Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year is end...

Yea the year is about to end and yet another is about to begin. Lots of great things happened, I can only be thankful. As for us, the kids are really growing up so fast and the big brother is getting smarter and sillier everyday. He loves to play my online games and good at it, lol! He's also more observant and curious, especially with the television programs, he seem to copy stuff he sees. It's a good thing we have a direct TV, with its many channels available, we can choose which shows are good for the little ones. I like the educational programs designed for the kids. Plus, because it's direct TV service, the quality is far more detailed and clear. Am smiling every time I see the little man sing along the alphabet and count numbers.

Well, that's just an example of what direct TV packages has to offer. For the grown ups, we have hundreds of channels to enjoy. Sports, news, movies, international programs, all in high definition quality. I'm pretty sure lots of you out there is looking for great direct TV deals, isn't it? There's a really nice offering from a leading provider, it's like their gift for you this holidays so hurry up and avail it.

To all the moms, we rock! May we have a blessed and happy life forever with our loved ones!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Living Longer

What does it take to stay healthy and live longer? "A personality tendency to preserve a consistent mood that is largely free of psychological distress promotes physical health much more than exercise or eating habits do," says Dr. George Vaillant of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston. Vaillant’s contention is based on an ongoing study of over 230 men who were originally recruited in 1942. At age 52, the men who were in good health were divided into three groups: those considered to be "distressed" (they had abused alcohol, regularly used tranquilizers, or consulted a psychiatrist), "undistressed" (they had never abused alcohol, ingested mood-altering drugs, or consulted a psychiatrist), and "intermediate" (they were between the other two groups). At 75 years of age, "only 5 percent of the [undistressed] had died, compared to 25 percent of the intermediate group, and 38 percent of the distressed men," reports Science News. Certainly, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly help to promote good health. But "longevity, at least for men, seems to depend on a penchant for emotional stability that wards off extreme pangs of depression," says Science News.

Beach wish!

Few more days to go and we're to welcome 2010 already. Looking back the things that happened to me this year, I say t'was great. Family life is beautiful everyday, with the kids growing up like weeds, ever adorable and cute. I can't ask for more really, wait, except for my one wish though. Actually it's quite simple, go to the beach that is. I've said about it all the time, that I missed the beach so much. And there's only one place I can think of, Myrtle Beach Resorts, it's the closest destination to us.

Oceanfront Myrtle beach resorts is no doubt the number 1 beach destination in America because of it's beauty, warmth, attractions, and of course the great deals available too. I heard that during this winter season, many loves to visit Myrtle since they have these great activities tourist can enjoy. It's like summer fun at winter time! So anyway just check out beach resorts Myrtle beach if you want to plan your escapade there. As for me, guess I wouldn't stop bugging the husband to take the family to the beach soon. It'll be great, winks!

5 years ago!

OMG! this was me 5 years ago! I found this photo when i was checking on something and caught my attention haha. I was too skinny then when my fiance(husband) came to visit me. I just love this shot of me because of me so thin obviously am a.k.a slim "slash" sexy LOL compare me at present but am working on it though to loss some weight before we go back to PH one day soon. Am glad i found this picture because it gives me more motivation to make things possible that i will really gain my figure back or even just close to this!! I'll be strict and tough love on my self starting right now! So watch out girl friend! lol.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

road helpers

Packing your bags this holidays? Maybe you're off for a trip or short vacation, whatever your plans, you must check out some motorhome towing by Good Sam road assistance and RV. You know, just in case roadside emergencies arise, they're the right buddy to help. Might wanna keep their numbers handy so our joyrides can be fun and hassle free.


I just wanna thank Jenie for sharing me this award for mommies. Again appreciated it so much!
Am sharing this as well to all mothers i know here in blogesphere feel free to grab it!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Had a little chat

With an old friend recently and it's nice to know that he's now a family man already. It's been decades since I've heard something from him and his family. Now he has too kids and we talked about life insurance rates. According to him, he's kinda like skeptical about it but told him that it does have lots of benefits. You know, it pays to be prepared especially now that he's already a dad. Well, nice hearing from you again old fellow, lol!

No way!

That's the famous word for Kurdapyo right now, every time we ask him something that he doesn't like or doesn't want to do he does say "No way, i don't like it", (w/matching funny tone) lol! at first we kinda wondering where he got these words till i found out that it's from Go Diego Go, haha! He'll be 3 years old in march and he know so many things already it is so funny to hear him talking alone every time he is playing at his computer or in his playing room or even with us. He asks his self and answers him self with all this neat and funny words i swear. This time he's fond of jigsaw puzzles and i am surprised and amazed by him i tell you he can play alone after the first time teaching him you know. Oh am just so proud of my lil kurdapyo with all my heart! Am sure all mothers are proud of their kiddos right! Winks!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sail away!

