Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For my future SIL!

SIL is short for sissy in-law...haha! I'm so excited for her (a family friend that my parents let her live with them since i came her in states) i bet she is in mix emotions right now because soon my brother in-law will come and see her once again! Am so happy for both of them that everything works well and now they are soon to be together in perfect harmony, lol! Anyway, she's in cloud 9 right but the pressure is also on, poor thing she mentioned she can't sleep, hardly eat and so anxious and her acne is popping out here and there so my family is asking me to send her some acne supplements before the big moments of her life comes! We told her though no matter what she's still pretty it's just pimples we have plenty of stuff to get rid of those thing. All i can say is calm down and relax and take a deep breath everything will be alright. Been there done that! I managed..lolz! Wink.