Monday, August 30, 2010

His Truck

Am talking about my husband's old truck the 1975 Chevy. He loves his truck so much that he promised would never ever trade it to any trucks around i can not even convince him to sell it and just get a new truck! So anyway, he just got it overhauled the inside was so brand new and looks good! But before that one month ago he is really working on it by himself am so proud of him for doing such a great job! He saved him bucks for not hiring a mechanics to do the overhauling. We both agree why not buy the needed stuff just like the lifting and pulling of his beloved truck. So he bought it at industrial hand wheels store online. The store has it all from the gear to tooling component name it they have it! He is very happy then when he found the things he need for his job. Despite the hard labor he did i can see the smile on his face when the truck turn nice and renewed.

On baby showers

Back home in the Philippines I used to think baby showers isn't a big deal. So there's no party or whatever. Then I came here, and was so amazed how everyone's so generous on that particular occasion. I remember when they threw us a party, was so happy with the toys and clothes they've got for my baby. I mean for parents to be, the things you need for your coming baby wouldn't be an issue anymore. I'm thinking of making baby shower invitations. Heard that a friend is expecting their first baby soon. It would be a wonderful surprise if someone throws them a party. Hmmmmm...

Best and worst dressed at the Emmys

Am fond of watching awards night and stuff like this where fashion is really on top. I love to see those beautiful dresses and shoes and bags with their accessories. You know that we us ladies loves fashion and the trends we must be always updated. Anyhow, if there is a best dress in the event of course there is always be the worst one as well. So these are the top pick for the best and worst dressed at the Emmy's. Heidi Klum the ever famous fashionista and host of project runway is grade A dresser. Meanwhile January Jones is on the grade D+ category. SO it's up to you to decide which is which more of the list here.

Anniversary Gifts

Everyone deserve a gift, on occasions and even on ordinary days. Thinking of giving something special to someone? I found a great site that offers lots of goodies for all occasions. Anniversaries for instance, they've got anniversaries by year gifts. For third anniversary would be leather roses, leather stuffed toys, flirty aprons, and so much more! I wonder what's for fifth anniversary gifts? As early as now, have to be ready for it, lol! I remembered i gave my dearest husband a watch on our third anniversary. Anyway guys, I'm off for a couple of days. Not gonna be online for I think a week. But will see you soon, and promise to share you lots of new updates, lol!

Mellow Yellow Monday #84


Breakfast pinoy style! This is so delicious and i couldn't help to crave this right now. Having this in the morning is perfect to start up your day. Oh i can't wait to taste this once again! Nom nom.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Every Husband Should Watch Snapped

Guest post from: Jerald Hammond

Have you ever had to deal with a woman scorned? If you're a man and you have ever let a woman down, or to be more blunt -- cheated on her -- then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Most women that are betrayed will not just go away and say it's your loss. She will seek revenge, and most of the time, she will get it. This is no more evident than on the show Snapped. I have been watching Snapped on my satellite tv, which I only even got because I wanted the nfl cable package, for several years now and I have to say that as a married man, it's by far the scariest thing I have ever seen. Yes, it's scarier than any horror movie going through your mind right now, including Rosemary's Baby, The Shining, and the original Halloween.

Why is Snapped so scary? Because the women in the episodes take revenge to a whole other level. In other words, they murder their husbands. What makes this so frightening is that most of these women seemed normal and had no criminal background. They just simply snapped, hence the name of the show. But it's not always for revenge because of a cheating spouse. Sometimes it's for financial reasons. And almost every single time, it's to collect on life insurance. I don't know much about finances, but this show has taught me one thing that's very important - never buy life insurance.

Soon to be couple

This is my brother the only one and his soon to be Mr.D. I bet they are getting so anxious and mix emotions right now for their up coming wedding! Just like i felt before i bet my brother feel the same way too as your big day fast approaching! All i can say is congratulation and best wishes to you both!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Lockers on Sale!

Just a thought of sharing another friendly website again. And as per title, it's about different kinds of lockers all on sale! Whether you need it in your business, establishment, office, and of course in school lockers, you just have to give this place a visit and look for what you need. offers sturdy and durable locker and provides the assistance you need in maintenance and installation. They're experts in this regard, clients need not worry about customer support, pricing, and all that's needed.

Speaking of locker, school is indeed in the air. Josh isn't a school boy yet, maybe by next year. It makes me feel excited when I think of it. How he's grown from a baby to a silly, active toddler he is right now. My nephew is a first time school goer too, and when I chatted with my cousin about it, she was like happy and excited, at the same time worried and anxious. Oh well, that's part of every mommy's journey isn't it?

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Spent quality time at the park last weekend kiddos had so much fun especially my boy going up and down the playground. My LATSONF entry ya'll. Have a wonderful day ahead everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soccer dads have fun too!

