Monday, December 29, 2008

He will like this!

I just loved to get something for husband, one of it are ties. It's just a necktie but no men don't own ties right! that's one of the things they should have period. He have bunch of neckties in our closet some are the skinny ones and others are already old and several are the fashion trends now a days. Thought i need to get him an additional collection to his closet like this one on top, the silk ties are very popular ever since. I found it at online store that is in very reasonable price and big discounts. So I am planning to purchase a couple soon.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just me!

This is me just recently being 23weeks and 5days preggy belly. I know i look big already! I bet she is a big baby too like his kuya. He was an 8.5lbs baby when i delivered him, one thing why i went through to CS you know. By now i can really feel her kicks and moves everyday and it feels so great when something moving inside your womb. I can't wait to hold her soon. My in laws are getting stuff ready already, the dresses and everything. I told them not to let me see what they've got for her because i just wanted to be surprise! Gushh, i started to gain a lot of weight now and i am trying my best not to get so huge by eating and munching anything!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The bed is so comfy!

I am talking about our bed, before the husband was complaining about his back aching when he gets up in the morning so we made a decision to get a comfy bed for us. Right now we are so happy that the bed we have helped him a lot. I bet if you are experiencing it too, i guess its about time to check if its something to do with your bed! Here you can find wide selections of sleep number bed with different adjustable and comfortable as it please you. With number of discounted beds around. More info just kindly visit the site for your self!

Big Brother soon!

My son is so ready to become a big brother! We are all confident that he will be a good big bro to his lil sister as you can see in the pic! We already telling him as early as right now that mommy is giving him a baby sister soon and he is just the sweetest thing. When he sees a baby doll since we taught him already, he will trying to feed the baby with the bottle and put shoes on and then hug it and stuff like that! He keeps saying baby, baby, baby! Then when he hears baby's crying he is so sympathetic lil fellow, he will also reacting! I can't wait to see them together soon. I know our house will be a wreck with all toys and everything but it's all worth it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Asian forum

There' a saying that "there is no place like home"... this is true, when you are away from home you really going to miss everything about that place especially your friends, family and your culture. I am from the Philippines, and now living in United States. I am happy to meet and talk to my fellow Asian whenever we see each other we always greet and talk about our place. Anyway, I found an online forum that provides for Asians to meet and chat. Not to mention it's a Free Asian Chat, so your access is absolutely free. Asian of all ages, this is the perfect forum for all of us meet new friends and chat about interested things and more! Visit the site.

23 weeks!

This morning was my visit to the doctor and i am exactly 23 weeks pregnant. I am so glad my pregnancy is healthy; he said baby is growing good as it should be and likewise the sexy mom is fine haha! My blood sugar is exactly good, I'm immune to certain type of disease the German measles, i'm not anemic in short i'm doing fine. Then most importantly the baby, everything looks normal by the ultrasound findings! I thank Jah for it! i always pray that my pregnancy will be as good as the first one. Although right now is kind of different when it comes to my eating habit, before i ate about everything no wonder my son is not finicky kid, but right now i am quite picky of what to eat because i don't want to gain a lot of weight! i am aware of it already the more you crave the more you and the baby get big! Not gonna happen again!! i'm determining to just take easy with my appetite. So, so far so good!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Medifast Diets

Maintaining your diet plan can be very hard specially during holidays. The over-flowing food and desserts you just couldn't resist! I bet we want to get back on our diet routine and start the year as sexy as we can be, lol! Many would enroll themselves in the gym and be physically active. Others would take diet pills to slim down easily, but I really do believe that the safest and most effective way diet combined with exercise. Did you know that there is a meal-delivery service available for you today? I'm talking about medifast, a service that caters all the benefits of a professional chef, nutritionist an shopper. A meal replacement plan that is high in protein brought directly at your home!

Imagine when you don't have to worry about your meal for the day! You can be sure that it's safe, healthy, and of course yummy. It includes shakes, bars, soups, puddings, and more! Lose up to 20 pounds the first month of your meal plan for Medifast meal is specially created for each and every unique individual, depending on his/her dietary needs, even diabetics can try it! Why not try Medifast yourself? This might be the answer to your worries about your figure and health. Check out the site now for more details!

Loves Ketchup!