Would you like travel in a cruise ship? Who wouldn't? Most of us probably consider it to be the ultimate vacation of a lifetime, something we longed for and dream about. The good news is there are now cheap cruises available, lots of great deals actually and you can search them online which makes it easier. With a little saving here and there, maybe soon you can pack your bags and sail away. This is something my mom's good friend experienced just this year. She and her family had a Caribbean cruise. They toured around Miami, Bahamas, and hopped by many other lovely spots. Their pictures painted so many words really, they surely had fun and unforgettable vacation.

I'm just wondering though, for people taking a cruise, what are their preparations for such trip? Is it the same with other vacations, like going to the beach or camping? From what I saw in the movies, cruise ships are often associated with parties, fireworks, shows, couples, and fun, fun, fun! Well I wish I can go for a cruise someday, with my loved ones of course. Who knows, as what I've said, it's getting affordable these days so it's not impossible anymore. What do you think?

Mellow Yellow Monday #48


It's Monday again time for MYM thingy, so heres my entry for the week! My son in a yellow wagon was taken last summer playing with his cousins. He truly loves outdoors fun well thats what kids do like! lol.

Girl power and Ski

I hate winter to be honest, but there's one thing I think would be impossible if not for this freezing cold weather and icy slopes. Ski, that is. I've never tried it though, and I don't think I can, lol! But many people especially during these season are off to their ski holidays. Since it's a group activity, as early as now, enthusiast across the world are starting to book already. They really want to participate and enjoy huh! But did you know that there's some kind of discrimination in this kind of sport? I'm talking about the Olympic Winter Games. It is the only activity that does not allow women to compete. But the fact is, women are very much capable of ski jumping, most of them even winning in international ski competitions.

Because of this, a petition is being raised to ask the International Olympic Committee to uphold the true spirit and intent of the Olympic Games to add women's ski jumping event for the coming 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Why not? I mean, it's a man's sport but ladies can definitely kick their butt don't they? Let's just hope for the best and watch the Olympics. By the way, let me ask, have you tried skiing? How does it felt like? I bet it's a total blast!

A mother is special.

She's as soft and graceful as a butterfly,

yet as strong and courageous as a grizzly bear.

Her heart is large enough to hold everyone's pain and joy.

Her hands are always gentle and soothing.

Her arms are always warm and tender.

She works hard to make a home feel like home,

and she strives to make life pleasant

and comfortable for those she loves.

She never fails to go that extra mile to

make the holidays happy and memorable.

Her job is the most difficult and

demanding ever known to any human being,

yet she's fully dedicated to the task.

She's always there for her family,

guiding them and keeping them safe from harm.

She owns a magical way to raise

spirits and make everything feel better.

And her sympathy, unselfishness

and forgiveness are unending.

All that anyone is or could ever hope to be

can be attributed to a mother.

She instills the teachings

that will last a lifetime.

She sows the seeds of virtue and morality,

and in the process, she opens up love

and vast horizons.

She's always watching and hoping that

her children's goals will have meaning.

She always listens and tries to understand

even when it's difficult to do so.

She's a true friend in every sense of the word.

She's noble and sublime,

and holds all the beauty of a golden day,

yet even during the storms,

she always shines bright like an evening star.

Her name should be honored well,

for she's the closest thing to God on earth.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's all in the book

Soon we're to say hello to 2010 and hopes it'll be a great year for us and our loved ones. But before the year ends, there's something I really want to do and accomplish. Nothing big though, I just want to make photobooks. Having lots of pictures from the old times and still counting, if I don't sort things out, sooner or later I'll probably lost some of them. So when I bumped into Photo Productions website, well, they have just what I wanted.

I learned that they design premium photobooks for different occasions like weddings, anniversaries, kids parties, etc. They have lots of beautiful designs and concepts to choose from, and yet very affordable. It's like going to professional photographers without the costly charge. It'll be nice to have our wedding albums done by them, for our kids pictures too. Isn't it neat? If you want to have a photobook of your wedding album and other precious moments too, just visit their user-friendly website and browse along. Wheeee! Hope I can have one soon, lol!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's see

I feel like baking something sweet, brownies maybe or some cheesecake, which is better? Men, I need to control my appetite and stick with my diet. But dang it's hard, am just human lol! Anyway, we need to fix something in our sink first, had clogged and dunno why. Better yet replace it with Toto sinks if the handy man can't fix it, saw some bargains the last time I checked it after all.


