Monday, October 21, 2013

The Socially Active May Live Longer

According to a new study by Harvard University, elderly people who participate in social activities, such as going to church, restaurants, sports events, and movies, live an average of two and a half years longer than less social people. It has long been assumed that it was the physical part of such activities that helped people, said Harvard’s Thomas Glass, who led the study. However, he added that this study provides “perhaps the strongest circumstantial evidence we’ve had to date that having a meaningful purpose at the end of life lengthens life.” Glass noted that doing more, regardless of the activity, extended life in almost every case.

Source: Awake magazine, 2000

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random thoughts

I was asked if I have an idea about treatment for hydrocodone problem, well I don't even know what that is so here I am Googling! Anyway just a random thought for today, I just realized that technology is becoming so mainstream that I actually would love to go back to the old days. Think for instance emails over snail mails, the latter are now considered as a thing of the past, which makes it so sad. But I still do think that nothing beats snail mails, it's shows real effort and interest from someone. So today I will check our mailbox and hope that there's something inside, well I'm pretty sure if there is one would come from our subscriptions lol! Anyway good morning to everyone!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The cutest Ogres

Love these photos of kids one night before bedtime. We were playing and story telling their couple of story books. Got the Shrek mask at Wendy's kids meal and you know kids they're always looking forward for that toys on their kid meal. That's how they were! So anyway, I thought these was so cute and hilarious. What you think? Lol.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Furniture business!

I never really thought that venturing into a small furniture business would come our way but I learned that it’s actually something that the husband has been dreaming of doing ever since. It’s really his passion to design and create furniture especially outdoor furniture and vanities. I’m just so proud of him. Seeing clients happy and satisfied is such a joy. As a support, I look for suppliers for the materials we are using and currently I’m trying to find outdoor foam seats, foam boat seating, restaurants bar seats and more. There’s a lot at Foam Factory, let me see if they have great deals, I hope so! Because his next project would be building some restaurant seating and he is also doing the vinyl with it.