Monday, March 28, 2011

printing pics

It's way too over due but better late than never. I'm talking about the pictures I'm suppose to print after our Philippine vacation last year. The wedding pictures of my brother which I promised to send them copies but gosh I forgot, lol! Guess I should do the printing soon before I forget again. But I wonder if we still have ink-jet, cause you know, it's different for photo purposes. Speaking of, in case you guys need cheap ink cartridges, cheap printer ink, cheap ink for printers. From brands like Kodak, Samsung, HP, Epson, Canon, and so forth, INKGRABBER is the place to go.

It's the leading online supplier for products such as and they even provide a 90-day money back guarantee. Do give them a visit if you need those ink-jets like me. I will tell the husband, I'm sure he has some in the office. I'll do some printing then when I'm not that busy.

Have a blessed day everyone, Good morning!