Sunday, October 30, 2011

In demand jobs

One of the fast growing fields in the market today are Technologists & Technicians Jobs they are very in demand and makes great money! This medical laboratory tech also known as medical technologist works and performs the various tests in clinical labs on samples of body fluids to identify diseases of patients. they were the experts of this field of service and it is growing fast that you could imagine. One reason i plan to let my sister proceed her education on medical course. I ask her to either enroll in a school or online which ever she likes best. This way i can assure she'll be in a better future.

Yummy Sunday # 114

Here you go the perfect breakfast plate of all times. Enjoying the hot cocoa and suman lagkit only in the Philippines. Wink!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long Eyelashes...

I am talking about my boy's long eyelashes, he got it from his daddy husband has this long and curly lashes ever and our son bit him on that, lol. When i was pregnant I'm so fascinated with my husband's face specially his eyes and lashes in the back of my mind i keep wanting to put him the mascaras but that never happen though. Anyway, even he is my son i am so jealous of how long and thick his eyelashes. I told his daddy that if i could find the best eyelash growth products around i probably buy it because i really wanted to have the best asset a girl could ask for to have longer eyelashes. I am so grateful to God that bought of my kiddos got their eyes to their father and not me, LOL.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Clothes

Few of the shopping i did last night, fashion clothing for my 2 and half year old daughter that wears 4T whew! She loves dresses and everything about girly stuff she's number one in line! lol. Not to mention she adores Dora so when i saw the set i said i must get it! haha. I think she will look great on these as much mommy loves it! Can not wait to get here. Wink!

Shopping fall and winter clothes

Last night i slept so late why because i want to finish my online shopping for clothes and glad i got it the task done! It is getting cooler and cooler already and kids are growing like weeds their stuff for cold season gone a little short. So i really went and sit down to get few stuff such as sweater dresses for my little girl found some really cute and gorgeous ones and hard to resist them. For the boy also momshe got him some cool sets of jackets and pants, long sleeves shirt and stuff like that you know.

I am happy too that my online favorite stores have the best deal ever! I save so much and got plenty of discounts here and there! That's the reason why i love online shopping i can go shop anytime i feel like it and no driving less hassle. As long you know what to get and knows the quality just by staring at them you are good in online shopping just like me, always please of what I've got b'coz am good to it! LOL

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Kurdapyo

My boy is all growing up he's 4.5 y/o now before i knew it he'll be bigger than momshe, lol! Anyway lately he hates camera and taking him pictures is so hard to manage but i think this is really perfect i got to captured him so nicely without him knowing and it turn out great! We're at The Parthenon Museum a week ago and we roamed and strolled there for a while, kids enjoy the museum and had so much questions "what's this, what's that stuff " haha. It's good though that's the way they are learning!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You're not a trash

Those stuff we throw away can be recycled and be put to good use. I'm talking about household waste like leftover food and those in the garden like dead leaves, weeds and grass. One way is composting and nowadays we don't have to depend on nature to do this process alone. We could get one of those good value compost bin. Household and garden waste can now be turned to fertilizers for us to have a better garden soil. Clean Air Gardening has a huge variety of bins we could use either outdoors or inside the home. They've got this kitchen composter with just the right size perfect for indoors. And the price is so affordable for a useful tool such as this. Just visit the website if you're interested.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Maid of Honor

I can't help to get excite when thinking of the wedding next year my brother in law and a Filipina friend who lives in my parents house getting married! It's wonderful to see how they met and fall in love to each other. One of the things we look forward to is her coming here to reunite him and so everyone is looking forward to it! I will be there maid of honor and husband is my best man! I have vision what dress i wanted also its gonna be a long and elegant dress but i still working on to shred excess weight until the big day come, lol! This is one of the dress i kinda like it so far but it is in purple! Wink!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've been watching Filipino movies. Haven't done that in a while though but since I know where to download already, I gave it a try, now am hook. But I need speakers because I'm using my laptop and the volume isn't that nice. There are really nice and cute ones like this pillow speaker at The Source, along with other speakers home theater system too but those are really to much just for my laptop. What I like about this online shop is their prices, it's so friendly! So I guess getting a new speaker would make me want to watch movies even more. Oh no, lazy days are coming my way I guess. Have a blessed and happy weekend ahead everyone!

