Friday, January 30, 2009

Web Hosting for me?

As a mommy, I'm so happy that even if I'm just here at home, I can still earn. Through my blogs, I can still do my duties and at the same time make quite good money. But I've been to the whole process of figuring out how to really monetize my blogs, one guaranteed way is by having my own domain. More opportunities will be opened to those who have their own domain name, this is true with my 2 blogs, lol!

Before I chose which domain is best for me, I first read about website hosting reviews and web hosting company. If you want to know more about web hosting reports like best cheap hosting, best domain hosting, best linux hosting, shared hosting, blog hosting and so much more, visit Here you can compare prices, disk space, bandwidth, and the number of domains you can host in one account. I'm personally recommending to have an own domain, this works best if you want to make the most of of your blogs and websites.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Parents Paid to raise Girls

According to the article i just read about the Indian government is offering poor parents the equivalent of nearly $3,000(U.S.) to raise daughters, says a BBC News report. Families will receive a cash reward upon the birth of a daughter and a various stages of her life up to the age of 18. Although gender selective abortion were out-lawed in 1994, they remain widespread. In fact, it is estimated that over the past 20 years, abortion claimed the lives of approximately 10 million female fetuses, seriously affecting the gender balance in some areas. According to a 2001 census, nationawide there were 927 girls for every 1,000 boys under the age of six and the gap was widening. In one state the birth ratio was 793 girls born for every 1,000 boys.

Source: Awake Magazine 2009

Another great opportunity!

I can't believe that i been blogging for more than a year now. Honestly, this is not the thing that i really fond to do before. It was started when my cousin introduced it to me. She is a professional blogger long before me. I am thankful that she never get tired of encouraging how wonderful and cool to be a blogger. You could meet so many people around the world, fellow bloggers and share same interest in blogging community. Another thing i become more interested is not just you can express your thoughts and opinion to others, you can also earn something from it! Yes, literally you can earn money through blog advertising work. Advertisers will hire us to promote and make a review to their products. So, while you are blogging, you will get paid and monetize your blog(s) as well. How cool is that? Being a full time mother, this kind of opportunity is truly amazing.

I am thankful that i really joined in the blogging world. I earned the money i work hard. One of the blog advertising networks that i should say is on popular is Well, after i read their terms and conditions, services and benefits, right then i have no second thought to registered and submit my blogs to them. So if you are a blogger and wanted to monetize your blog? is here to help you in money making opportunity. As a matter of fact i encouraged my close friends to join here and now they are happy that they made the right choice. They bring together bloggers and advertisers in one place. They also have the cutest website ever, i liked their layouts in fact they made it nicer and more updated. Don't waste your time, better check them out and join the house.

Just Bebe and Me

This is just one of our quality time together, was taken last summer somewhere in the lake. We usually go to our close by lake with Dada just to relax and have fun. I missed him being as tiny as this, now he is so growing up boy and soon to be a kuya. And one of these days we'll have a post with my Bebe and his lil' sissy just like this one at the same place and the same pose. Can't wait to post it here! Haha.

For Anniversary Gift!

Our wedding anniversary is fast approaching again, will be married for 3 years now. Time passed by so fast. I am thinking of what to get for my beloved husband, it should be a surprise so i need to be sneaky with him. Good thing i can just hop in the Internet to do my shopping. I have several option actually of what nice gift to get. Maybe a leather jacket or a wrist watch! He is so particular in his watch though, so i need to choose what he probably likes best. Just like what i found a minute ago, an online store that has variety of Orient watches to choose from. A designer watches made in Tokyo, Japan. Most of their watches are mainly for men and they do wholesale. It's good they have the high-quality and affordable designer wrist watches you could find.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baked Back Ribs with Sweet Sauce!

