Saturday, April 28, 2012

Life without a Family Treat

Nevertheless to say to say that every one of us likes to go somewhere places as long as we can enjoy the sceneries, the food, and the ambiance. Certainly, all of us want to enjoy life to the fullest when we are with our family or relatives. Isn't it? Most people longing to have a stressed-free life from all those weary and exhausting work from the office. Imagine a life without that family indulgence? All days are spent on working at the office; going home and sleeping overnight then go back from the same set up. How you feel about that? Spending too much on the daily routines in life can cause people to be anxious and becoming bothered on those necessary things in life. Do not be surprise if your family feels it too. They think that you allows much time with your busy schedule than your time with them. Such impact can change the affection of the family. So why wait for that to happen! Take an action, do something before it is too late. Losing family quality time is a big no no, remember our family is the most important society so make sure we put plenty of time together with our love ones! So therefore, never let your life without a family treat. Wink!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My father’s friend

My father has a friend whose been paralyzed for several years already. His condition though doesn’t prevent him from becoming productive. His really got a string determination to move around even if he’s struggling to walk. He has an improvised walker but it’s not in good shape already. They’ve been thinking of getting one of those walkers for seniors that will really be of big help and is sturdier. Father said his friend is still waiting for his son to send the budget, though he’s pretty much excited to use his new mobility equipment.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Vow that Never Ends

Looking at the mirror, you guys can see everything that changes on your face and your body figure. While getting older, those wrinkles reveal and for others, gradual hair loss may be noticed. Advancing years for married couples really means getting older than they were before. For years of trial some, we can actually ask them: “How you guys value your vow?”

We probably know from our grandfather and our grandmother what they’ve been when they are still young. Perhaps their love for each other as husband and wife grows more and more ‘til they got aged. Even if they still continue worrying themselves with the happiness and safety of their seedlings, but one thing for sure is that they feel the affection for each other until their children reaches adulthood. This stage is difficult since this is the first reminder that they are getting old. So as not to feel lonely, some aged couples tend to try exercise activities, having fun with their friends and going to some places for date. Truly, we can say that those married lover can still continue loving each other even if there were troubled times. For them, thinking that the vow they pleaded shall never ends until they are lifeless.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Parenting – A challenging Role

Nowadays rearing children is a formidable task. Although there are some who succeed but sad to say some did not. We know that it is a joy beyond compare when a parent received a precious gift, those cute and cuddly children. Actually it really depends on the parents if they want dozens of kiddos as they want but they will have to prepare also dozens of responsibilities.

The most challenging part of it is training them while they are still young. A mother’s embrace on the kid and talking to it filling its emotional needs is very vital and essential. A close relation to the kid between parents is also important so that it can be easy for them to train their kid while it is young. Of course, parent should give the necessary need of the child but not all what the child wants. It is also good to teach the kid a little reading because in that way he/she will be able to read before entering school. This will develop the child’s brain in preparation for the years of education. Guiding them never stops until they reach the age when they say: “Mom and dad, I’ve learned a lot, thank you! It is the reward from all the challenges of being a parent. I am so grateful to have two kids they're our joy and our life, we couldn't imagine how our lives going to be without them with it!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Color me playhouse for kids

Let our kids be imaginative! This discovery play house for kids is very creative way to let them wonder their curious minds. I think it's fun seeing my kiddos assembling (with Dada's help), coloring and playing looks like they are both having fun as well us parents. Keeps them busy and never get bored because the cardboard house is a pretty good size for them to really feel like they have their own tiny house, they can stay inside playing and coloring the outside. Also great for sleep overs and play dates with friends. Don't miss this to get for your kids! Wink!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Time fly by so fast before we knew it our kids our grown up already. Spring time is here time for the mom to get busy sorting out their clothes putting away all those winter stuff finally was done and get ready for shopping to their summer clothes. I was in my online store today and i couldn't stop drooling all those cute dresses for my girl she deserves to have some new cute once because she's being a good girl to us also the big brother. Both will be rewarded for being such a wonderful children. Moreover, my boy will start his school this year so we are looking forward about it we are all excited. Can not wait he can read now and we are so happy for him. Proud parents! Wink.

Looking forward to some good music and food

Once in a while it’s nice to just relax, unwind, and listen to good music. It’s been a busy first quarter of the year in the office, and everybody is waiting for it to be over. Actually, it’s just right at the corner. Tax time is almost over, though there is still much to be done but definitely it’s not going to be so hectic. Anyway, it’s been a tradition to wrap things up by having a dinner together with all the staff and their families. They have this favorite restaurant with good food and beautiful music. I’m a fan of the one playing the Cort Bass and I must say he plays so well, I just can’t help but cheer for him. I really admire people who can play an instrument, they’re amazing! Anyway, excited here and looking forward to food and a lot of good music.

Makeover that kitchen

There are many reasons why many today remodels the look of their kitchen. For example, if you are to sell your house, a nice and functional kitchen will increase its market value. A makeover can also mean getting rid of old stuff and replacing it with those energy efficient products. It will make cooking a more exciting experience as well. If you’re considering a kitchen makeover, kitchen remodeling raleigh can inspire you to do just so. Looking at their picture gallery, I must say their job is impressive. Kitchen is probably the most important part of the house and it’s certainly nice to change its look once in a while.

Her Drawing

The little girl also draws! She always imitate her big brother, she's his little side kick whatever her brother does she has to do it as well. The picture is her favorite drawing all the time she drew every faces as what she said. This one is really hilarious because she said this is Carol, Dada's co-workmate, lol. we can't stop laughing when she said the lines on the forehead is her wrinkles carol is teasing her and frowning at her! LOL. Baby girl''s reaction was priceless and very funny! They're surprised for a 3 year old says that. :))

On Myoripped

It’s not that hard to go for a serious weight loss program considering there are so many products that claims to work wonders. For instance, MyoRipped promises to stimulate muscle growth while getting rid of fat. It may well be a safe and effective product but before grabbing your first bottle, it pays to know what are the ingredients, how it works and the possible myoripped side effects . Well, if we get to read feedbacks, many attest that it is really an effective product. However, it is not recommended for those just wanting to shed few pounds, women and those under the age of 18 because it has an advanced formula. It is good for those wanting to really build muscles.

Friday, April 13, 2012


What I Love Most About My Home Is Who I Share It With..

I just love this shot! A captured moment of my beloveds. They're my joy, my life, my home. Need I say more? It's Friday, have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Primping for Childbirth

Social media are suffering how mothers announce that they have given birth. While their grandmothers sent telegrams, new moms are sharing the happy news through the internet. The announcement often includes photographs of mother and child soon after birth. The new generation of appearance-conscious women are thus having prenatal beauty treatments, including facials, manicures, and pedicures. Some will even arrange to have a hairdresser accompany them to the hospital. Why? To look good for the day of their delivery!

I think those gestures are way to overboard. It's normal if we love to announce a childbirth but it should be done with modesty in mind. Though I have nothing against such things but I still prefer the old-fashioned way. The world need not know about everything, only those people who really matters.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Got it today

Was looking for nady microphones when I heard someone rung the doorbell. So I hastily went outside and saw the delivery guy. He definitely made me smile! It was today we got the package, that was quick. It's the tablet the husband bought for who else? Lol! I'm so happy! It's wider than I thought but it works perfectly fine. I still haven't check the apps installed though. The litte boy will surely like it because it has lots of games and educational materials in it. I'd like to download something like a virtual guitar or piano in it as well. It'll be nice if the kids will be musically inclined isn't it? Alright, getting late. Time to say goodnight and sweet dreams.

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