Thursday, March 27, 2008

very funny!!

ratatouille movie

I swear this movie is really hilarious, if you watch this you will love it! We just watched it last Saturday at home while relaxing and just being lazy that day. My nieces keep telling us to better watch ratatouille... because bebe will enjoy it so hubby timely turn the channel to the pay per view on cable, nice timing! if you haven't seen this yet? you will missed half of your life... lol kidding aside, but it is really fun fun, the rat is frustrated cook/chef imagined that! i won't tell further just watch guys! hehe

Monday, March 24, 2008


I been so exhausted lately as in to the highest point! lacking of sleep at night... because my son has been sick almost a week now and he wants his momi all the time i guess it's true that when kids are not feeling good they always looking for their mommies instead to the dads! even just a second i am out of his sight right now he started crying and become so grouchy and all that kind thing! poor baby i don't want him seeing like this with all the runny nose and congestion & everything! trying to make him comfortable as i can yet i am so tired and drained and need to sleep right now i wish i have here my family to take turns for me and hubby, his also tired i know yet his not complaining.. right now he do mostly of the chores around the house cooking, washing dishes, cleaning etcccc. team parenting is what it said share the work so save the marriage!

Friday, March 14, 2008

just quick update

I haven't doing much updates here lately because I've been quite busy and time hectic in my other bloggy's... haha and I always missed to write something in here! I admit that it is hard to have several to take care of you need to think and think what topic to put into writing... then lately, also my computer was acting weird so I get out of patient and getting tired by the time I'm done doing opps and personal entry in the others. plus my son right now is not so good been moody couple of days already... he is teething! So I need to manage my time for blogging and for household chores and taking care for my son and of course hubby! I will really do my best here to post more. CHao!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Sleepness nights

Lately I been sleeping not so good because being a mother you have to be awake when ever your child wake up in the middle of the night, that's what I been experiencing for couple of days now.
Hope tonight I get my complete rest... and he won't get fuzzy because I feel restless so very much! I need to revitalize my energy again!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

did not get enough beauty rest

I'm feel so tired this morning I haven't get enough sleep last night. My boy keep toast and turn and he time to time whining for no reason I think he can't get comfortable... i understand him all the time especially by now he's teething for more on the top i know that's rough for him to handle it's 7teeth already including the one right now. he loves to lay on my chest more so when ever he doesn't feel good and when i put him down he cries and crawl towards me haha! poor baby! he doesn't complain most of the time so i know if he acted this way i know that his not comfy or what so ever. So right now we both sleepy and restless!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

typical baby

Bebe will be a year old this month, I can not believe it as if just yesterday I was in delivery and agonizing the pain of labor! surely time really goes very fast you can not even notice. My son right now is getting very curious of everything! everyday he discover alot of things around him, even though he's not fully walking yet but he is trying and very courageous without a doubt we called him a brave little sneaker, because he wants to go and do on his own thing... typical baby I may say all babies are like that I thought so. Part of their learning stages! but poor mommies out there! including me, we are the one that of course very concern if something hurting on them don't it? our heart always on the run and throbbing. Just like this photo, I was doing my opps and I just let him play around me where in I can still monitor him even i'm kinda busy. So fast he went inside the box, i don't know how he did it! I called dad and he was just said man!
Then after his play time... I grabbed him to clean before going to bed my goodness I saw scratch in his legs, I'm not use of him getting scratch and scrapes hehehe! Ohhh I know there are so much more adventures and things we will going to expect! I will just put in mind that he's just a baby and very curious. I have to have left and right, back and fort eyes to eyeing on him! That's challenging huh! And when you look at your baby, their eyes seems saying.... I'M JUST A BABY, YOU GOT TO LOVE! lol.