As I was saying been craving for pork ribs BBQ in awhile, at last we got some back ribs last grocery shopping. Just today have the chance to cook it! Too bad i can't use my outdoor grills. So i use an alternative instead, i baked it. Does it look good and yummy?? LOL! Husband likes it a lot, he said it was really good along with garlic rice i made. Meat are so tender and falling off from the bone as you eat it! (haha nag paibug jud ko noh!). It was my first time to baked a pork rib actually and was successful. I did my own way, just eye ball every ingredients didn't use any measuring thing.
Here's the Recipes:
One slab of pork back ribs or baby ribs
1/4 soy sauce
1/4 ketchup
2 tablespoon melted butter
4 tablespoon brown sugar
Garlic powder
Garlic salt
A pinch of salt and pepper just to taste
~ Preheat oven to 375 degree F
~Place an aluminum foil over the baking pan. Put the ribs over the foil. Start...
~Season the ribs with salt and pepper, and garlic salt both sides.
~Mix the wet ingredients together in a bowl (soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar and melted butte)
~Then glaze it to the back ribs both sides, (leave a 1/4 of the sauce to save it for brushing to the meat later on.
~Then after glazing, sprinkle the dry ingredients ( garlic powder, paprika and parsley).
~Then cover it with the foil. Baked it to 1 hour
AFTER 48 YEARS in the oven.....
~uncovered, and broil it to low temperature for another 40 minutes. Take the juice from the meat and mix with the remaining sauce, then brushed it occasionally and repeatedly both side until the ribs looks like in the PHOTO! ( keep checking so it won't burn). Walahhh that's my finished product. Puede na apil sa BBQ contest huh! LOL.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coming Soon...

I can't wait to give birth to my baby girl, I know days getting closer and closer. My belly really starting to get huge every moment and every day. She is so hyper and energetic. I can feel her kicks, moves and i guess she's circling inside, haha! It is very overwhelming sometimes. So far so good but I gain quite a weight and i noticed i need few maternity clothes again especially jeans because it's getting tight on my belly already. So I got the secret fit belly kind of jeans, it is super duper comfortable and it hugs your belly during all stages of pregnancy and after baby is born. I learned this is advisable to wear for us pregnant ladies, plus it will smoothes the appearance of the belly and belly button and that's one thing i liked hides my pop out belly button.

I am just glad that we really no need to get many things for our second baby since we have everything from our first born child. I am talking about her baby cribs; actually we have 2 cribs, the small and the convertible one. We also have changing table, car seat, and other baby furniture. But one thing we need in the future is the double Strollers for both of them. I am also and family preparing for her baby clothes, oh i am excited on my baby shower bunch of cute stuff to get. So other than these? I guess we are good to welcome our baby girl soon. I am so mix emotion right now!!

10 Favorite Articles of Clothing You Own

These are my 10 on Tuesday thingy. This week theme is all about clothing line you own.
Actually most clothing i own are all my favorites to wear and it depends on the situation. I just mix and match anything. However, i have my ten lists here that i consider.

1. My Blue Energie Puff Sleeve Scoop Neck Baby Doll Top
2. Magenta/Black Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Knit Trapeze Dress with Jewel Neckline
3. Brown Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Cap-sleeve Trapeze Dress
4. Predictions Brown Tall Boots
5. My Ukay Ukay Sexy Boot Cut Jeans, lol!
6. Briggs New York Navy Blue Jacket
7. My Stripy Pinkish Pajamas I always wear
8. All Sleeveless Round Neck Tank-Tops I own
9. My pretty black/white empire waist dress
10. Beige, red/white stripe, brown cashmere sweaters

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Savior...

For my own opinion i think payday loans are the savior of millions of American at this time of economic crisis we are facing today! Help us for hard times, when we are in need of quick cash. Any kind of emergency transactions i shall say. I am thinking if i need an emergency cash advance one day i probably wanted to try getting a quick easy payday loan. That would happen with the help of Yellow Leaf Financial, They are different type of cash advance service provider. Their lending partners are here to help people in those times when you need cash between regular paydays. Another thing you can quickly, safely and easily apply for cash advance or payday loan services from the comfort of your own home. It is confidential between you and them. So, if you need money fast? Make it in 3 easy ways from them: Quick and simple online cash advance application - generally 5 minutes or less! Get approved for a Payday Loan in minutes! Poor or Bad Credit is OK.

Smarty pants!

I am talking about my 22 months old boy. He is smart enough to turn off the television, changing channel, open and close our DVD player and put his favorite Disney character Elmo! Uh huh! he does that a lot, every time i let him watch sesame street. He turn on and off the DVD player all by himself and do what ever he wants to do with it. I get tired because he ruins the Cd's. Just a minute ago he just tore apart one of his nursery rhymes into 3pcs . SO i told him no more watching Elmo's unsupervised by mommy. He gets antsy when i said that he knows he is in big trouble when i told it to Dada. I can't go in my kitchen doing chores because i keep checking him what the heck noises he is doing again! Really a terrible two's!