I am talking about my son, i don't know why he loves ketchup so much. He eats about everything, not a finicky type of toddler but of course there's a moment that he doesn't feel eating yet as long there's ketchup on it oh he will pick it to the bone symbolically speaking you know. He won't take no for ketchup! whatever food i give him with ketchup's he will eat it. I am glad though i can sneak out with his food. LOL! I think that's a kid thing they love the taste of the ketchup because his cousin also eats anything and everything with it. So mommy if your toddler being picky sometimes try it maybe it works for you also!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nice Gift!

What is a nice reward for yourself? For all the hard work and sacrifices you've done, you deserve nothing but special. It's not a sin pampering ourselves sometimes, and it always feels good to make other people feel special too. What am I talking about? Well, I was just thinking to get something for my husband... a luxury watch, lol! And to be honest, I'm really fond of collecting watches, fancy and fashionable ones. But I'm really thinking to buy something more special, like a corum online watch since he is mentioning me about getting a new watch, i wanted to surprise him. Anyway, Corum watches are beautiful and elegant, I would love to get even just a single one for my the husband,lol!

By the way, are you looking for luxury watches like Corum and its collection from Corum Bubble, admiral's cup, padlock,pyramid, buckingham, etc.? Or other brands like Cartier, Ebel, Gucci, Patek Philippe, Bvlgari, and more? Visit and find your dream luxury watch! Hey! all the watches here are genuine and authenticated with serial numbers plus a 2-year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. And right now, they are having a clearance sale up to 80% off on different brands. Imagine, you can have that dream luxury watch in lesser price! Check it out now. Oh! I can't wait to get one watch, lol!

Terrible Two's

I am talking about my son he is turning 2years old really soon and i admit he is getting hyper and more curious of everything. He loves to get into things, mess up our things here and there, where he goes as if there's a twister passed by! he likes to pull things around from books in the shelves and my buting-buting in the house. That's why the ones he can reach are now gone i keep it in safe area, guess i have to wait till the time when he is old enough to put things in the exact places! now i know why parents says welcome to your terrible two's. Most of the time they are fun but sometimes they are terrible also!!! Welcome to parenthood in short!

Online forum for christians

I came across to this forum for christian people worldwide where in you can have Christian Chat and meet new people and talks about anything and everything under the sun with your interest and beliefs. This site is really dedicated to Christians men and women. The Signup is 100% free membership, and starts to enjoy viewing and communicating with all of the users on the website! So, if interested just visit the site and have a great time for 100% free!


I am a busy bee today I've done most of my left behind chores. My laziness strikes me since Monday and just today i have the guts to get off of my butt and work around the house. I am glad to finished putting clothes away from last week laundries! haha. Then good me i mop the floor and did dusting... phewwww! Then just doing laundry again right now good thing my son is cooperating, just happy watching his Elmo movies. I'm happy I did bunch of chores today can't believed it! Well, i have to do it otherwise no one will do it for me!! it's part of being married and away from my parents! hehe. Wish they were here with me!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hotels in Vegas

Undeniably, Las Vegas is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Thousands of people flock to the city to experience the fun-filled life in Vegas. Special events are also held there, you may want to witness it too! If so, relax yourself in one of the many beautiful hotels in Las Vegas. allows you to search for the finest hotel in las vegas. But you don't have to worry, their rates are excellent and the prices are reasonable.
What are you waiting for? Las Vegas is waiting for you!

Redo my OBGYN app.

Supposedly this morning we will go to my OBGYN's appointment for my third visit, but we postponed it due to the reason it is really cold and raining here right now. It says all week we will get heavy rains. Grrrrr! this cold weather this time really hits me so bad. I don't like to go outside. And i have mood swing too, i can't help i guess part of being pregnant. So the appointment will redo next week. Another thing is i really need to get done the very most important thing right now otherwise I'll be in big trouble. Ohh i can't wait winter time will be over!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am so looking forward!

Remember I told you about my plans of losing weight. I'm having a low fat, more vegetables and fruits diet, less carbohydrates too. And since I'm really serious with this goal, I looked for some information's about weight loss supplements. I read some weight loss pill reviews and got great advice from the weight loss experts. Well, if we really want to get the safest and most satisfying results, we must take only the weight loss supplement that's best for us.

PhotoHunt: My favorite flower!

