Thursday, June 27, 2013

My tasks

Happy Thursday everyone, today is gonna be along day for me! First, my sister in-law will be coming home from the hospital and we will all welcoming her at their house shortly. Meanwhile, i planned to make her something may be a chicken soup, you know it is good for her after giving birth to a bouncy baby girl. However though before i proceed to my kitchen i have to check another thing! My niece asked me a favor to check some kind of Native Instruments The New Maschine at musicians friend. She and her best friend are talking about musical thing you know teenagers. They thought of starting a group of singers and things like that. So she knows i am always online so she asking for help. So anyway, those are just my two of many tasks today! Gotta help the husband also at the yard later. Yikes, yay me! lol.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Baby Shower Gift Idea

Looking for something unique gift ideas for baby shower? Well, you can customized your gift from now on. There is no better way than making it more special than just a gift that you buy from store. Why not put a lil bit of homemade touch by you! Weeks ago it was my sister in-law's baby shower, i thought of instead giving her a simply baby clothes why not personalized it. So here how this cute and fancy box i made became an apple of their eyes, lol. I bought a pack of 4 onesies with different floral flowers, 4 pairs of solid color baby infant socks, scraps of leftover ribbons, confetti paper and a round cake board. First i roll the onesies along with the socks in the  middle of it to form a rose petals and rolled it continuously and repeatedly until all fours are done. Cut the round cake box on the edges and formed it like a mini box. Glued the confetti then place the homemade cupcake formed onesies. Then use the scraps ribbons for the final touch. So that's the finished product! It's so cute actually. The mom to be loved it!

Spreading the vibes

I wanted to lose weight because aside from wishing a slimmer figure, I really wanted to start and actually live a healthy lifestyle, something I admit I used to take for granted when I was younger. My goal has been reached and more than being happy, I feel honored to inspire others and somehow spread the vibes that they can make it to. I was asked by a friend the other week, to find male yoga pants online cause accordingly he wants to start an exercise routine and he thought that yoga would be the best for him. I know he can do it, I’d be all smiles when he reach the target.

The wait is over

We are having a baby pretty soon! My sister in-law is in labor right now and we are anxious and excited to welcome our new addition lil Megan in the family. The mommy is anticipating her more so, she's relaxing with epidural for her big push at lunch time. I'll be an aunt again and i couldn't wait to hold lil baby. Just wanted to congratulate my bro ans is in-law and welcome to parenthood. Yay! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Decorate for Baby Giveaway

Soon I'll be an aunt again to a cute baby girl of my bro and sis in-laws first baby ever. I always love babies especially when they cooing and giggling, it's a priceless thing indeed. We just had her baby shower party last weekend. She got lots of baby gifts includes clothes, toys and gears. I told her would love to help her decorate baby's room. Talking about baby's room. I just joined this timely giveaway! Expectant mommies out there inviting you to join also. Check it out!

Welcome to the Decorate for Baby Giveaway hosted by Stay at Stay at Home Mom with cohost The Parenting Patch, and sponsored by Elizabeth Mindemann with Close to My Heart. Being a mom is all about arming yourself with creative ideas that fit your family and personality. Who would have thought that you could decorate baby items, walls, and furniture with stamping and paper supplies! Well, you can, as you can see from this colorful Pinterest board. And if you need even more ideas, Elizabeth has them here on her blog. About Elizabeth and Close to My Heart: Close To My Heart is dedicated to being an industry leader and innovator. With a rewarding business opportunity and revolutionary new products, and with founder and CEO Jeanette Lynton at the company’s helm, Close To My Heart has made many significant contributions to the scrapbooking and stamping industry. Jeanette’s leadership, spanning over 25 years in the industry, has made the company a premier resource for individuals who wish to enhance their artistic talents and pursue a successful business career. My goal as a consultant with Close To My Heart is to help you preserve your memories and share your story for the generations to come. Visit Elizabeth's Blog: Visit her CTMY Website: Giveaway Details: One winner will receive the following Close to My Heart Products:
  • Paper pack (Chantilly - value $9.95)
  • Baby Stamp Set (value $13.95)
  • Two Custom stamp set (up to four lines) great for personalized baby announcements! (value $9.95)
  • Block set (value $19.95)
  • Ink pads (two) of winner's choice (value $5.25)
  • Image for making your own baby announcement and baby card
Total Value: $74.25
  • Giveaway runs June 18 - July 8
  • Winner must be in the United States
  • Fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter to win
  • This blog is not responsible for prize shipment and was not compensated for this post
  • Questions? Want to sponsor a Giveaway? Contact Stay a Stay at Home Mom
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baby Shower

Finally, the baby shower was over! Yesterday was the party. Will share photos later on as i'm still pooped out with the baby cake i made for the celebrant! Yes, i did the special cake, it's a carriage baby cake and everyone loved it and enjoy it! I am happy that they enjoyed my cake and complimenting how pretty that is! it was a day full of fun and excitement for the mom to be and the party goers! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Handmade Shirt Dress Tutu

Not bad for copying the left photo huh? Daughter doesn't like to wear shirts as much as she wears her dresses alot. While browsing the other day, i bumped to this popular online store that sells quite variety of children's clothing. I love their collection so much however though, it's unpractical for me to get stuff for my growing 4 y/o daughter every time she wants stuff. So, It gives me the idea to alter and opted her shirts to something she love to wear! Even her outgrown clothes MomShe did  a lil touched upgrades here and there for her daily and playtime moments to something playful outfits.  Anyway, when she saw her new sewed shirts.. all she can say now that she love it so much and can not get enough wearing the next day. She got also lots of compliments when we headed to a restaurant, haha. Folks says how adorable she is with her TUTU!