Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Talking about

RV trailers right here right now, lol! I just saw it in American movies before and thought it's cool. It really is, I mean when we went to Alabama last year, I saw several folks traveling with their RV, it's like their home at the road. Anyway, I'll be sharing a website wherein people with RV can sell their used travel trailers, post it for free and reach possible buyers easily. Wish we could have one someday because that is always husband's thought to own one. Well, it's just nice to think about you know. Anyway, just follow the link and you'll be redirected, winks!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #62


Here's my Mellow Yellow Monday entry for this week. The Thorn among the roses, haha! i took this last week when they had their play time outdoors while the weather is warm and cool. Kurdapyo is the only boy in our family and his cousins adored him so much and they love them to the highest level. I love this picture so much also!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fix it or buy it!

Am talking about my laptop, lately its been active really weird and so annoying the server run so slow but i tried to tolerate it for several days not until last night i had enough with my laptop i thought of throwing it literally, lol! Anyway, husband is to the rescue i asked him to fix it on the spot otherwise am requesting him to buy a new one instead. Well, i saw some great deal of hp desktop computers and laptops in my online store the other day. So i said "bebe, either you fix it or buy it one way or another he needs to do something because it effects my blogging career and my facebook game you know...LOL! It is so irritating when you are in the middle of something and then it's just suddenly hang on you! Ughhhhh i can't stand that. But when i wake up this morning, was so glad and of course thankful for husband my laptop is all back to normal way fast and healed! It so nice i have my personal computer doctor at all time. Wink!

Monday, March 22, 2010

You Know You're a Mom When:

1. You count the sprinkles on each kid's cupcake to make sure they're equal.
2. You find yourself cutting your husbands' sandwiches into cute shapes.
3. You can't bear to give away baby clothes - it's so final.
4. You hear your mother's voice coming out of your mouth when you say, "NOT in your good clothes!"
5. You stop criticizing the way your mother raised you.
6. You hire a sitter because you have't been out with your husband in ages, then spend half the night checking on the kids.
7. You say at least once a day, "I'm not cut out for this job", but you know you wouldn't trade it for anything

Xoxo funny and true... To all the mums in the house, stay pretty as we can be.. lol! AJA!

Do you own a car?

If you do, you know it's not that easy to maintain it, to keep it looking new and performing well. What I mean is even if I only knew few things about cars but seeing the husband tweaking and tuning it, surely it's a big deal. Now talking about vehicles, let me just share this helpful link wherein you can easy look for unbiased repair estimates, ratings and reviews, and expert advice on auto repair. You know, in case that vehicle of yours messes up and you need professional help. It doesn't even matter where you are for just a few clicks you can find hundreds of auto shops in their database. Chicago auto repair, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, all over.

They also cater every car model like Toyota Corolla, Honda, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, name it! So when you need to fix those water pump, spark plug, engine, or whatever it is, just give them a visit. I better add RepairPal's link to my favorites, who knows we might need their help someday. Anyway, it's Monday once again. May we all have a nice and fruitful week ahead. See you around mommies and everyone else. Winks!

xo cute!!!

Just hopping through multiple sites and found this cute little page full of cute little things and happy little thoughts, lol! Anyway, am going to share a poem from Barbara Burrow, it's so sweet. Mums and dads, our little ones can really see if we love each other, how? Read on... lol!

Daddy loves Mommy

"Daddy loves Mommy."
"How do you know?"
"This morning I heard him telling her so.
She was out in the kitchen and Daddy came down
And swooped her up and swung her around.
That's when he said it - and Mommy smiled
And Daddy held her a long, long while,
That's how I know for certain it's true
That Daddy loves Mommy."
"I'm glad."
"Me, too."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Found while browsing

Here i am browsing some men's clothing for my husband to wear on our up coming memorial celebration of Christ death and i promised to get him a new suit. So the wifey is now obligated to buy one, lol! But first i need to find something that i like and of course in great deal you know. I found several online stores to choose from i might get at JCPenny, Sears or Overstock. In the other notes i've found another interesting online store to shop you know they have urban clothing for men and women even for boys and girls stuff. I browsed their site and i tell you they have the nice trendy and stylish outfits ever. They have cute dresses and tops also.... hmmm for me! lol. I'll better add this to my favorites so it is easy for me to access later when am ready to shop. Wink!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lechon Kawali

Wanted lechon kawali so bad... this is what i am craving today! ughhh. Too bad i don't have the rest of the ingredients to make this crispy thing here but i can share it to you how to make the crunchy juicy heavenly yummy lechon kawali in the neighborhood...haha! Don't forget to accompanied it with the delicious gravy and a tasty pickled salad you like. Hmmmm... goodness!

