Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chit Chat with sissy!

While chatting sissy showed me some of the cloths and textiles mom bought recently. I was drooling! It's one of the things I missed back home. I mean going to the barter and see all the goods, not to mention the super low price and great deals, I wish we have it here! We do, but not quite the same. Anyway, before getting so jealous, might as well check out some life insurance rates. Someone's asking my opinion about it, asking if the ones online are better and more easier to apply. Got to go folks, see ya!

She's 7mo. old

My lil girl just turn 7 months old last week and time flew by so fast i couldn't believe she'll be a year old next year. All the time she's so wanting to play with her brother that's the reason why i guess Alexa is trying to learn things so early, at 3months she started lifting her body and can sit up at 4 mos. Then right now she's in the stage of trying to crawl and so eager to lift her butt up and knees. I bet sooner or later i guess by the age of 8 mos old she'll be crawling everywhere! Whew... that would be fun for momshe huuh! lol.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's bad!

Invasion of privacy nowadays has become a sort of enjoyment for many. I mean, some people loves to sniff on other people's business and one common way is through hacking their personal online accounts. I wonder if those identity theft protection services also applies to hacking. Well, bottom line is, to spy on someone is bad especially if the motive is to destroy the person involve. What do you think?

Oh man!

I burned my thing in the stove! lol. I'm making sweet banana with rice and tapioca in short ginataan... a minute ago and just smell the burning aroma, what a mess been craving filipino food lately and found out this will goes to waste! my bad now can not have my ginataan anymore :-(. The banana that i got at the asian store went byebye in the sink!! grrrrrrrrr.


I was cleaning my kitchen and the rest of the house yesterday that i noticed we need to replace our water filters and filter for heat and air i noticed it's dirty already particularly the heat/air filter. I guess that's the reason why kiddos an I sneezes every now and then because of the dust getting in the filter. Oh well i mentioned to the husband already and he will change it later after work.


I promised to my self to cut back my using of fb, haha! I must admit since am in fb all the time i mean everyday, my blogging career is now forgotten! Fb is fun but am thinking if my blogging thingy is affecting it why should i let it happened right! We always have a choice and my choice is to learn how to shut off fb once in awhile and do the things that i use to do before, taking care of my blogs and stuff like that. And be in real world, lol! (still playing my games though).

Oh snow!

How's your week so far? Mine's pretty busy as always. Did a lot of chores today but glad to still find time to blog, make updates, and yes, to visit my online farm lol! On a second note, I'm looking for car accessories right now, snow grip in particular. You know, winter is here almost i can feel it and we need it for protection. Oh, speaking of winter, I hate it! I bet you feel the same way too. Yay!

Kurdapyo's new hobby,lol!

It is so amazing how kids right now are so mentally advance, right? I can't believe my son knows how to operate my computer without supervision, using the mouse in the right manner can even download games yikes! I learned another friend of mine her son is also doing the same thing, haha! Anyway, kurdapyo after figuring out the computers stuff, now he's in the cars and trucks not to mention remote control toys! Last night he was so happy we went to Radio Shack to get him this toy after he is done with his small RC white truck that we got him at Wal-mart not long ago that he just broke it, taking parts goodness boys will be boys!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Something for the kids

As parents we always want to see our kids smiling, jolly, and happy. That's why, no matter how busy we are, we must find time to play with them and bond with them. And if our budget permits us, how we want to always give them presents am I right? Gifts need not be expensive or extravagant though. But I think it should be special and something unique.

Speaking of such, I know most of you out there especially mommies and daddies has been hunting for the perfect stuff to giveaway. And for that, you might wanna check out Lou Lou's Corner, the specialty boutique store for unique gifts, baby clothes, and toys. The little ones will surely love one of those quirky jellycat stuff animals. The truffles, snuffles and tots are so adorable and cute. This place indeed has the widest selection of unique products from top of the line brands like appaman, barefoot dreams, kikkerland, alex, and so much more!

Actually, their items are not just for kids but for grown ups as well. Like the barefoot dreams cozychic womens hoodie, I like it, lol! Does anyone want to give me this as present? Howdy all? Have a great weekend to come...winks!

My Fave Chocolate Ever!

Just 6 words : "my fave chocolate of all time" Although i love white chocolate as well anything with white choco. Once again thank you for this meme! We rules girls wink!

School days and Math!

Would you like to go back to school? Honestly I do. When I think of the good old school days and fun time with classmates and friends. I can't even believe am missing my terror teachers who seems to be monsters before, lol! I missed the feeling of being busy with school projects, exams, and activities. The times when I must wake up early or else am gonna be late. Well those were the days!

But you know, there's one thing I hate being a student. Yes, you guess it right. I hate dealing with math subjects and anything to do with numbers! For me it's the most complicated thing in the world. And I'm pretty sure a lot of students feel the same way as I do. The only difference is that nowadays there are math help available online. Such online math tutoring is very helpful to students, helping them get a better understanding in algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and so forth. This online math help can only be available through TutorVista. They provide a very affordable tutoring package anywhere you are in the world. So if you're still in school and having problems with Mathematics, this is probably the solution you've been praying for. Just visit their website to learn more.