School Memories!

I am reminiscing my high school and college years right now. I can't believe it's been years since those happy times. I've missed my classmates, my friends, and my teachers. But what I missed the most is the fun and exciting high school and college life, the socializations, the vents and most specially the "prom nights". Time flew by really fast but everything is still fresh in my memory. My friends and I attended the high school prom and everybody has its own style of prom dresses you know. Some were so simple others were too extravagant. Then, when I was in college, people are getting more trendy and the styles of their prom dresses are more pretty. You can't choose which one is the best since everybody's got different styles. Some are over the top, others are super sexy, and some are stunning and beautiful prom dresses just like what me and my friend wore that night,lol! kidding aside.

Well, if given me the chance to go back to my college days and experience all those fun time together with friends and classmates and attend the prom night, i would really want to look like Cinderella! haha. With all the accessories and my elegant prom dress and my prince charming along with me (my husband). And to help me feel like my favorite character, I found an online boutique that has all the beautiful, classy and sophisticated prom dresses you ever dream of because of their top designers they have. Just like what i picked here the V-shaped halter bodice with a beaded band repeating the V-shape at the empire. The corset tie back and dropped waistline meets the multi-layered tulle ball gown skirt. Liked the yellow one. Surely you feel like a princess! sigh... OK, enough of dreaming better gets back to work missy! Winks...

Apple Alert!

I do like apple a lot! They said the skin of the apple is really good because there's lot of vitamins in it, i do agree though but to bad i can't eat the skin can't even chew it! So whenever I have some apple i always pilled the skin off. Gladly for me because i just got an email from a friend of mine about being careful when eating APPLES! you know why??
This is what I got:
Dear All,
Be Careful when eating apples
Please don't eat the skin of the apple because it's coated with wax.
Check before you eat many of the fruits.
WAX is being used for preservation purposes and cold storage.
You might be surprised especially apples from USA and other parts are more than one year old, though it would look fresh. Becox wax is coated, preventing bacteria to enter. So it does not get dry. Please Eat Apples after removing the wax as demonstrated above.
This apple alert reminders is indeed it will be a benefit to us & others. So next time we know what to do when craving for apples.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Handmade Crafts

Are you one of those people who patronize handmade goods?I found an online dealer of handmade crafts made by artisans worldwide. It's at, it is the premier online marketplace for handmade products especially designed by artisans around the globe. Their free community is designed only for artisans to buy and sell their works. No matter if you are looking for local handmade crafts, or handmade gifts products from artisans around the world, is the marketplace for you. For more details just visit their website!

Protecting Delicate Teeth

At what age did your teeth begin to develop? The process started while you were still in the womb-before your mother even knew that she was pregnant! Thus it is important to get adequate supply of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins.

What about newborns? Experts say that bottle-fed babies are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. How do these happen? Some infants routinely fall asleep while sucking on a bottle containing milk, sugar water, or soda. Since these contains carbohydrates, bacteria thrives. Bacteria produce acids which form tooth decay. Some babies withe severe decay suffer premature tooth loss which affect the development of their permanent teeth

How can parents like us protect our babies delicate teeth? Breast-feeding is recommended since mother's milk is sterile and rich in antibodies.
If a bottle is used, experts say that its use should be discontinued after the baby reaches 18 months of age, and bottle be used only for feeding and not as a pacifier. If the baby is put to bed with bottle, it is better if it contained plain water. After each feeding, a clean soft cloth to clean the baby teeth.

