Wednesday, March 2, 2011

“Appreciate Your Mom”

Labor analysts estimate that if a Canadian stay-at-home mom with two school-aged children were paid for all the work she does, her annual salary, including overtime pay, would be $163,852 (Canadian). The figure is based on current market wages and a “100-hour workweek, consisting of six 15-hour days and one 10-hour day,” says the Vancouver Sun newspaper. The study was actually conducted five years ago. Imagine the increase in our time? If paid, moms would have been the best-paid-employees of the world! Among the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom are those of day-care worker, teacher, driver, housekeeper, cook, nurse, and general maintenance worker. The newspaper offers the following advice: “Appreciate your mother: She’s probably underpaid.”

Well right, mothers like me don't get salaries for our 24-hours/7-days a week job. But knowing we have a beautiful family, ever loving and supportive of each other, it's all worth it. It's what you call labor of love. Winks!


Chris said...

just wanted to say hello! :D hope you can join us at Mommy Moments every Friday! :D