Thursday, September 29, 2011

On general cleaning

Just chatted with my sister yesterday and talked about the coming month of October. You see, it's such a special month for us because it's our parents anniversary. I told my sister not to tell mom and dad about our plans and all. Anyway she told me our older brother is going home too, with his wife so it'll be a good timing. Now she'll have to do a general cleaning in the house. Got to put new curtains and bedding, new linoleum for the floor, change rugs, etc.

Speaking of rugs, I found gorgeous ones at The Rugs Warehouse. Wow, I just fell in love with their designs. The bizarre circles are so adorable, looks like candies on the floor! Gotta find something like this in the local store and wait for a good deal. Am also thinking of sending some in the Philippines, just too heavy though to put in the box! Anyway, October is very much fast-approaching. Hope everything will go smoothly as planned. As for my sister, well she loves cleaning the house big time. It's like a therapy for her. Wish you can clean my place here too sissy, I need your service. LOL!

Forgetting How to Play

A fifth of the parents in Britain claim to have forgotten how to play with their children, according to a recent survey. One third confess hat the find play boring, while others lack time or ideas. Regarding this finding, Professor Tanya Byron, a clinical psychologist, says " There are four key ingredients to a successful playtime between parents and children: education, inspiration, integration and communication". Although 1 in 3 parents chose to play computer games with their children, the vast majority of youngsters prefer playing these alone. Among the activities that most 5- to 15-year-olds want to share with their parents are outdoors games and board games.

Source: Awake

Friday, September 23, 2011

Gonna be a party!

The brother in law is very excited and so are we, for his wedding is fast-approaching. Actually, we still don't have an exact date but hopefully it's gonna be early next year. The bride-to-be is also busy with all her papers and right now we are helping the two of them with the preparations. Aside from the wedding, we are also thinking of giving her a shower party the moment she arrives here. I want to help in anyway I can so might as well start looking for the things we need. Browsing the net, I found a really cool party supply store which basically have all the stuff for the party. Stickers, tiaras, heart shape balloons, pic's and pomps, bags and boxes, and so much more! U.S.TOY is definitely the shop to be for party supply needs. They ship free too with no minimum orders required. Right now they have this clearance sale on toys and novelty items, I really like to grab some for the kids and maybe for me too, lol! Just bringing out the child in me I guess.

Anyway, we are all looking forward to the wedding next year. Can't wait to finally see them tie the knot and start a new life together forever. I'm also excited for the kids as well, they'll be part of the entourage so do I and the husband. Wedding preparations can be stressful and blissful, hopefully things will work out just as planned.

PF # 89: Last Winter

~He's enjoying it a lot~
~ And she's not at all~
I hate cold weather honestly, but i am excited as well when winter is here because of the snow! I love the look of the outside when it is blanketed with snow. This was last winter when our state got hit with 6days straight of snowstorms. The entire state was all covered with whitey pretty snow. Me and my son loves it! meanwhile my little girl wasn't very happy when i took them outside to play, she was getting ballistic! Poor thing. However I am curious how she reacts this time around she might enjoy it now. Hmmm will see!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

After the Fire

One of the most terrible situation in life is probably being devastated by fire. The damage whether big or small affect those victims. What's even harder? After the fire. The cleaning and restoration process is a very tough job, and sometimes dangerous to health also. When it comes to issues like this, better to ask the help of professionals. Something like what The Steam Team do. You can check out the services they perform here, Their team will make sure to clean, restore, and save belongings as much as possible.

Serving the TX area for three decades, they help clients in cleaning, maintenance, and restoration whether for it's for commercial or residential purposes. They also perform carpet cleaning, tobacco odor removal austin, upholstery cleaning, water damage repairs, furniture and leather cleaning and so forth. So if you need some aid, just go to their website and request for a free quote. Wondering if we do have something like this in TN area? Hmmm


Both husband and I have doctor's appointments to go this afternoon. Mine would be regarding my teeth fix so i have to meet the dentist. Good thing the grandma offered to watch the kiddos i don't prefer to bring the children with us so much flu viruses going right now in elsewhere they just got their colds last week and i don't want them to catch another one again! Trying to do some tasks before i get ready there stuff to bring with them at granny's. And as well before i get ready our selves might as well finish my unfinished tasks online.

So see you'll here later! Have a wet Wednesday ahead!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Web Classes

Thanks to Darwin Barton

I am a small business owner. I also am not very good with computers, but have trying to learn over the last few years. I think it is important that I move towards having some of my retail products available online. My kids tease me when I call them and have them explain how to do what they call “simple” things on the computer. I have hired a web designer to get the process started. I recently took a class about computer and web basics. I felt inspired and decided to search for a new security system on-line. I logged onto all by myself and gathered information. I even made a decision about the package I wanted and scheduled an appointment on-line. I was so excited that I actually got something done on-line on my home. I called my kids and let them know. I even called the web designer because I was so proud. Surfing the web and computer basics are actually much easier that I always thought. I can’t wait to get my company’s site up and running.