LECHON KAWALI(crispy pork)

you'll need:
2.2 lbs pork(side bacon with rind)
4 cups water
salt to taste
4 cups cooking oil

how to:
combine pork, water, and salt in a saucepan. bring to boil. lower the heat and simmer until pork is tender. drain the pork and cool. prick skin with fork and rub with salt. leave in colander to dry for one hour. heat cooking oil in a deep fryer. fry pork until golden brown and crispy. cut into serving pieces and serve with gravy.


Have you?

Heard about relacore? If you're into losing weight then maybe you already did, even tried it. But maybe you were also disappointed because lots of their promises were not true. That's why they were even sued by FTC because of false advertising. Relacore may help fight stress but not for losing weight. However, there are still diet products that are effective and safe, you just got to do a little research.

Looking @ the sky on Friday

Oh i missed the Friday meme yesterday but is not too late yet to join my entry for this week! Here's my looking @ the sky, this was taken going to our trip to DC last year of fall. We had out pit stop for a lil bit for stretching those muscles so momshe took the moment to capture the over looking of Tennessee! The sky was so white and blue... pretty cool!

Not just

Eye creams for mama but for my cousin too. I mean, for him what he needs would be the best acne products. My cousin has pimples, it started during his teenage years and until now no solution seems to work out well. Now I have to drop by at the beauty store later to get one or more. Looks like my loved ones need some makeover. If that's the case, I also need to send home some makeups for sure, lol! I know our appearance is really important now adays so we need to take good care of it..wink!


HI! This is unusual for momishe to be here so early in the morning...haha! But my brain is malfunction to go back to sleep after my baby girl and I wakes up 2 hours ago luckily she's back to her beauty sleep while the momi is wide awake and doing some blogging right now! For some reason even though i keep yawning i hardly can't go back to bed i prefer to just come here and sit and write i guess this is fine because my brain is still fresh there's no inter acting from the lil ones yet sure kids are hyper and they drive me crazy at! Anyway, even I'm an early bird today at least i did my tasks and sure for reward! Wink!

Good morning Mommies out there and your Kiddos! Happy Weekend to us!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

check this out for free!

I've reach my goal of acquiring a page rank for my blog, and happy that I was able to maintain it for some time now. A lot of patience is needed and of course I owe it to all my online friends too. Right now, I'm thinking of another goal, that is to rank first among search engines. Good news cause I found free seo tools that can help me do this. Yeah, it's free and there's more! This is really the best way to do if you want to be in top search engine in the web. So guys, let's start building our website. Have fun!

Replica purses!

Am so serious with my handbags business right now, it's been 2mos already since i first started my collection of fashionable purses. Right now am happy to let buyers know that am as well dealing with replica handbags ( the most closer to the authentic designers made purses in the planet). The price is so affordable unlike others you can get from 70- 100 usd but am giving lesser than that. These are the samples of the replica, coach in particular we also have LV, Burk, fendi, Chloe, Gucci and more. so feel free to ask if you are interested.

bugging me with it..

Are you happy with your height? My cousin isn't! She stands four feet 8 inches, indeed a small yet pretty young lady. But every time we chat, she ask me to send her some hgh spray, the latest innovation in human growth hormone. According to her, it's more effective because the body absorbs it quickly and efficiently. Seems like she did her research, lol! That's how serious my cousin is when it comes to getting taller. She's determine to get the growth hormones she's telling me.

Sotanghon soup for lunch

Am in mood for it today so i didn't waist my time to cook while waiting for lunch time i started gathering the ingredients before 10am earlier and boiled the chicken while i was doing my other chores so that everything goes ready time to cook the chicken sotanghon soup,lol! I also thought it would good to partner it with biscotti ( days old bread, slice it thinly, brush em with margarine with a lil white sugar on it then baked it until it's brownish and crunchy enough) Filipino word to it is BISCOCHO! It remind me of my dad, he always handful of plastic whenever he get home from work. So right now am enjoying my lunch.... lets eat ya'll! lol.

i need some..

Hey guys, need your help! Does anyone of you know where can I have my door hangers printed? I wanna advertise my small business which started just last month and am thinking of ways to do it. A big banner along our gate is a nice idea isn't it? I can also hang some in the office so that more people can see. Sounds like I'm serious with my business nowadays huh!? Yeah, gotta strike while the iron is hot, haha! Anyway, thanks in advance for your help!