Friday, January 23, 2009

GPS for the Van

Just remembering our experienced in our trip to Washington DC last November. More in good times than in bad times i should say. The only complaints we had there was driving the downtown square. I tell you Washington state is a busy state people are walking every corner of the street, really reminds me of my hometown although the state have all the huge buildings and establishment. Traffic is so horrendous, it's hard for us to get out from certain street alone and we both no knowledge about the state, we're just depending on the map that our accommodation handed us. Just going to my appointment venue was totally challenging more so when we headed back to our hotel. I am so glad that hubby has his GPS navigation system on his cellphone otherwise we will be stuck in the traffic forever just trying to figure out where to find the right exits. After that incident, he decided to use his GPS whenever we go somewhere so it will not cost us a delay. And right now we are planning to get a portable GPS for our van.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The husband messaged me about something for him to bring tomorrow at his work. Everybody are bringing some food and he asked me what dessert he could bring. This situation is always happening there whenever they get so busy with clients. It's gonna be a long day for all of them tomorrow so they're assigning each other what food to fix and bring for lunch. I told him i am going to make some brownies tonight. everybody loves brownies, well who doesn't? come on! haha. Good thing we have some brownies mix in the pantry so it is timely to bake it. Walahhh i am making my self eating sweets again though i promise to not eat anymore because i gain so much weight already in my pregnancy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just mentioned here of how much I loving and patronizing shoes than purses! Shoes are one of my weaknesses whenever i go shopping. Never miss to eyeing those gorgeous and beautiful display shoes in the shelves. I also do online window shopping and look for new style and trends. Then if i find it in reasonable price i have no doubts to get one you know. Especially my family in the Philippines asking me to get them some Women's Shoes to send them. Father also mentioned me what about his? So i am looking also some Men's Shoes for him. Good thing I have few online store to look at. Shoes is always nice to give for gifts to your love ones other than your self you know.

Appointments DONE!

We just got home from our 2 appointments today. I'm tired of riding almost all day in the car... hayy kapuy jus kaayo! sakit samput! Anyway, I am happy with what i heard about my baby's development, my OB said she is doing great and kicking a lot, nothing much to say so far. Although i gained 6lbs in a month! can't believe that but he said he's not going to fuss me about that, I'm still doing fine maybe just the fluid in my body that gives me a lot of weight right now. Honestly, i am watching what i eat because i don't wanted to be as huge as my first pregnancy.

Then after OB, we headed straight to Nashville to get my biometrics done. We kind of early as in an hour early! So we asked if we can have it ahead and they said it was fine. Just waited 30 minutes then a lady called my number then so on so fort! Glad i am done with this stuff. We arrived home early than what we expected. Hmmm... well what's next? Nothing much as far as I know of, i just have to wait my GC in the mail and hopefully soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pill Power

I really want to lose weight!!! But since I'm pregnant, I do have an excuse, lol! How about you? Do you want to shed-off those excess fats and unwanted pounds? Many consider taking diet pills, but really which is which? Anoretix is a diet pill that contains 9 patented weight loss ingredient, patent means it is clinically proven and effective. When this 9 ingredients are combined, the result would be what? World's most popular diet pill!

I just love these!

Look at these gorgeous shoes!! Don't they look pretty? As my daily routine surfing online shopping looking for something new, LOL to window shop! I found these! Really thinking of wearing them one day! wink. Illusionada!! But honestly there all my type, love the high heels and very stylish! I just love shoes rather purses. I collect quite many different shoes in my closet with long heels or without (57 pairs) haha!. Although too bad i can't wear too much of heels right now because of being pregnant. After the day wearing I get sore in my thigh and legs. SO, I excused all my high heels shoes and sandals in my closet for now and be with the 1inc. heels for quite sometimes! I can't wait to wear them back again soon.

With Cerebral Palsy

Recently, I watched a movie about a mother who has a child with cerebral palsy. Though their family was poor, the sick child taught them that life's joys can be found on simple things. Really good movie I must say. For those who experience it in real life, I mean having a loved one with cerebral palsy can be very hard. Sometimes, the cause of cerebral palsy are medical malpractice, an error that would result in life-long hardships. But patients and their family can still find comfort, many succeed, and they can too!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crochet Hat

Watz up yow!! PhotoHunt theme this week is about HAT. I found this in my download photos. Loved this shot of my kurdapyo! he was 4months old then and wearing a blue crochet hat that a friend of us made especially for him. I still have this hat and keep it in a safe place haha! He looks like saying....watz up! watz up! LOL. It reminds me so much of my big brother when he was a baby they're really look alike here!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Toys and more

Having a toddler is so much fun! Although the house is always a mess with his toys and toys and toys! Looking at him playing, giggling, and laughing makes me smile like no one else can, those are the joys of being a mommy, lol! So even if he already has so many toys, we can't help but to buy more and pamper him with little things. He loves his Elmo stuff toy, he's bike, his slides, and his big ball! But he's toys are not that too much or expensive kinda toys, just those budget friendly yet cute!

