Saturday, May 31, 2008

good job bebe

My 14month old son took this picture of mine while i was feeding him the other day. Mama was not feeling that very good that day because my wisdom tooth was been hurting that's why my face was like that haha, i did funny faces to him, we're playing at the same time feeding him his breakfast. Bebe is so grabby of everything he sees... anything name it he will grab it! like our remotes, Cd's, clicking on the DVDs player and.... my cellphones is his favorite gadgets ever, if he is moody or cranky I'll just hand him my poor cp and he's fine but trying to press the keypad, on the record you know he knows how to call his dada, auntie and cousin heather and even our close brother in faith my son called him at 4 in the morning lol it was so funny and embarrassing but they're OK they just laughed on it! silly boy!! And right now he is very interested with my digital camera if he sees it surely it's on his hand trying to keep away from him but this moment... he got his chance mommy taught him to took one! haha. I'm so proud of him!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Colic baby treatment and solution

Are you a mother of a colic baby? means non stop crying no matter what the situation. Honestly i never experience of somewhat my baby cry lots, he is a happy baby and just contented of his mommy as long i gave him a bottle before or he sleep good he is fine. But we all know generally speaking every stage of developing babies has rapid changes isn't it right? one day he is quite but the next day he suddenly moody and irritable.

To help you mothers with solution of how your infant colic will calm in certain way you may look and search at coliccalm dot com, they are the solution to able us to know what is the reason and problems may your infant have, maybe she/he has stomach bloated or indigestion. You will be aware of the symptoms of colic infant. Find out the treatment and way to help your little one to prolong crying and become colicky. And know what is colic is this serious, and how colicky be treat? At they have this homeopathic Gripe water that calm and gives relief and your infant is happy and of course your home be peace in nature. Takenote: its all natural ingredients and approved by the pediatrician.

See the YouTube Colic video for your self! I'm glad i found this site in order for me to have more awareness if in case my child become colicky i know where to seek guidance now.

ME and my BOY

JoyBurlinson and jerla tagged me this very sweet tag between mother and kid/s tag. Thank you much because i love to share my moments with my only baby boy... I'm so proud of him! there's nothing compare being a mother!

~taken while we we're at the LAKE... Bebe loves outdoors, like mother like son~~ taken during baby shower of my friend, reminds me of him being so small... he was 3months old then~
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Daddy's Corner tag

Jerlalou tag me this cute and neat daddy's corner tag meme. Thank you manai... i will really enjoy posting this because it's all about my MEN! This is just one of their bonding time together, mommy never missed taking pictures with them together. Bebe, when ever his dada gets home he really has the ear to ear smile you could ever see! {Start Copy Here}

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Party Invitation online Store

I just attended a baby shower last week, Saturday and it was very successful although it was only a small group of ladies and kids but it was fun. The mother to be was so happy she got bunch of gifts and gifts. Thanks to my sister in-law who made the party possible, she did all the effort organizing the said party... from food to the party invitations that she made ahead of time. She love to organize parties actually.

And as a sister I'm here to always support her when ever there are occasions she ask me some opinion and suggestion to what will be the things to do. Like for kids party, we plan to have one one day. I'm glad i found an online store that doing such things for us just like invitation and stuff! They do personalized cards just like dinner party gathering, and they specialized the birthday cards and birthday party invitation from wide selection of cards with unique colorful designs, plus the thoughts of it and as well with your own theme you like! I assure that the party you will be making as great as the invitation. So if you are having a hard time to create good impression invitations and cards to your guess, just click to Party Invitation Store!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My Baby's favorite Toys

Saves and JoyB tagged me about My Baby's Favorite Toys... Thank you girls for sharing me this tag appreciated lots! anyways, talking about my Bebe's toys... as you know kids loves toys no matter, my son doesn't have any favorite in particular he loves all his toys, from he was a little bitty baby to now his growing up... before as you can see in the pix (bellow to top)... starting 2months old he likes stuff toys already, his Nana bought him most of that when he's still in my tummy then... and eventually he is interested more on colorful stuff, like mini cars or what ever that moves and sounds loud! But he get bored right away to his toys that's why he doesn't have any favorite, Bebe is just fair to all his toys.... for the record mommy is his favorite to play with! lol.
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I want to share this tag to all mommies that will visit me here... I think I'm not following the rule but so far mommies that i know are already got tag by other mothers. So who ever not yet please just grab it! don't be shy lol.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Frequency and Causes of Miscarriage

Studies indicate that 15 to 20 percent of all diagnosed pregnancies end miscarriage, says the world book encyclopedia. But the risk of miscarriage is highest during the first two weeks following conception (fertilization), a time at which most women do not even know they are pregnant. That's sound familiar, because we knew I was pregnant at 9weeks already and before that.. I played volleyball in one occasion lol, then I used to help hubby mowed the grass and using the push mower which i loved thing to do yikes! he doesn't want me to use the driving mower although i know how to drive it. I'm just glad bebe really hold strong and have good development inside! his ever since a persistence boy!
Anyway, resume... Another reference states that over 80 percent of miscarriages occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, of which at latest half are thought to be caused by defects in the chromosomes of the fetus. These defects are not the result of similar defects in the chromosomes of the mother and the father.