Theme of Photohunt this weak is "favorite". This is what i can share, Roses they're my favorite flower of all time. I like them all but the red roses stands out among the others. Husband really planted several roses in our yard so i can just glance anytime i wanted! can't wait again next year that all my roses will bloom. This shots just took last summer.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wanting to go to Vegas

During the dream match of Pacquiao and Dela Hoya in Las Vegas, many individuals all over the U.S flocked into Las Vegas to watched it live! Even those from the Philippines and Mexico flew all the way to witness the grand fight. Perhaps they took the time to enjoy, relax and have that Vegas vacations. Who does not want to go to this fabulous city? Las Vegas is definitely worth everyone's visit. I wish I can go there someday.

15 years ago!

That was us 15 years ago! We're all innocent and so young. Was me in the right the lady in pink with white headband and bangs! LOL. I used to have bangs in my elementary years up to mid high school. This was taken during our district assembly. The girls from left, they're sisters and the two beside me and the lil girl in the left are siblings too. Then the lil girly in the right is my cousin who is now 20 years old! I love seeing and reminiscing everything from my past, it so inspiring how we become right now and achieved our dreams.

My Goal...

As soon as I will give birth to our second baby, I promise to myself that I will lose weight, do exercise and have a diet plan. I really want to atleast shed of that extra pounds and be fitter. I'm also thinking to take some diet pills. But of course, I will be careful in choosing the best diet pills among the hundreds of diet pills in the market. Reading some reviews about which diet pills give the best and the safest result thus help a lot. Oh well, it's a goal I'm determined to do. Go! Go! Go!


My goodness hard to accept but i am 28 years old today! as if when i just turn 18 hahah kidding aside! Well, time flown by so fast. We can't deny we are getting older sooner and later. I didn't think about it when i did a post and saw the date ohhhh! it's my birth date and i am turning sweet 28! I wonder where hubby bring me tonight? hmmm... secret! but actually we don't celebrate birth days. Well, 2 more years to go I'll be starting in my 30's. My goodness! tigulang na jud! seriously it doesn't bother me my age as long you are in good health and maintain your positive outlook in life, you will feel 10years younger then.

Indemand Job!

Apparently, one of the most in demand field now a days is nursing. Young ones are encourage to take up this course for it means more and better opportunity for them. In fact, those who are graduates already and even registered nurses already are still pursuing to take their knowledge to the next level. Xaint Xavier University is an online school of nursing. They offer top of the edge course with online Master of Science in Nursing or MS nursing Clinical Nurse Leader degree.

For those who are interested, visit them online for more information. Who know, your success are just clicks away!

Pouring Rain!

OMG! The weather report issue a blood watches all day today because of the rain pouring out so bad. The bad thing is... its raining bad and the temperature is in 30's pretty cold huh! Hubby told me everything, he woke up early and turns the TV in weather channel it says expect it all day. So we need to get some groceries then what if we get blood here my goodness! But he said this area doesn't get as bad as the others. I just hope so! I am checking the weather every now and then and see where the radar is heading... Oh this is going to be bad! What a yucky day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

lovely gifts!

During this season, people are becoming more generous and giving than ever before. I don't celebrate Christmas because of religious beliefs, but I see so many individuals going to gift shops, bazaars, malls and doing their shopping. Perhaps they are preparing their gifts to their loved ones. They are also busy preparing the things they need like flowers and etc. They plan to have a dinner together with the whole family and friends, a perfect bonding for everyone. offers the widest selection of beautiful flowers and centerpieces for any occasion. What they have now is the Christmas gift basket. Choose from fruit baskets, gourmet food baskets, and wine and cheese baskets. There are also flowers and souvenirs available for all occasions. What I'm looking forward right now is the coming baby shower party. Friends and family are throwing something special for our second baby, I'm truly excited. Baby gift baskets, personalized baby stuff, and of course flowers for mom and cheesecakes for dad are beautiful, they make the recipient happy.

Whatever the occasion is, it's always a matter of making the ones you loved feel special and remembered. With gifts from the heart and moments of togetherness, it'll surely make everyones heart glad.

Got this for me!