The most common form of child abuse

"The woman's hands close around the baby's throat. Then she presses-slowly strangling the baby. The defenseless infant struggles. Just in time the woman relaxes her grip. The baby gasps for air but survives the assault. Before long, the woman grabs the tiny throat again, starting the torture all over. Again she lets go and leave the infant gasping..."

What you read just describes suffering like that experienced by an unborn child when abused by its smoking mother, says The New York Times. According to the studies, a mother who smokes regularly imposes a lifelong handicaps upon her child. It includes physical and mental dangers that may develop immediately or slowly. But really, how does a mother's smoking affects the unborn child? Imagine this, each cigarette puff introduces carbon monoxide and nicotine into the blood streams. Thus reduces the blood's ability to carry oxygen and constricts the blood vessels in the placenta. The unborn child is now deprived of its normal oxygen which can damage the brain of course. What about those pack-a-day smokers? When a mother smokes 20 cigarettes a day, that is a hundred puffs a day, having a pregnancy of 270 days, the mother subjects the fetus to atleast 27,000 chemical insults and abused. Those babies may grow up having behavorial problems, impaired reading, and metal retardation.

What a sad reality very common these days. As women, may we always put in mind that we have the gift of carrying life within us. And being a mother is the most beautiful and fulfilling thing there is in this world. May we not threaten the lives of the innocent ones. So if you're pregnant, stop smoking cause it's really bad.

Happy for them

One of the reasons why I stay online most of the time is because it's the only way I can reach my friends from other parts of the globe. I mean, if it wasn't for this stuff, I wouldn't know the latest going ons in their lives. And besides, I love to see their pictures every now and then. My friend from L.A just came back from their Bahamas vacation, I heard their planning to visit oahu hotels in Hawaii too sometime next year. Wow, I'm so happy for them. Can't wait to see her updates, winks!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ever have a FluMist yet?

Well, last monday i took my kids to their pedia for their check ups and everything went well the parents always wanted to hear that they both growing healthy and strong. Anyway, my lil girl had a slight fever yesterday because of the 4 shots they give which is normal it said. Well talking about shots, my doctor which is their pedia as well really recommend us to get this FluMist thing for protection of the outgoing flu or the H1S1 flu virus. It is really advisable to children 2 years and up to have this, better safe than never right espeacially flu season is around the corner. So mothers out there if you haven't get any yet to your kiddos ask their pedia about it and they will enlighten you more about the FluMist protection.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Financial help during emergencies

Have you experienced being broke and out of budget? You know, when unexpected expenses just seem to sprout out of nowhere. And what about when emergency situations arise? Men, we know it can be stressful and really hard to handle isn't it? So in dealing with our finances, we need to be smart and wise.

But as what I've said, what about during emergencies? It can arise anytime and most often, we're not ready. So our only recourse most probably are emergency loans. I remember when my grandma had her eye operation 2 years ago. We didn't saw it coming because she was just complaining about her vision and stuff, nothing really serious. So when the doctor told us that she has to undergo an eye surgery, we needed to apply for a loan. It was a long process, good thing everything went well for us.

It was because we don't have an access to online creditors, unlike now, aid is literally just clicks away. Elastic for instance, proving true to their name, Elastic is the newest, more flexible way to borrow emergency cash. It'll help you stretch your budget until the next payday and the processing is super fast and easy. If you need cash badly, this is one site you should check out. Yes, I think so!

Lazy Today!

I can't describe how much i don't feel like doing stuff today! I just don't feel like it i know my lazy butt strikes again big time! I was being a couch potato most of the day i haven't done any chores beside attending the kids of course, i didn't even bother to check my blogs and even visit fb and do farmings at all, lol! I guess the weather is affecting me because it's been raining and so gloomy so my aura is as well gloomy! I hope tomorrow is a new start and i can accomplish all my chores. Oh well, mothers has its own moment also i guess momshe's moment is today.

Strollers for the kiddos

What are the things we love to do being a mom? On top of my list, shopping for my little ones! I'm pretty sure all the mothers out their share the same desire. Isn't it great when we shop for clothes, toys, etc. for our kids? Anyway, this time around I'm looking for some strollers. I don't need one though but I know a lot of friends who are expecting their babies soon. I hope they can read this so they'd know where to buy it, lol!

But before that, of course there are tons of strollers available, to find the right one can be difficult. So better if you read first about stroller reviews and guides. That includes finding a good brand, features and information regarding its dimension, weight, handling, and so forth. Another thing is the stroller safety, after all, it's something that carries our babies so we need to be sure. With these in mind, I found an online shop that caters everything and anything we need to know about strollers. Parents to be, you'll love it here! Why because aside from their widest selection of products, they will also provide you with info's and guides. Yay, for just a few clicks, you'll be very much ready to purchase the right stroller for your little bundle of joy! Winks!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mommy Moments: Let's Pretend

He is a silly boy like his mommy, haha! one day we went to Walgreen's and i saw this gummy candy that i couldn't resist to try so i bought it when my boy saw it he wants to try it also so we share... We pretended like an ugly funny looking face! funny isn't it?
My lil girl pretending that she is a lion and trying to tease her big brother to bite him if she gets him close. Seeing them is so much fun and cute.