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

I think this might be my favorite time of year, autumn. A relief from summer heat, yes, but I love watching my son at his soccer classes. Me and the other parents make it a sort of picnic every week, bringing blankets, bottled water, snacks and toys for those of us with other kids to bring along.

From the moment I set my personal alarm systems to leave the house until we pull into the parking lot, my son is talking nonstop about his friends at the class, the techniques he's learned, how funny Coach Bill is. He's really excited about the last week of class, when he and the other kids take on the parents in a game. I'm in decent shape, but looking at some of the other parents, I think the kids actually have a pretty good shot at winning.

On a side note, as a stay-at-home dad, I love taking the boys to sports classes and games because I tend to be around other dads. I can't tell you how many times I've been to an art class or play group where I'm the only dad, but at the classes, there are always a few other dads there, and it's nice to be in the presence of a little testosterone.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What a weekend!

Hi good morning ya'll i just got back from a long weekend. As few maybe knows we had a yard sale Friday and Saturday. It was fun yet really hot outside but we sold fair enough and one thing am glad about is i got to get rid mostly of the kids stuff... whew who doesn't like that? give us extra room in house huh! Had some left but thinking of sending it to my friends from other states clothing wise. Anyway, it was also tiring we woke up 6:30 in the morning me and my sister in-law and her 3 girls to start putting the display and stuff.

This was the second day of the yard sale we almost start to close because it was so hot! And everyone was exhausted just from the temperature so we decided to end it at around 1pm then husband took us to Russel stover to get us some ice cream! That's the reason why kurdapyo ran a fever Saturday night and all day yesterday. What weekend really am still tired from it! But had so much fun though! wink.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Shopping for Back to School Supplies

Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

It's back to school time again and that means shopping for school supplies. It is never a fun or easy job but it is a necessary one so, I set the Home security alarm, and away I go. It seems that these days every class has a list of the needed items and they want just exactly what is on that list. This year I had to come up with the normal basics, such as notebooks, paper, pens, and pencils, plus a few other items that were not so easy to get. The list contained a particular type of map pencil that was hard to find. Most places had already sold out of them but I finally found a place with two boxes left. Of course, the children always want something different that what is on the list and, I have learned my lesson: I do not take my children along when I buy their supplies unless it is absolutely necessary.

My town is fairly small so we do not have very many options as to where to shop. We do have a Walmart and I have found that it is usually the easiest place to buy all of the things on the list if they have not sold out of an item.

Grocery stores also generally have the lists posted for each grade level and will sometimes even package up those particular items to sell at a discount.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

My Ruby Tuesday entry is a PAVLOVA ROLL it is a dessert made of creamy yummy goodness. It is so easy to make yet so delish. That's the inside before rolling it up with heavy whipped cream on top and bunch of fresh kiwi slices and red strawberries slices!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Would you like some Outer Banks vacation rentals? Since summer is about to end and classes are about to start, it will be nice to have a one more adventure with friends, family, or even just yourself. Right now am thinking of Outer Banks to share with you because I pretty much heard a lot of good reviews about the place. They say it has the finest beach homes making you feel much closer to home. So why not have a break before the busy school days starts? Just follow the links and it'll lead you to lots of vacation possibilities. Winks!

Had fun

as i mentioned that in-laws treat us with a nice lunch at Charles. Food was good as well the company we all stuffed and satisfied with the food. But before that yesterday Dada and I took the kids malling and we ended up going to Toys r Us and of course never leave without getting the kiddos their! And so my wish granted by the husband. I asked to drive to the mall and have my window shopping because my beauty is very bored to the house already and i need to recharge by getting out from the dungeon. So anyway, i had enjoyed my window shopping just roamed around here and there but i decided to go to Victoria's secret to get couple of fragrances. wink! Thanks Dada for the nice weekend joy ride.

A Lock

I'm checking out some deadbolt lock right now. The husband ask me to do the online buying because he knows I'm good at it, lol! Why we need it? Because we need extra security and protection on our entry doors, you know what I mean. This kinda locks are more dependable, making a door hard to pry open. Anyway, today we're off for some treats. It's Sunday and the family went somewhere with the in-laws went dined out at Charles after the meeting. Fun is been in the air always and it made everyone of us happy. After a very busy week, we really need a break. I'm wishing everyone a happy, blessed weekdays ahead. See ya!

Packing with excitement

I can not wait till the day we will go! And right now am done with my packing of my stuff and my kiddos stuff all i miss is for my husband well i can do that in a heart bit when the day is almost there. Since last week i am so excited to get things together from my clothes to wear of course it's going to be humid there so i just enclosed the light fabrics. Especially my kids clothes they are warm blooded and i know how they react to the warmest of Philippines so better yet ready everything is light from top to Ohhh i can't wait everyday is an exciting day for me! I bet a week before the big trip will really going to hit the fact am going back to my family and that's make me so anxious even more!