Honestly, I was so bored earlier and not so in the mood to do blogging because my son isn't feeling good since yesterday colds really caught him this time. Anyway, i want to feel better despite everything, i was tired and sleepy i don't have much sleep last night. I open my emails and deleted all my junk mails but my online shopping store sent me a free shipping. So i did and found me a nice kimono shirt. I thought this will look good to wear with my growing belly! Plus i really purchased it because i read good reviews on this shirt and one thing its on sale! I ordered the green/white but i think i'm going to get the yellow too sooner! yepey i got another good price from them! Now i feel much better...winkz! Can't wait to arrive.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Find your Ideal Match!

Do you believe in match made in heaven? Well I do! When I was still single, I'd pray that I'll meet my perfect match. And I did! How about you? Are you single and wanting to find that perfect match? An online Local Dating site allows users to browse thousand of profiles to find their local match. Believe me, it will be so much fun and beautiful when you find the right one for you. Wink! Check it out and happy searching!


My father in law gave us a restaurant gift card good for 2 years, it starts this month of December till December of 2010! An agent came in his office earlier and offer him the card then he got one of each for his employees. Actually the card is half pay, you are just paying one person and the other one is FREE, at least we save some bucks! I'm happy because I liked this restaurant, hubby, Bebe and I usually go there because they have huge buffet and all western food. So, we had our dinner there awhile ago and placed the card haha! Thanks dad!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

renewing our car insurance

Husband and I were shocked to found out about our car insurance. About his truck insurance, goodness! It has expired since last February but we only knew about it just last week. We all know about the disadvantages of not having a car insurance, so we really need to renew it. As of now, we needed to call the agent about the renewal of papers and documents, good thing we are getting help from the professionals. it will be so stressful and sure problems will arise if we didn't get to fix our auto insurance as soon as possible.

Reading to Newborn Babies Beneficial

Reading to young children has such a powerful impact on the rest of their lives that experts now recommend parents begin doing so when their babies are just hours old," says The Toronto Star. Dr. Richard Goldbloom, who two years ago spearheaded the first newborn literacy program in Canada, says: "One of the things we’ve learned and observed is that when you do read to a baby, they really pay attention from very early infancy. They are listening." Research indicates that just giving books to children from a very early age improves their vocabulary and reading skills. According to the newspaper, "the point is not to force toddlers to learn to read, but to expose them to both quality and quantity of language so they can acquire vocabulary and letter and sound recognition—and, eventually, actual reading skills."

Saturday, December 6, 2008


The PhotoHunt theme for this week is 'breakfast'. I loved eating fruits for breakfast especially i am pregnant now. Early morning i just have any kind of fruits especially bananas, grapes, berries and mangoes if we have... just timely i bought a papaya in whole food store 2weeks ago! it's not really everytime i can find tasty papaya unlike in the philippines i used to eat all the time, dad's always buy papaya! Anyways, this was so sweet isn't enough for me wish i buy more! so i took a quick shot for souvenir...LOL! And whenever i feel hungry again, then that's it i will take breakfast anything i could find in my kitchen haha!

Friday, December 5, 2008

I miss our Aquarium!

~ I liked this fish~
I've always been a pet lover. We have our dogs and cat, we also even have chickens and pigs, lol! But that was back in the Philippines, it's kinda different here in the U.S for I can only choose one pet to take care of. I wanted a dog or a cat, but husband doesn't like it so much. He prefers to have a huge aquarium with lots of fish in it. And so we did! We had quite a number of platters and corals but sad to say, they all died. I really want to have the aquarium back, it gives us a sense of calmness, very refreshing, and yet fish are not that hard to take care of. Right now, we are looking for some saltwater fish like angelfish, butterflyfish, and nemo! I mean clown fish. We also want some live corals to decorate the aquarium, to make it as real as possible. Anemoes and live corals are beautiful and breathtaking, the fish will love it, lol!Anyway, do you also want to have your aquarium? I know a site that sells a wide variety of exotic salt water fish, invertebrates, rare corals and so much more! This online superstore, gives discounts and gift certificates. They also provide free shipping for over $220 purchase. We really plan to buy saltwater fish from them. And I"m really so excited to have our aquarium back! How about you? Check out the links now!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mr. Cool Dude


My son look so big boy here! he just turn 20 months, and he learn so many things already. I can't believe that i have a toddler now who's so hyper and jolly. Very curious and silly! This is just one of the funny acts he make through the day with me at home while Dada is working! and just loved captioning him! The other day he saw his eyeshades just put it on and jumped in his bike! haha..