking of making some for the kiddos, it'll be cute with matching robes I'm sure. But I'm so busy and such task would be the least of my priority.

Anyway, there's no problem. I can buy women's pajamas anytime with the help of my keyboard, lol! Seriously, shopping has never been this easy. I admit I'm a certified online shopper, can no longer count how many times I've purchased over the internet. Some are skeptical about buying online though but as for me, fortunate enough to find really good stores. Since my thoughts are about womens pajamas, there's one site I like to visit.(just follow the links) It has the largest selection of sleeping attires, you'll definitely love all their designs. It's just a little expensive though so be sure to check out their clearance sale for lots of bargains. Now am just looking for styles, maybe if I have time I can sew one for me, and yes for the kids too. Winks!

budget plan

I'm gonna be sharing a clips from an article I've read on how to manage a budget. This is especially helpful for mommies like me since this is our job. Alright enough said, here it goes...

Developing a Budget:

1. Write down your essential monthly expenses. Keep a record for one full month of all that you spend on food, housing(rent or mortgage), utility bills, car expenses, and the like. For bills that are paid annually, divide by 12 for the monthly amount.

2. Organize expenses into categories. These include food, housing, automobile, and travel costs, and so forth.

3. Figure out how much of your savings must be applied monthly to each category. With bills paid annually, you must calculate how much needs to be put aside each month.

4. Write down the combined net earnings of all in your household. Subtract deductions such as taxes. Compare this with the expenses.

5. Set aside monthly the amount needed to satisfy each category. If using cash, a simple way is to mark envelopes for each category. Then periodically place cash in the appropriate enveloped needed to cover the designated expense.

Caution: If you use a credit card, do so responsibly! Many a budget plan has been ruined by the temptation to buy now, pay later.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

shopping for gifts

Our up coming trip to the Philippines gives me mix emotions. I'm excited, super! And at the same time am also anxious on how things would work out, you know the preparation makes me go crazy sometimes, lol! Kidding aside, now I will have to make sure everyone back home has a little simple gift from me. Got to check out coupons for that, it's a one stop shop for our needs and their coupons are the best I tell you. Shopping is fun especially if it's for our loved ones but sure it's confusing too, lol!

We need a mailbox

Hello guys, how's everyone? MomShe is so busy right here right now. You guys probably know we are getting ready for our 2 up coming trips, at Alabama this weekend and the much anticipated one this 2 month from now at the Philippines. I'm so happy and excited but at the same time, my schedule has never been this hectic too, lol! I'm getting things ready for now, will have to start with our mailbox. Seriously, we need to fix the one we have. We don't have a descent number on the mail box to be honest, lol! So the mailman sometimes must knock at our door and deliver letters, bills, and package. He'll have a hard time if we're not around you know.

So I'm browsing for some quality mail boxes at I heard they have the widest selection of mailboxes in the internet. From standards to customized, single unit to post package, etc. I like their mail slots wherein you can attached it to your door so everything that goes inside it wouldn't be lost, it goes directly inside the house. Alright, I hope to find a good deal here. See you around, will keep you posted. Thank you guys!

Just craved....

For these two dishes so right away momshe went to the kitchen and cook em' after i had a satisfying meal. A lunch of fried shrimp and suited veges with white rice... yummy tummy! Plus a dessert of biko (sweetened rice) my day was complete. Now i can relax and take a!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dressing up

Halloween is the time of the year when people are entitled to dress up as long as they like it, especially for kids. I don't celebrate and am not a believer but I actually find those costumes cute. One time I saw a baby halloween costumes, like a lady bug and I thought of buying it for my lil girl. Maybe I will, not for halloween though but for the children's party am planning to host. That's should be so much fun!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

PhotoHunt 218: Six (6)

Am back to my hobby which is Photography! I do love taking pictures of mother nature but i kinda rested for a lil while however since we got a new digital camera that is way nicer than our old one i thought of going back to get beautiful pictures here and there! And this is one of my specialty the flowers... i loved flowers and with the help of my Nikon we made it picture perfect!
Perfect for this week's PhotoHunt theme (6) and those 6 petals are truly beautiful.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Glad could share...

AM so glad another mommy out there who able to benefit this blogging thingy. A friend and a dearest costumer of mine in facebook loves to cook and to a lot of things so i ask her if she knew blogging yet? she said yes she heard it already but don't have any idea what is it so i introduce it to her right then since she is always surfing this is really a good advantage to her you know. So we start talking about creating blogs and everything. She is so thankful about it not just she will enjoy writing as well she can earn. Way to go for my friend i know she can do it and become one of good blogger in blogesphere! Welcome her...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking @ the sky on Friday

The huge dark clouds is ready to fall down! Look so scary to me! Yikes! Took this one outside our garage last weekend.