Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lock for my son!

I was so nervous the other day and up until now I still feel fussy when I think about it. I'm talking about my son Josh, he went outside our house without me noticing it! Alright, I was changing my daughter when I noticed he wasn't around. Thought he was just in his room playing or watching TV. But when I gave it a check, he wasn't there! And there I saw, our backdoor unlocked. He played with his mower at the backyard, with all the mud and all! What a silly boy!

I think we need more baby proofing products and other child safety tips and items. I mean, we need a more complicated lock so that the little man can't figure out how to open it, lol! Seriously, we should get Child Safety Locks and baby gates soon. Good thing these products are easy to avail nowadays and also getting cheap. Well I found the widest selection of baby proofing products at KidSafe and I like it. The safety of our children are so important, every mommy should agree with me. Oh boy, kids will be kids!

Ruby Tuesday

Last year's 40th anniversary of my PIL. We threw them a surprise party just family and close friends! And this are their cake with a lil of RED here and there!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Potty Boot Camp for my son

Can you imagine the joys of being a mommy when she has a 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter? Words aren't enough to express the happiness when the kids are growing up so healthy and bright. The house is filled with laughter, giggles, and fun all the time. Mothers out there sure knows what I mean. On the other hand, my boy, though he's almost 3 years old still uses a diaper,oh my! That's something daddy and I really want to address right now. Josh must be a diaper free child soon, lol!

So when I heard about Dr. Suzanne Riffel's "The Potty Boot Camp" toilet training program, I knew this is the one. It's a very simple and systematic method of training to potty the child 18 months and older. This program, in ebook form is indeed the best way to potty train our kids. And since it's in a "cookbook" style, the steps are easy to understand and follow. And the price? Only around 5 bucks! So cool isn't it? Well I should download this program soon and yes, I'm so excited to try this!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I need this!

Kunuhay! I need this cute dress, lol. I found this online while am browsing something and it popped this up and since then i can't sleep and eat haha kidding aside but i can't resist to put this on my important lists this month! We have an up coming district assembly in June for 3days we planning to stay there and am in the process of getting ready so it won't get us broke when that event comes. So anyway, thinking this will look nice on me with matching tan pump shoes! I already negotiate the husband to get this for me and he said OK as long the front are covered buttons closed haha!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What would we do without them? I'm talking about life here in the United States. Cars are necessary more than just want. It's here I've seen teenagers driving their own vehicles and owning their own car. As for me though, I even don't know how to drive, lol! The husband told me that if ever I'll learn how to, I can have my own car, cool! So as early as now, I feel like searching for the one that fits my personality.

Got to do it through The Car Connection because they provide the most detailed reviews for all car models. Chevrolet Suburban, Bentley, chevy tahoe hybrid specs, Chevy Equinox, Dodge, so forth, they have it all. The nice thing about this website is that it gives feedback from car experts and users, from real people I should say. They don't just review brand new models but used cars as well, great isn't it? Well, as for now, must learn how to drive first. Then I can have my own car, it must be red, haha!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jobs wanted!

Who needs job? If you do, here's good news. jobs in administration such as market research, customer service, accounting assistant, project coordinators and more are open for individuals. Just click the links and it'll lead you to a website where you can post your resumes and start hunting. Plus you can also receive job alerts and find your future employers. Go ahead and try it!

A blast

So we had our family day out yesterday and momshe has a blast am so happy husband and I went out with our kids since he's been so busy with work this time so it's seldom us to go somewhere. After the meeting in the morning we drove to Murfreesboro and went malling looking for husband's Nike, hehe! Actually it's quite awhile i haven't been to a mall since last November so yesterday i took the chance to window shop while the husband is looking for his Nike i was in the ladies departments as well and kurdapyo also haha he is so funny he keeps asking me "momi i want to go this way, and all i know is he is trying to fit a pair of shoes also which is he don't wanna let go, lol" silly boy!

Thanks hubby baby for a great sunday!

Fat burner reviews

Exercise burns fat and what else? Fat burner, according to experts. There are indeed pills that work but before trying though, review the product first and see if it fits your body and lifestyle. For this, some websites are really helpful in providing info and ratings Even feedback and testimonies from clients who experienced it first it. Why not visit one of them soon?

Mellow Yellow Monday #52


This was late fall of last year we came by at the lot where his daddy and uncles working the house of my sister in-law. My son was having fun in the mud with his 3 cousins it was first time i let him play in the dirt, haha! The yellow hat was given by his uncle (Dada's brother) got it in Florida and he loves it to death always wanted to wear it all the time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

He needs it

In the Philippines I have an uncle who weights more than 250lbs. He's really big and he has done everything to lose weight. He's looking for best cholesterol medications, so I'm happy to share him an informative website I just bumped unto. It's about lowering your cholesterol when diet and exercise don't work. I hope it'll work for him this time around.

Oh boy!

My cousin and I are busy sorting our pictures of long time ago. I mean, we are posting it on Facebook, the times when we're still single and skinny. Gosh! I think we really need the best weight loss supplements in the world. Something that can help us burn fat and control cravings. Well to my cousin, we can do this. Let's get back to our sexy body, lol!

Looking @ The Sky on Friday -

Cebu, Philippines!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

This 2010

You know I'm into losing weight so I really wanna learn more about a particular diet program that I think would fit me. I'll go for the slowly but surely thing. Cause you know, those claiming to be the best, most of the time fell short to their promises. Anyway, now I'm more serious with my diet, and hoping to be slim again this 2010, lol!