Babies N Bellies

That's the online shop am browsing right now. How I miss being pregnant, lol! Not really though. Just that I miss the feeling of having a baby inside my tummy, the smell of their delicate scent, the soft and fragile skin. Anyway, this particular shop has so many fabulous maternity fashion for pregnant mommies. Their tops collection are so gorgeous! I believe that pregnant women are at their prettiest and will sure look even more beautiful wearing such trendy clothing. Just like top u see on the photo that's the style i like and the color very fresh looking you know. So if you're pregnant, be fashionable as you can be. You can also check out the website too if you like.

Purple dress for my Girl

Gorgeous isn't it? I had this vision of what i wanted for my little girl on the wedding of her uncle next year she is their flower girl and the motif are purple and lavender combine. I always love ruffles and bubble dresses thought it is very cute! When i saw this dress oh i said this is it nothing but this one! haha. So perfect for her an elegant bubble hem purple dress with lavender sash on it! I love the big bow at the back and the simplicity of the front make this flower girl dress look so stunningly beautiful! I will make sure she going to wear this in the wedding! Promised! LOL

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Big girls clothing

Women with big body structures and good height may sometimes find it hard to look for clothing that would compliment and flatter them. All plus sized clothes seem to have the same style, cut and look again and again. But thankfully, gone are the days when the word plus size means unfashionable and shaped like tents clothes. There are lots of websites that specializes in plus size womens clothing, would be very easy to find comfortable, trendy and fashionable apparel for the big girls. Woman Within, an online one stop shop for anything and everything from shirts and blouses, tank tops, pants, jackets, dresses for special occasions, swimwear, and so forth. Such a huge variety to choose from! And they also have big discount and sale available and just waiting for you. Their clearance sale dropped down to as low as 80%, so cool isn't it? So all the plus size ladies in the house, grab yours now and happy shopping!

Anyway, how was your weekend everyone? Haven't done so much this weekend. We just relax here in the house, watched movies, and cook and cook. Now am gaining weight once again!

Yummy Sunday #111

Its cupcakes and I incorporate my version of banana cupcake to make it more enjoyable for my kiddos. They love cupcakes so what i mix with the banana are white chocolate chips, chocolate coated raisins and regular raisins. And i topped it with banana cream frosting with fresh strawberry. It is healthy and treaty! Wink.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take time

To smell the flowers. I truly agree. No matter how busy we get or things going complicated, life is indeed beautiful and simple if we take time to smell the flowers. Speaking of, I loved it when someone gives me flowers on special occasions. Will love it even more when it's just out of nowhere. Browsing EZbloomers floral collections, I want to order some, lol! They have really pretty designs, you can check out their online floral arrangements and find one you like too. The nice thing with this website is that prices and range are pretty much lower than other flower shops because you get to pay directly to your local florist. Anyway, I know a couple whose anniversary is fast-approaching. Would love to send them flowers this time. Winks!

Colors Speak

We have the choice to color our world, and those choices we make speaks so much about ourselves. I read an article about the colors we paint in our homes, what those hues saying and what does it reveals about us. Let me share it here.

Warm colors
  • Orange is “the color of warmth.” It has a cheery feel.
  • Red is “the color of vitality, literally representing blood and symbolically representing the heart.”
  • Yellow is “the color of the sun.” “It’s the brightest color at maximum saturation, appearing brighter even than white.”

Cool colors
  • Blue symbolizes “the purity of a clear blue sky.” “It feels uncluttered and evokes clarity and stability.”
  • Green is “the most abundant color in our natural environment, so it conveys a feeling of comfort and friendliness.”
  • Violet symbolizes “extravagance and royalty.” In the form of a rich purple, “it is a dramatic and sensual color.”
Well our kitchen is _Hunter Green_, our living room is _White_, my son's room is __Blue&Green__, and my daughter's room is _Pink&Purple___. You see, I love my world to be colorful.