It was a very nice surprised this morning for me coz i saw my pr went up so happy to know that Mr. G consider me to be one of those millions who longing to goes up their PageRank! From 2 to 3, ohh am so satisfied about the improvement i hope this will last a lil longer so momshe can have a chance to be more productive when it comes to blogging! Check out your pr as well guys you might get surprise like i did! lol. wink!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wanted: Cash!

Wise men say only fools rush in, but you can't help it, you fell in-love and go head over hills with something. You end up buying it, even if it's way too much of your budget. I'm pretty sure a lot of us has been in the same situation and the option we can think of is payday loans. More now because the holidays is fast approaching and many people want to spread love and give gifts. But let's face it, applying for a loan and getting that extra cash can be stressful and sometimes a little embarrassing. Well, not if you ask help from good creditors like Fast Wire Cash. I bumped into their website and I think they can help a lot of people needing emergency cash. Their service is fast and easy, you can get your funds for just 3 simple steps. Really, no hassle after all!

Hmmm.. I was thinking of ways to save money actually, because like you, I'm also drooling over those great bargains at the mall right now. I'm eying for that one gorgeous purse I saw over there and if I allow myself to fall in-love with it, I will be needing extra money for sure, lol!

Before and After! lol

From long to shorter hair i finally convinced my husband to cut my hair shorter! I'm happy with the new look i've got right now i been in a long "slash" silky hair for 3years, lol! I just can't stand my long hair anymore so i decided to change a new hair style with bangs which is i believes it's the fabolous trends now a days so momshe juz going with the flaw. And the husband it self suggested to put some hightlights haha, why not for the better! So far so good. wink!

Build your world!

Having your own website brings a lot of benefits no doubt. It's like a door of so many opportunities and if you're serious in building and growing your world online, one great way to do so is through website builder. It is a tool, a complete package that helps you create a webpage and an online store that includes hosting, unlimited pages, SE submission, shopping cart, and more. In my part though, my websites or blogs serves as online diaries for me. Actually, I never thought that having a journal and writing my thoughts can be so cool. But apparently am enjoying every inch of it right now. It's like a door of so many opportunities being opened for me. I gained a lot of friendships through it, met many interesting people and learned new helpful stuff as well. And yes, I'm also earning good money due to having my own websites. That's not all there is! One thing I also like about it is that I get to keep all my precious things in one safe place. When you have your own site, all your pictures, journals, your interest, hobbies, collections, destinations, and the list goes on, all stored in one space. It'll be so nice to share it to friends and family, and even to the world. So if you're thinking of creating your own good spot in the Internet, don't think twice, start now and have a great time!

Mellow Yellow Monday #46

Thanks YMM again for another week of entry. I took a pic of our little handy man last Saturday his Daddy just got him a handyman's construction toys for him because whenever he sees his Dada working his tools he is so fascinating with it and we know it's dangerous for him yet so we glad we found this tools toys at Lowe's and without a second thought husband and him purchased it, he has this ear to ear smile when he saw it, lol! Surely kurdapyo is so cute on his attire! So momshe never miss to take a pic for her scrapbook.. wink!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

let it snow!

I used to dream of snow and winter when I was a kid. I imagined how nice it would be to play outside, throwing snow balls and making a snow man. That someday I'll learn how to ice skate and all that. But you know what? Right now, I totally had a changed of mind. I mean, I love watching snowflakes but I hate winter. Too cold for me, lol! It'll make me feel so lazy, sleepy, and the town is so boring, you all know what I mean.

But as an exception, winter months lets me experience one of the nicest things in life, fireplaces that is. I like the warmth it provides during colder months and the entire look of the house definitely changes when the fireplace is on. Very cozy and elegant. By the way, nowadays, there are different kinds of it already, not just the traditional looking ones. Electric fireplaces are getting famous especially to those who are living in smaller homes and have limited spaces. It also doesn't require a chimney and a gas line so it's simpler to use. There are also gas fireplaces, gel fuel fireplaces, or the classic wood fireplaces, it depends on your taste.

Sam's Club got all of these, I just gave them a visit actually. What about you? Do you like or dread winter???

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Talk to your babies

Talking to babies for at least 30 minutes daily can measurably increase their intelligence and language skills. Researchers studied 140 nine-month-old babies. Parents of half the group were advised on how best to talk to their babies, while the other half received no suggestions to do so. After seven years "the average intelligence of the (talked-to) group was a year and three months ahead of the other group," and their language skills were "very significantly higher," states the report. Researchers believes that parents today talk less to their babies than in the past because of major changes in society. For instance, more mothers go out to work, and televisions and computers have replaced conversation in many homes.