Friday, March 14, 2014

excellent guitars

There are those things in life that you're just passionate about like travel, sports, writing, music and so on. You'll do everything and would even go the extra mile to be good at it. That's what a friend of mine did. I just saw her post in FB with her newly bought excellent used guitars from guitar center, her face so happy, I can see her excitement and love for the instrument. She already has a good old guitar but it has always been her dream to have the high-end kind of toy. Would love to listen how good she plays right now, maybe one of these days.

Counting by Two's from 1-100

Son is doing great on his schooling we are so proud of him. He did such an excellent job with his math. According to his teacher at the end of the year he should know how to counts by two's from (1) one up to hundred (100). And we very much surprised in a matter of two days i gave him the charts to study and he did it! Son is indeed a smart boy. I am glad he is doing well in his lessons and over all his school works.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's women thing!

Women love their shiny little charms, those sparkly ear trinkets, gleaming chain in the neckline, shimmering stones on fingers including the toes and flashy stringed ornaments on arms and down to the ankles. Yes, I'm referring to the jewelleries that we women, including men, at that, love and adore! Interestingly, I found a site where you can not just select and buy your jewelleries, but where you can build your own bracelet to suit your own delicate taste! Personal touch in our blings? That sounds startling!In Pandora jewelry, you can do amazing things. You can start with selecting the chain/bracelet of your choice, spice it up with the charms that have meanings for you and pep up with elegant clips. Why not try customizing your own today? Cause i just did and got so amazed with my very own output!

Early Bird Mom

Waking up early is the best thing to do for a working mom like me. Taking advantage while kids and husband still asleep. The moment you can take control of the household chores without destruction. At the same time i am busy baking for a cake order to be pick it up soon. It's a busy early morning already. Afterwards we'll take kids out for a lil while before i am heading to my night duty later on. Happy weekend y'all.