My four year old son sketched this, he said it is Kick Buttowski the boy from Disney channel show he is fascinating with him lately and he plays the games, he does the tricks of that lil cartoon boy. He is so hilarious when does all the funny acts of Tick Tittawski that's what he calls him. lol.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

GPS helps business

Especially if you're a transport company and wants the business to commute and run smoother, trucker gps can really help. GPS as we know is the cost-effective way to ensure you never get lost. It gives signals and tracks your position, directing metre by metre to your destination. Want one? You can grab them at lower prices at The Source. They will also help you choose which gps is right for you, depending on your needs. I remember we went out of town several months ago, if it wasn't for the gps we have in the car, we should have been lost and out of track. It really helped a lot!

My Son's Masterpiece

We are so proud of him doing this kinda stuff, drawing! When he was like 3.5 y/o he always asked us to draw him anything and specially cars and trucks. Even the momshe doesn't know how to draw really but trying to satisfies son's request good thing though that the Dada is an artist so he is always to the rescued, lol! Right now son's is getting better he can draw better than me! At 4 y/o he has this wide imagination he just stared closely to the object and next thing you see him is sketching it then making a drawing already and he said this is his daddy's Chevy truck and daddy was driving on it! Good job son way to go!

coupons anyone?

There are lots of dell home coupons up for grabs now at Drop Down Deals. Actually, they have lots of coupons available, from different shopping sites you're up to. But since am looking for great bargains on laptops now, this dell coupons are quite interesting for me. My bro in the Philippines wants a new laptop. Told me to get one and he'll just pay for it installment basis, lol! Can avail this coupons for him I guess. With discount cards, it'll definitely be a good buy because prices really go down compared to the original price.

What would be?

A nice surprise to the two most important people of my life celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary? No matter how I want to keep it secret, I just can't stop myself LOL! Good thing my parents don't use the internet and am quite sure my sister won't let them read my blogs or else they will know what I'm up to. But seriously, I still don't know exactly what to give them. Wanna throw them a surprise party, with family and friends joining them. But that would last for just a day, might as well give something tangible and special. A flat screen tv perhaps, which my father would really love because he enjoys watching HD movies. Or a new set of kitchen stuff, my mom would make even more delicious dish when she has it. Now am confused.. haha!

I still have time though to figure out. Just thinking about it gives me excitement. Wish we can just go home and be with them on their anniversary! But I'll make sure they will love my present and would feel my presence. Gotta save more penny for now though. Anyway, what would be a nice gift if I may ask you? Your comments are appreciated. Winks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting ready for winter!

Even though i hate cold weather but nonetheless to say it's fast approaching so i have no choice to get stuff ready clothing wise. I need to sort out our winter clothes again and hang it to the closet. For now i just got me a new pair of over the knee boots that's super adorable for my opinion! It was a great deal and got it on sale from popular store forever21. It is really true to the picture and very comfortable. For the price? can't be beat! Love it because i have no almost like thigh high boots yet like this one. Wink!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Scrubs all you want

For nurses, doctors, and anyone working in the medical field, you might wanna fill your closets with scrubs and other medical uniforms. As we know, Blue Sky is the leading choice for stuff like these. Right now they have this newest collection of cheap scrubs, particularly scrubs for women. So if you love trendy uniforms you can check them all at Pretty much you'll find something you'll really like. The nice thing with Blue Sky is that their products are so trendy and unique like what i just said. Made of high quality materials, tailored nicely to have a slimming fit so you can look and feel the way you deserve. They also have those really cute looking hats. So colorful and bright! Nurses might as well wear it, would make any hospital or clinic look more friendly. By the way, they also have scrubs for the little ones. If you want your kids to dress as you do, you can grab some for them too. Just visit them online and see what's in store for you.

Finding the right scrubs for you ain't no hassle anymore. With just a few clicks you can get it as you want. I'm pretty sure my nurse friend in FL would want to know about this website, hmmm.. Anyway, got to go ahead guys. Will be doing some errands. I'll see you in a bit.

Friday, September 9, 2011

PF # 87: Pink Flowers

My first time to join Pink Friday meme. I love taking pictures of anything to see more visit my photography blog if you get a chance and feel free to browse my collection :-)! Anyway, i think i will be following the PF meme because my lil girl loves PINK! For now my introductory entry are flowers that i captured it during our visit @ the butterfly farm in Chattanooga. Dunno what their names but sure they are pretty gorgeous flowers!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello Autumn!

