Thursday, April 30, 2009

He is having fun!

Obviously kurdapyo had a blast of outdoor fun last Tuesday, no doubt with that! Her aunt took him for field service in the morning and the rest of the afternoon he played and played and played with his cousins outside. Just some of the silly shots of him! Kurdapyo knows how to make funny faces and he got that from his mom Kurdapya! LOL.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Squirrels are cute but annoying

Yea squirrels are cute i never seen them in my two eyes until i came here in the states at first i enjoy watching them climbing our fences and chasing around but that was before but right now squirrels are annoying especially when they getting into your stuff! Like for instance our bird feeder seed oh i tell you they eat all those things to the point it goes empty in just a day! They brought family over and as if they are having a feast haha. Another incidence was in my parent in-laws garden they have planted several of peaches and sadly to say all the peaches that just blossoms was eaten by the pesky squirrels and my in-laws was so upset because they work and cultivated it hard you know. Anyway not until we found a remedy how to get rid of those pesky squirrels and stop ruining our gardens, going and getting into our stuff and everything. I'm talking about havahart products a caring control for pets and wild animals. Squirrel repellents are the solution to stop these pesky squirrels at once! Husband is trying to get rid of them especially this time around spring and summer seasons a time for gardening and stuff so animals are just around the corners you know better have the defensive agent for the plants! Watch out squirrels!! lol.

Mother’s Milk Is Best

Breast milk is the mother of all medicines," says Newsweek. "Babies who drink it get the nutrients they need for proper brain development, while lowering their risk of everything from allergies and infections to diarrhea, eczema and pneumonia." The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dietetic Association thus urge mothers to nurse their newborn for at least a year. "Yet this exceptional resource goes largely untapped," notes Newsweek. Why? Often because of misinformation. Some mothers worry that they will not produce enough milk to keep their babies healthy. Others think that other foods are needed early on. "The fact is, most moms can meet all of a child’s nutritional needs until 6 months, when solid foods are gradually added to the diet," the article states. "And no matter what else they’re eating, kids as old as 2 can benefit from the antibodies and fatty acids in mother’s milk." There are also benefits for the mothers: Nursing lowers the risk of breast cancer and hastens postpartum weight loss.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm ready to loss weight...

In 6 months time i am determine to start my goal which to loss weight from my pregnancy weight. I am looking forward to it and get back my old figure before i was single though I'm not that expecting to have my old slim body but atleast i can loss my excess weight i am having right now. I thought of taking diet pill for speedy result along with regular exercise ofcourse and with that i am sure i can do it! Winks!

Friday, April 24, 2009

With KUYA!

My son loves his sissy to death from the very first time he sees her the sparks and excitement we saw in him is instant. Kurdapyo's eyes dazzled whenever he's with her and smiles so blooming as you can tell in the picture it self a proud kuya. He tickles her especially the feet every morning when he wakes up goes to her bedroom right away and do this kinda thing, we're so happy watching them both and glad that he never get jealous as much as normally eldest kid does because of not being the baby in the family anymore ever since when i was pregnant we taught him so he knows that he's gonna be a big brother soon. I'm sure he is going to be a protective brother to her i guarantee you that.

Cheap Hotels

It's been almost 4 years since I lived here in the U.S. Being with the love of my life and our two beautiful children gives me joy and happiness. I must admit though that I miss home so much. I'm missing my family, close friends, the fun and colorful life back in my hometown. There's also one person I miss so much, my cousin Jerla lol! She's my closest relative, we grew up together and we've been through a lot. She is also a happy wifey and mommy like me and yeah, come to think of it, we're basically just neighbors. She lives in San Diego with her family and one of my goals really is to visit her soon. We need to see each other and bond, my family and hers.

We lived quite far from each other but at least we don't need passports if we'd plan to visit lol! She told me that we can stay in their house, and I would love it! Hotels and accomodations would be expensive, I mean that was until I landed unto cheaperthanhotels. I found the cheap hotels in San Diego and more. It's an online directory of the cheapest hotels anywhere in the world! It provides access to last minute deals and pre booked discounts which are great. Hey, did you know that this website is so popular to overseas visitors to the West Coast since it provides the best deals you could possibly imagine. So if you're like me who plans to travel over the West Coast, find the cheap hotels in Seattle, cheap hotels in San Francisco, to anywhere like Vegas, L.A, they have it all!

