Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Morning walk at the beach

Kids haven't been sick lately until we went to Tennessee two (2) weeks ago. Unfortunately Mr.colds caught them there! Probably from tree pollen allergy reaction or they got it around the corner you know, we learned the state has the worst common colds and flu virus going on around. At first we thought, its only my son's pollen allergy however his lil sister got the colds too so i suspect its more than that. Glad we're back to sunshine state and they're getting better everyday with the help of colds medicines. We also thought would be nice to take them to the ocean early morning to get some fresh air (ocean breeze is good when u have colds or flu, it opens your nasal cavity and congestion) of course get some sunshine (morning sunlight has the healing rays for individual who doesn't feel good) I believed it's vitamin D. 

So anyway, last Sunday morning we headed to the ocean boardwalk just 15 minutes drive from home. We walked for 45 minutes from end to end of the boardwalk then going back where we starts. Twas a great feeling afterwards. We're all energized and refresh! Kids had fun along the way. We stopped for rests few time here and there with over looking the waves and sands. I am busy taking pictures while strolling. We planned of doing this routine most often on the weekend. It was our longest walking experienced ever lately! We enjoyed though.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

He is losing tooth

My son who just turn 6 last month is losing his tooth for the first time. We are looking forward to that however that tells us he is growing up, Yikes! I must admit i just want him to be my baby forever but of course we all know kids won't stop growing! Anyway, i have to stop being emotional though, we are happy that he will be a big boy now. And his grandmother mention of getting him a Fender Jaguar guitar as a gift. He loves music lately and thought getting a guitar would be a nice one. I used to be frustrated to learn music but music doesn't like me at all! So if my son has the love of it, definitely we will support him all the way! Wink.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pillowcase Dress she loves

Another dress i just made for my lil princess! She loves it so much that she wouldn't taken the dress off, lol. I've found a floral fabric and interlock pink fabric and thought a perfect combo. So i hastily sewed them in a matter of 4 hours got so excited to finished it and give it to her. I made a hair bow to match the entire outfit. Everyone compliment how lovely the dress is, the pattern is so springy and vibrant. One important thing is my daughter enjoys her new dresses that her mom sew it for her! I've sewing several pieces already and everything is pretty and so cute, she can't wait to wear them all. As a matter of fact i offer some to my relative in other state, sending her lil girl some dresses i made as well. Hope she'll love it! Wink.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back to School Blast Announcement

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Black/White Ruffly Dress

I am pleased of my dress purchased for my lil girly girl. From sugar honey brand and thought it is really cute it will definitely add a sweetness to her wardrobe. The heart pattern is what she love as well, anything with hearts! For sure any little girl would look pretty with this dress, the bright pink stands out so i got the idea to matched it up with elastic white/pink head piece and pink shoes! She is so happy because the color pink is her favorite color ever! Lol. The dress has an elastic shirred bodice so she can wear this for a lil bit longer. I love the kids apparels store where i usually shops there stuff.