When it comes to cheap yet quality toys, I always turn to my favorite online site that helps their customers find only the best. I'm talking about shopwiki, it's like a search engine for stores, for more than 30,000 stores! The widest selection of those classic kids toys like dolls and dollhouses, stuff animals, ride on toys like wagons and rocking horses can only be found in one site. Imagine, when you can search for different stores online, from toys to electronics, clothing, gadgets, accessories and so much more!

Fantastic right? Well, got to go now, play time baby Josh!


I have multiple appointments to come next week, both at the same day! First, in the morning on the 20th will going to visit my OBGYN for my fourth time checking the baby's well. Then in the afternoon will have my biometric appointment. It's gonna be along day for me as well husband he'll be excuse for his work that day one reason why he is so busy this week patching his time. Both are need to be done. I look forward to know my baby's development and also my finger printing so that hopefully to get my renewed GC soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am so glad that husband finally replaced our lighting in the living room the other day. Because some of the lights are worn out already and when i turn on the living room i can't hardly see the difference with or without lights haha! I am so picky when it comes to this. I keep bugging him to change it and maybe he is bugged out with me and he definitely replaced a new one. Love our lighting right now just the way i like it! Thank you baby!

Tres Marias

Every time i look at this photo i get so envy( in a good way) because i used to be in that moment, whenever we have family gatherings we don't miss taking pictures here and there with all the Marias in our clan and make silly poses. My sissy in the middle, she so grown up now, and my cousin from right used to be the little girl in the family and my forever pretty aunt! I always look up her and be like her when i was a teenager, she's been married for 8years maybe if I'm mistaken. Well, i miss them so bad. Hope to see you soon again guys!

Dollhouse Miniatures

Even though I'm not that young anymore i still have an inner child in me! I loved playing with my nieces once in awhile and they enjoy playing with me with their bunch of kids stuff like girly stuff. They have this huge Dollhouse play thing with complete accessories inside, that i tell you i have so much fun along with my nieces decorating and seeing those miniature furniture and everything! I found an online store that sells wide selection of dollhouse miniatures, dollhouse furniture, dollhouse kits, miniature building components and dolls. From bed, cabinets, living room, kitchen &dining even nursery, ohhh... it so cute to look at! I would love to get few stuff here one of these days to add for my nieces collection and this one i really like to get!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh toddler toddler toddler...

My toddler did a terrible thing today i don't need to mention or elaborate what he did though. I was so shock when i saw him that way, mix emotion i want to smack him hard or just tell him not to do that again. Because i can't resist to getting soft when i saw his face and reaction. Poor baby! Though i really gave him a smacked. I was doing my chores in the kitchen when i heard him murmuring saying dirty! dirty! and i checked him OMG!! Yea it is dirty so i dragged him in the bathroom and so on so fort! I guess i have to bear with my toddler! That's what motherhood after all! Sigh...

Vanity for my bathroom...

Oh yes! We have so many things wanted to do in this year. Do some fixing here and there, I'm talking about our house. We wanted to put an extension at back side of the house. And another renovation we need to do is our small bathroom. I am so looking forward to change some things to our master bathroom mainly the vanity. It is too small to put stuff underneath, that's why after husband's busy season we might get things done. I already have in my mind what kind of vanity i wanted to replace my old one. I don't care either single or double vanity as long it fit well in the bathroom of course the look is a plus. We went to our local store here to check if there's available but they only have limited stocks.
Gladly I found an online dealers of huge discount bathroom vanities, and this what i exactly like! Just simple yet has a stunning look. Accordingly this beautiful oak wood double vanity has porcelain sinks with chrome faucets. It has multi layer 12 step hand glaze finish to prevent pealing, cracking and fading. Their bathroom vanity has properly sealed finish to prevent pealing and fading in elevated humidity levels. I can't wait to mention it to him later on that i found what i like and in reasonable price you know. They even have winter sale today!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'10 Things You're Really Good At'

1. I am good at cooking anything as long ingredients are present.
2. Really good at convincing people haha.
3. My negative side of me honestly i am good at mocking somebody especially trip ko lng! haha
4. I am good at spotting a liar. Hmmm... Beware!
5. Investigador ng bayan. Good at discovering things and unravelling secrets did that several times already.
6. Good at controlling emotions.
7. Crocheting
8. Good at dressing up haha!
9. Good at taking care of my love ones... winks!
10. Good in catching opps... LOL!


Candy Girl!