Junk Food for Dinner!

Yea i craved for junk food for dinner so i hastily called husband to grab some cheese burgers, onion rings and chicken strips from a local fast food plus a large cup of vanilla coke, lol! Actually it's been awhile i didn't have some fast food thing because as i said i am sticking to my new year resolution to losing weight haha! But my heart is rebelling to the brain and keep manipulating my entire body so i gave the request of my heart just for now though or once in blue moon. Need to control and be stick to the plan.


For slimming pills? You might be if you're gaining weight. Many people prefers the fast and easy way to shed pounds, what better way to do it than taking diet pills? I haven't resort to that option yet, kinda scared you know. And for now am good with my fruit and vegetable diet, exercise too. Actually, think I've lost an inch already lol! I really think so!

A protective big brother!

Kurdapyo is sure protective to his lil sissy! It is funny to watch him protecting her no matter what! My girl is into her crawling stage now and she loves to crawl hanging on the furniture and here's her kuya(big bro) behind her always tracking whatever her moves and always telling her be careful, watch out, oh uh in trouble that is reason why he make sure she's in good hand kunu sigeg kaptan! am the one who get panic because he's on her way and you know what will happen right! Toink or a bubu! But momshe always their referee though making sure no bubu... hayz!

Oh sweets!

The other day, the little man and his mommy was craving for sweets. So I bake some oreo cheesecake, yum,yum! LOL! Oh well, glad I've started my quick and easy weight loss diet and on the way to losing weight but sometimes I just wanna indulge myself with sweets. Just once in a while though. I bet lots of you out there feels the same way, am I right?

Remember the simple pleasures of life

Remember the simple pleasures of life:
by: Bobette Bryan

Listen to your favorite music every day.
Always have flowers on the table.
On the weekends, take off your watch and forget about the time.
Take a nap.
Each week bake some cookies, bread, or pie. Try even if you've never done so before.
Surprise a loved-one or friend with an unexpected gift.
Put an inspirational quote somewhere where you can see it everyday.
Never miss an opportunity to have fun.
Never miss a parade.
Buy a box of crayons and color some pictures with a child.
Read a child a story.
Give people plenty of well-deserved compliments.
Try to save a quarter every day. You'll be surprised about how much you'll save within a short time. Spend it on a rainy day.
Keep a journal where you can explore your thoughts and feelings.
Give someone special a kiss and hug.
Call three friends and plan to get together with them.
Get out the camera and take some silly photos of yourself and a friend. Don't be afraid to dress up.
Go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Buy a gift for a child.
Go to the pet store and play with the kittens and puppies.
Read your favorite love poem and escape to romantic dreams.
Buy a book and some fresh flowers.
Visit a museum or art gallery.
Do something different.
Never forget that miracles happen every day.
Think something positive about yourself every day.
Think something positive about the other people in your life every day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

will I go back to school?

Lots of things I'm considering this 2010, one of which is going back to school. But with my busy schedule as a mommy, it's quite impossible isn't it? Until I heard about Western Governors Online University and its online degree programs. It is a fully accredit online university with lots of masters degree online courses. It gives busy individuals an opportunity to go back to school through flexible and quality online education. Health programs are interesting, gotta check out and see if this is what am looking for. Or maybe I can take up my masters degree in education too and practice teaching eventually. What you think? Which is better?


A party for my son Josh soon in the spring, supposedly i wanted to have the party last November but i was thinking kids can not play outdoors because of the weather it's kinda cold and muddy already so i cancelled it and pursuing it on this coming spring to be exact. I asked my big sissy to help me organize things up but i will do most of the set up though because that's my forte! lol. I can't wait just the thought of it makes me excited am sure my son gonna love it! Will invite all the kids he knew here... lol not much though!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Busiest times coming!

The year just starts which means the guys in the house are going to be so busy. Tax office, filling of forms, social security disability assessments, to name a few. Hope I can help them at the office this season, cause you know was pregnant last year so I wasn't around. By the way, got a little tip for those who want their SSDI evaluation, you can do it online now. Just check it at Allsup, a reliable website where all the needed help can be found.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

PhotoHunt 195: Bulky

It's been awhile i haven't the photohunt thingy is just that i don't have the right one to fit each entry not until now though. This week is about "BULKY" and i think this is the right one to describe the theme, lol! My kurdapyo in his bulky winter jacket this was last winter. He looks like an astronaut hehe cute!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello there!

Hiya! Guys I'm back! How are you? Quite a while since my last update huh? I was so busy and tired during the holidays, same as you do lol! Anyway, let me just tell you, I really want to go to the mall..haha! Heard there's a sale and should check it out. Maybe this weekend, if the weather gets better though. Oh, snow makes me so lazy and weird. Sigh.

My First Crush

His name starts with letter S! SHERWIN i don't know his last name which i wish i knew it coz otherwise i could check him at facebook, LOL. Anyway, back then i was 12years old and that time me and cousin jerla had to stay for a couple of weeks in our relatives house to be with our cousins while their parents are in the vacation. So to make my story short, they have several neighbors that are so close to them and hang out with them most of the time and a couple happened to be their son my aunt is trying to fix on me. So develop occurred hahaha i don't know how it happen but i found myself crushing this guy and get excited whenever i saw him lol! Oh well that was 17years ago and when recalling that all i can do is laugh!!!! (on the record he was just my crush then and nothing come to posibilty).