Just happy we did a lot of swimming last week, even bought a mini pool for the kids to enjoy. But I guess we can't do it again this weekend, swimming time was cut short for autumn is almost here already. We are having rain showers for a couple of days now and the breeze is getting cooler. The little boy caught colds and got a runny nose because of the change of weather. Oh boy, though I must say I like autumn's beauty but it also marks the coming of winter, and I hate it! Chilly nights and lazy days are ahead of us! Time to change our wardrobes too. We'll be wearing those heavy, thick and over-sized jackets again. Gloves, stockings and scarfs. Will definitely grab some kids hoodies and boots as well. It's better to buy early while the prices are low and bargains are all over the place. Just like at PS from Aeropostale, they have huge discounts now, as low as 50% off!

Anyway, just like all the season's, things are in constant change. Well, bring it on! Change is very much welcome and healthy, as long as it's for the betterment of everybody. May we all have pleasant everyday, for all seasons! Winks!

Kiddos are SICK

I hate when they get sick this is the last thing mother could ask! They are not sickly kids and so looking at them with their running nose and watery eyes makes my hurt broken i don't want them to get sick that's the reason why momshe is always careful about everything they do not this time though last Monday rain caught them when we headed up to Walgreen's twas raining hard and even we managed to wrapped them good yet still my bot got it first then the following day he shared it to his lil sister now they are in duet sneezing and coughing occasionally! I hope they will get better soon! I just don't want them to not feeling good! Sigh!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

For Nurses out there

Hi every one just checking, would you like to get a new set of scrubs? Try visiting and get to see Blue Sky's widest selection of nursing uniforms, nurses scrub uniforms, custom scrubs, accessories, jackets, lab coats, bottoms, pants, tops, hats, and so much more! We all know that Blue Sky is the leading choice for this kinda products and for years, they're providing quality and trendy medical items. The price is affordable too, perfect for that tight budget. I really like their hat collection, it's so cool and cute. The last time we visited the clinic, some of the nurses were wearing it and it made the entire aura light and more friendly.

If I were a nurse, would definitely not take my scrubs for granted. It represents their work, which is one of the noblest job in the world. Will share this link to my friend nurse in FL. Just in case she'll be interested.

Got to go fellas! See ya around. Here's wishing a blessed and beautiful week ahead for all of us.

Just loving it!

It was a great weekend for us. Went to the mall the other day and grab a new fancy, mini pool for the kids. It was on sale so we hurriedly grab one. The kids were so ecstatic for they just love to swim and spend the entire afternoon at the backyard wet and wild, lol! Of course I joined them. The husband was the one busy taking pictures of us, as you can see my previous post! I just love how our family is getting stronger and happier each time. Our children is definitely our source of joy, nothing compares! Anyway, now am just lazing around, doing my thing online. Then came to drop by at CP Toys website and just loving everything I'm seeing here. They offer a unique mix of quality products like childrens play furniture, educational toys for kids like puzzles, building blocks, kitchen play and so much more!

I so want this dance-with-me-doll for the little girl. Got to just slip this doll's elastic strap over her shoes and hand in hand they will dance away. I bet the daughter will adore her, dressed in a pretty, fun tutus. Can't wait to have this soon. Hopefully we can also get a piano, or a mini drum set for the boy. It'll be cool if he'll know to play some musical instrument right? Really like this shop a lot! And their prices are budget-friendly, good news to mommies like me. Winks!

They can't get enough!

Kids can't get enough of swimming this were the third time for the past 2weeks! They've always enjoyed of course who doesn't? silly me! haha. Anyway they have much fun yesterday than the previous time because we got them this cool hippo kiddo pool, their faces were priceless when they saw their new toy! Even momshe got to play with them in the pool! Well, at least enjoy it while summer last!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

School is cool!

Hey, here's something really cool I just bumped into today. Pretty much helpful especially to teachers out there who might be so busy going to the malls or stores to get their school supplies. School Supplies for less is the number one teachers store online that has everything and anything school-related. From arts and crafts like drawings, paintings, stamps, papers, brushes. To home school supplies, furniture, teaching tools, toys and plays, and so much more! Well it's not just a store for teachers, but for parents as well. Their prices are very much affordable and super friendly, will definitely grab some for the little ones. I'd like my son to play with colors cause I think he has potential in drawing. My brother is a painter so I really think it runs in the blood. Should support and develop Josh's talent so he'll grown up and become a painter too.

And the fact that he's going to school soon, I better keep this website's link in handy. So am not gonna forget about them. I'm excited shopping for school supplies this time. I guess it's normal for a mom like me to be more excited and at the same time anxious to have a school boy for the first time. Kids are growing up like weeds don't they?

Yard Art on Thursdays

My garden is flowering like crazy just planted them in the middle of summer and look at them now spreading in my entire flower bed. I love bird bath and some garden decors to add details on it!