Yea that's me! My husband called me candy girl. I always have candy stock in every part of my house, living room, kitchen, bedroom i make sure my candy jar wouldn't get empty haha but for the record i don't eat much candy anymore unlike when i was a kid. My aunt can't get a kiss or hug me unless she'll hand me a full hand of candy or chocolates.

So right now, I am always ready whenever my nieces come by and visit my son. As you know kids do liked candies after all so why not spoiled them a little bit. I get Bulk Candy so i can just refill the jars. Of course i buy several variety once including chocolates but i mainly choose the fruity and chewable like Laffy Taffy assorted, ohh i like it so much after i tasted that the husband gave me... i tell you i am addicted to it! in moderation though, haha. What i like to this candy is each wrapper has jokes printed on them that you can share it to your family and friend. Most importantly it's a healthy kind of candy because of the dose of flavors like grapes, watermelon, strawberry and more and at the same time you having fun with the jokes. I almost forgotten, my significant others haha the bubble gum I never miss this thing, always come in handy. Whenever i go always stays in my purse.


So far these are my very first time to received some awards for 2009. Got this from sissy! Thank you gurl that you remember me! haha.
So I want to pass these along to Jerla, SAves, Anagore, and YOU feel free to grab if you like! Winks.

The Best NFL Coverage

Are you a sports enthusiast? A die hard fan of NFL sport? I am not that though, but I came across to the website that really reminds me of my husband, father and brother in law. The 3 of them loves to watch the NFL, in fact this coming Superbowl night we have a get together with my in laws at their house with some friends along just to watch 'the big day'. Even though I am not a die hard fan yet i feel their excitement with them. I learned to adapt the fact my husband loves it. LOL!

I will definitely encourage them to check out, especially my brother in law he is a die hard fanatic of football he always check every now and then who's in the lead and who's behind. At will give you the scoops of sports for all their sports news, the top NFL news, latest videos, the full coverage in each division, schedule, scores, football picks, and more to find out. This site is where the best NFL coverage. I bet he'll be glad that i share this to him. How about you? If you are a big fan of sports this is the best place for you to check every coverage and information about your favorite sports because this website has it all. You are updated in everything! Another thing is they have the NFL forums you can comment and chat with others. So how cool is that? you got to check it now!

Monday, January 12, 2009


● Normally a pregnant woman’s daily diet should include fruits, vegetables (especially dark-green, orange, and red ones), legumes (such as beans, soybeans, lentils, and chick-peas), cereals (including wheat, corn, oats, and barley—preferably whole grain or fortified), food from animal sources (fish, chicken, beef, eggs, cheese, and milk, preferably skimmed milk). Fats, refined sugars, and salt are best consumed in moderation. Drink plenty of water. Avoid caffeinated beverages, as well as foods containing preservatives and additives (such as artificial colorings and flavorings). Starch, clay, and other nonedible substances can cause malnutrition and toxicity.

● Beware of possible environmental hazards, such as overexposure to X-rays and harmful chemicals. Limit use of sprays and other household substances. Do not become overheated because of exposure to excessive temperatures or overexercise. Avoid prolonged standing and overexertion. Use proper seat belt positioning.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cute Outfits...

These two outfits are so cute! I can't wait to get it soon for my baby. The yellow one is funky for summer and the other one is really a cutest get up. I found an online store that has wide selection of Childrens Clothing from infants to toddlers and boys/girls outfits, not just that you know, they also have so many kinds of baby and children products to shop with. I do much of my shopping online and this is really cool i can do it all at one place.
Anyway, I can't wait that three months from now i will delivering my second child. It's a girl this time! I am looking forward to go shopping with Little Girls Clothes because i never get to shop with girls yet since my first is a boy. So i can't help to get so excited in each passing days that soon we will see and hold her for the first time. I am excited as well of my coming baby shower sure my baby girl get bunch of gifts! It reminds me then when my boy before we received so many gifts from friends and family. So many cute stuff and several Baby Gift Baskets that full of different bath items, diapers and more. I am so looking forward to this event!