Round - Thursday Challenge

It's a man made wood something... haha! Honestly i don't know what it is though it's timely for this week theme's challenge ROUND! lol.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you really need this cousin?

I told you about my hunt for the safest, most effective HGH supplement right? I came across, a website dedicated in providing unbiased and up-to-date product reviews for customers. Nice, I now have an idea on the highest-rated human growth hormones. But to be honest, I strongly believe my cousin doesn't need this. We love her the way she is, after all, her height is her trademark.

Suffering Online

Online community websites allow people to established relationship with a number of strangers via the internet and reportedly to feel more popular. Such sites are also "paradise for liars," busybodies, and the prejudiced, says a magazine. Some site users fake their own profiles. Others bully those who are overweight, are short, have frizzy hair, and so on, causing them great emotional pain. According to a psychologist, this occurs because what happens on websites is more important to the victims than what happens in the daily life.

Don't you agree? Websites are supposed to be a place of knowing and befriending people, and meeting up with friends. But apparently, it also became a place of gangsters. Take for example, hmmm... never mind, lol! I promote world peace. Bottom line is, we must be careful in dealing with our online friends. To learn when to draw the line, you know. Well, I'm just glad I have the best online friends in the world, winks!

In the mail

I couldn't believe the other day i got a package in the mailbox! guess what it is? Some free sample of cigars! lol. I Didn't remember that i did a survey for cigars and stuff like that but i still got one. It said if i purchase i will get 10% discount in my first order and free shipping because they have the cheap cigars you could ever buy in the market today! Well, I don't care about it because first in foremost no one in the family do smoke and that's against our religion. Well if somebody of my visitors do smoke i guess you can buy from them haha! But always remember smoking is dangerous to our health so its your choice! Wink.

Tagalog movies

Hi fellow pinay! how are you guys doing? Well, i just wanna share something with you if you are bored or want to watch Tagalog movies you can now watch them in just a click away to name a few like mano po, blue moon or even your favorites old time movies you can watch it here. Actually am so glad and thankful to my cousin who shared this to me because i can manage my time not to log in facebook all the time which i was hooked for awhile. Yes surely facebook is an addicting habbit for many individuals, lol! Oh well, if you want to switch your spare time to watch Filipino movies and stuff you can just do it here! All the latest movies in our country is mostly uploaded here all types of movies from action, comedy, drama to romance and more!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Question for parents

Parents, are your children safe at home? We should do well to ask ourselves because even common household items can present danger especially to our young ones. There's this article I've read about home accidents statistics and the data shows that tragic things happen everyday. For example, the cabinet where we put our medications. Kids see these pills as yummy candies. Also the cleaning products such as detergents, we really should keep it out of reach. But you know, kids are curious so the best solution would have to be baby proofing our home. When I gave birth to my eldest, we put baby gates along the hallway. This Child Safety Gates is so important especially when the babies start to crawl already. Then we put drawer locks, bed rails, electrical safety, and others too.

Speaking of child safety stuff, glad we found it all at KidSafe home safety products at They have the wildest, nicest quality items, and of course affordable rates, for everything you need to safety your home. I bet you already tried checking them. Tell me, aren't they great?

Mellow Yellow Monday #59


My 11 month old girl sure a daredevil lil! she's trying to play her brother's tricycle really hard and she is brave enough to ride on it! I was freaking out that moment...whew! Her milestone is doing great now she can stand up and one step forward by her self!

Friday, March 5, 2010


As i mentioned in my recent post that we're planning to send a desktop computer to my family in Philippines but before that husband need to upgrade few things on the computer especially the system memory thing of it and that's the very request of my sister upgrading the Pc because it is the best ways to improve the speed and performance you know she needs high speed as possible because of our job and also she like to download and play herfavorite games. I guess will check it in they have all kinds of things over there am sure they have it!

Looking @ the sky on Friday

We had a fun joy ride one Sunday afternoon and while husband focusing on the roads am as well taking pictures here and there and ofcourse never miss the sky for my future use! lol.

Looking for...

Insurance?? this is very common question now adays being insured is the best way to feel secure for you and your family when in the time of needs. Well, is here to help individuals looking for their right term insurance policy that suit their budget. In a matter of minutes their comprehensive online quoting will guide you all the way until you find the right quote for you. So check it out guys this may help you, you never know!