Oh Jerla, hope to see you soon!!! Winks!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family day

This coming Saturday we planned to go to Nashville particularly to world market because i really wanted to grab some fresh fruits and vegetables some seafood also thought i will feel a lot lot better if i have these kind of food for my self makes my recovery heal faster! So anyhow i can't wait anymore been a month haven't been to that store and while we're there i asked husband we'll pass by to Circuit City wanna get something also for my little boy and see what they've got!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

PhotoHunt: Purple

Purple is the theme of this week's photohunt thingy and this is what i found a shot of me with the purple crochet sweater from my baby shower not long ago. A friend made it just for my Bebe. The fact is i loved purple that's the reason why i picked purple motif for baby alexha's bedroom and a touch of butterflies and flowers im pretty sure its gonna be a cutie nursery room.
Isn't done really yet though but when it's done will share you a picture. Right now im busy with my daughter! So i leave it to them to finish it haha!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome Alexha!

Hi ya'll! I am back here... but not as in totally back to the lime light haha! I just wanted to share to all my friends and fellow bloggers whose been with me all along my pregnancy. Here she is guys let me introduce you my bouncing Bebe kurdapya! We named her "Alexha JosiLee". Right now i am enjoying being a new mom again despite all the pains and sleepless nights i been through now i am so blessed and happy to finally held her in my arms. We just got home yesterday after 4days in the hospital and i can't believed time flew by so fast seems like yesterday we found out that i am pregnant again! Goodness! And right now look what we've got a very adorable baby lol. They truly a precious gifts from God.

Being a parent is the most wonderful feeling you could ever imagined. I have a friend she and her husband are looking forward to getting pregnant pretty soon and i gave her some advices how to get ready emotionally, mentally and of course physically. So i told her about, this site is indeed a great help to those who planning to get pregnant because everything about pregnancy questions from the start you found out you are pregnant, what you should do and hows the feeling in each trimester, tips of nursery rooms, babies names and meaning and many more! I tell you she's so excited to be a mom and i agree being a mom is the nicest things to think about! OK got to go bebe is hungry now lol! Thanks to all!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eat Your Vegetables!

"They are bitter." "They taste bad." "I have never eaten them."- are just a few of the reasons why many refuse to eat vegetables? Well, not me and my family. I always enjoyed eating vegetables, in fact, not a day would past if we don't get to have a serving of it. So why do others do not appreciate the yummy veges? Surveys show that those who eat vegetables said that their parents had taught them the importance of eating vegetables. In contrast, many who do not like veges were not accustomed to eating them as children. Instead, they preferred junk food.

Parents must teach their children to eat vegetables! Studies suggest that at least once a day after breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, babies of about six months should be given vegetables that have been boiled, peeled, and then mashed. The greater the variety of foods, the better for the child. A child specialist says that while milk is the major food source for the first 2 years, introducing other foods encourages the baby to discover new tastes. It is also suggested that a small amount of orange juice, puree of fruits (such as banana, apple, and papaya), cereal, and vegetable soup can be introduced into the baby's diet earlier than specified above. I'm so glad that my parents trained us to eat gulay lol! Papa would often scold us if we refuse to do so. Thanks to the early training, we love vegetables of all kinds!

Pregnancy Guru

As you may know, I am preparing to be a mother again. We only have few days or so to go, who knows! I am enjoying every bit of my pregnancy right now, words aren't enough to describe the mix emotions I'm feeling right now. Before, I was so afraid as a first time mom. I remembered my first pregnancy 2 years ago, I had so many questions going through my mind that moment when I found out I'm pregnant. I was asking my self and very concerned about things such as, what are the things I can't do and I can do while am pregnant? Or can i hurt my baby if I'm sleeping in a wrong position? Or how I can cope up with morning sickness and mood swings? How can I deal with physical changes and so much more? Gladly, I'm one of those fortunate women who doesn't really experience the morning sickness sensation. Both of my pregnancies then and now have been doing pretty good. And this time around am confident being pregnant and thankful because all my questions were answered. I am aware more than ever before. Thanks to the information I've read and learned from and some other pregnancy sites. They indeed gave me a lot of tips and stuff like that so I learned so much.

So, if you are pregnant, can really help us find out all the answers to our questions and ease our fears of being a first time mother. They have every information about pregnancy, go ahead and check it out mommies!