Lemonade aWard

I got a tag from cousin jerla, thanks for this lemonade award thing.. Loved the refreshing taste of it! courtesy of sonic! haha

Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I wanted to share this refreshing award to my fellow bloggers:
Etavasi, Anagore, Saves, Cookie, Dhemz, Amor.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Kitchen Friends

I cook frequently. My time is mostly spend in the kitchen. You see, the best time to bond is to eat together so I always want to give my loved ones an enjoyable meal. But before having that one fine meal, of course I have to go through that whole process of preparing the food. You don't need to be a chef to feel like one right? LOL! All I need to have are my partners, my kitchen friends, the knives, cutlery, and the silverware. Quality knives are important, they make your life in the kitchen easier, faster, and safer. The cutlery too are important, a meal can be more special with those lovely pieces of silverware, the complete set of spoon, fork, and knife.

Arthur Price Cutlery & Gifts, an online store that sells Fine cutlery and silverware. From the inexpensive to the very expensive ones, it's all up to you! What I like most here is their Arthur Price kitchen set of gorgeous, fresh, and striking cutlery and knives. The Mango set in particular, I love to have it! It is also perfect as gifts to newly weds, lol! Actually, they also have a wide selection of gift items like frames, drink accessories, all those cute stuff to decorate your kitchen. Oh well, for moms like us, we reign over our kitchen. It is where we show how much we love our family, so in addition to the food we serve them, we also have to make sure we have the best accessories that comes along with it.

Toddlers Bed

My son still sleeping with us in our room so far but in his separate bed although it's not like this kind of bed. It's more of a crib than a regular toddlers bed (convertible). Since i am having our second baby 3months from now, we decided to get him a new bed to put on his bedroom, he is more use to his room now and wanted to be independent. And the crib will be use for our bebe girl. I Really like this bed because it is not tall to worry me if he's gonna fall in the floor. Plus I've read several reviews about this that mothers are happy same bed as it is in the picture. It is durable as well, they said even your toddler jump on it no problem at all. So well maybe sooner i will going to order this online. I have the match beddings for it... his favorite character right now, who else just 'ELMO' haha!

Forever Young!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to normal

I am so happy that i can eat my favorite food of all time the 'deep fried chicken' again. It's been several months of my pregnancy that i couldn't stand the look and smell of the fried chicken more so if i see the meat. Feels horrible for me, and i feel sad about it because i really wanted to eat... my mind says go for it but my sikmura keep pushing away! So i bear with those feelings for a little while. Yet, for some reason lately i am craving for crispy deep fried chicken. Since last week i started to eat already. Last night was my dinner and i really picked the meat to the bone haha! With my rice and gravy... wow! i was so stuffed i couldn't hardly stand, yikes! Then i made extra rice for my lunch today still continue picking the bones. LOL! Oh well i am glad i can eat this food again and had no problem anymore.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spring time is coming...

Spring season is the time people starts to beautify their yards, gardens and land escaping. Me I don't have any problem with doing that because my husband not just he is good as a handy man and electronic stuff as well he has the green thumb that old folks say. His parents have several trees around their huge yard, he and his dad did all the planting before. Yearly all those are fruiting including apple tree, peaches, grape vines, strawberries and vegetables. I am thinking i want him to get a Mulberry trees soon because this type of fruit should be planted in a low temperature like cold you know. It looks really gorgeous looking berries you know. Well i really don't know much about planting stuff so I'll just take this matter to him. But can't wait to help him though.

He loves his slides...

It was late already we went out last night and get his new slides that his Nana bought it for him. He was so excited when Dada trying to put it all together after we got home. Plus his matching huge ball that we got also because lately he is fascinating with balls. Our round jar in the living room he thought it is a ball so he tries to roll it haha even its kinda heavy for him! Ohh... toddlers are really something huh they always exploring their imagination with anything they sees. I am happy that Nana gave him this 4 in one mini slides and sports thing. She gave us her card and said "don't look just get it". Glad to have it because even we are just at home while Dada is at work, he is still playing and do his exercises with his slides. When summer time we can put this outside our backyard. This perfect for him right now. Thank you NANA!!

Dating Directory

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I'm craving seafood!!!

I am so wanting to eat some seafood right this moment! if i don't have it I'll be grouchy the rest of the day. Hayy... it's part of being pregnant you know, sometimes you like this sometimes you don't! my taste buds really longing for seafood but i don't like to go to seafood buffet. Huhuhuhu! i admit I'm so unpredictable and impossible sometimes. Good though i just got some coupons here from captain D's, I guess let husband grab some seafood platter for us. Somebody is hungry here right now!!!