Other causes of miscarriage may stem from the mother's health. Medical authorities point to hormonal and immune system disorders, infections and abnormalities in the cervix or the uterus of the mother. Chronic diseases such as diabetes (if poorly controlled) and high blood pressure may also be factors.

According to experts, miscarriage is not necessarily caused by exercising, lifting heavy objects, or having sexual relations. So its understandable that simple hard work doesn't mean you will hurt baby in a womb then. It is unlikely that a fall, a minor blow, or a sudden fright will cause miscarriage. One reference says... The fetus is unlikely to be harmed by an injury unless the injury is serious enough to threaten your own life. How well the design of the womb testifies to a wise and loving creator!

The very best thing to do when you are pregnant is just take it easy in anyway in order to prevent any injurious thing and don't smoke or avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and with caffeine on it! if you want your baby healthy inside the womb then eat nutritious food like vegetables and fruits plus food that contains lots of proteins and fiber. Most important of all be happy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kangaroo Mother Care

Keeping premature infants alive is a challenge for doctors. Babies with low birth weights are often placed in the warm environment of an incubator, where they remain until they have gained weight. In developing lands, however, overcrowded facilities, poor sanitation, and a shortage of medical personnel and equipment often result in dangerous cross infections

A doctor in Colombia came up with method that seems to alleviate this problem. How does it work?

When baby is born prematurely, it is cared for in the standard way until its condition stabilizes. In the meantime, the mother receives training in child care. When the baby is sufficiently healthy, the mother becomes a living incubator. How? By keeping her baby close to her, wrapped vertically between her breast. Safe in its kangaroo like pouch, the baby stays warm and can easily be fed its mothers milk. Hence, the method is often called kangaroo mother care.

No fancy equipment is necessary. The mother wears a suitable blouse or a normal dress with a waistband. When the baby has gained sufficient weight, the mother and baby can go home, returning to the hospital regularly for checkups.

Preliminary research indicates that kangaroo mother care is effective and safe. Furthermore, it seems to promote a closer bond between infant and mother. And not surprisingly, the method has been adapted for use in many countries actually and becoming more recognizable at present.
In certain place like Mexico , they trained relatives to become kangaroo fathers, grandparents and even sisters to help out mother needs a well deserve break. This was been use since 1992 by them and they said it was seen very effective as it is. how good is that! fewer incubator and much less hospital time are needed.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Cheers to all Mothers"

I got a nice tag from jerla! thank you for this encouraging thoughts! To all mothers like me, lets enjoy being a mother to our children because they are precious gifts from God. An inheritance from us, a fruitage that brings us rich rewards if we just teach them the right from the wrong. I know being a mom it's hard and tough job especially when you are newly from this experience but everything is worth while when you see your child growing. I love being a mother i honestly do!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Dishcloths Can Make Us Sick!

To all homemaker and mothers out there just want to share some FACTS about cleaning and sanitation in the household... It is important we know everything about proper hygiene the do's and don't's. One thing is using proper cleaning stuff around the house from bathroom to kitchen just like the dishcloth and kitchen sponge.

Fact: Scientists have found significant amounts of harmful bacteria in used dishcloths and kitchen sponges. According to the UC berkeley Wellness Letter, a recent study revealed that of 500 wet cloths and sponges examined, two-thirds contained bacteria that can make people sick. About one fourth contained salmonella or staphylococcus, two leading causes of food borne illness, that's in United States. Experts recommend that sponges be replaced regularly and that dishcloths be washed often. You can put dishcloths and sponges in the dishwasher with your dirty dishes, or in the washing machine, say the wellness Letter. After they come in contact with raw meat, surfaces can be cleaned up with paper towels rather than with reusable clothes or sponges.

It's true better use paper towels or disinfectant wipes for your kitchen counters and tables rather than this thing because prevention is better than cure!

Source: Awake

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Paris vacation

European countries- are very popular of tourists around the world, one particular place is France! and Paris is the capital city. Statistically Paris France is the most popular tourist destinations with over 30 million foreign visitors per year. They are well known of numerous iconic landmarks among its many attractions, along with world famous institutions and popular parks and a lot more to expect in Paris.
It is really fantastic to have a vacation to Paris with your family and share the awesome moments of your lives especially with matching a nice and cozy of hotel Paris surely its worth the money. There are many ways how to find good deals of Paris hotels accommodations either you want a more traditional style feeling like a french practice typically they serve Paris bed and breakfast. Find out the great offer and have fun with your love ones!