Friday, December 28, 2012

Mr Korean boy

I am talking about my friend's lil man. She asked me to find him a winter coats that is fashionable and cool, lol. Because she wanted to surprise her son. I hastily grab my mouse and start looking and so i bumped to my favorite online shop on their kids section this navy and white plaid winter coat. From the moment her son layed eyes on it he loves it and bugging her mom. He is so cute lil fellow, he made everybody laughs and very good entertainer so to speak! After days she shared me a cute photo that he is wearing the jacket and i though he looks like a lil fashionista, a Korean boy that dress like this! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Parky Animals

Kids is always kids, and sometimes mom can be a kid too! That's what we are into lately, every weekend we ask daddy to take us to the park and spend hours or so up there! Just having the best time of their life, lol. Kiddos really having fun as always has been. They enjoy it alot and give them the opportunity to mingle other kids as well. We have so many parks and playground here in our place, we sometimes having a hard time where to go, they're all nice, clean and huge! So far we've been in three (3) different parks here! 

Friday, December 14, 2012

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Have It Your Way

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carpet Dilemma

Not me but I came across an article that discusses about choosing the right carpet and I thought it’s worth the share. If you want carpeted flooring, you may find yourself just clicking on that click for carpet key, too excited to buy but then later on caught in a dilemma. With so many designs, colors, and materials to choose from, finding the right one is not as easy as we thought it would be. So why not let’s check for some expert’s advice and see what they have to say.

Among the advice is to choose the right padding. For high-traffic areas like the living room or kitchen, go for dense and firm padding while bedrooms and other areas with low-traffic, may just need less protection. Another thing is to understand maintenance. If you have kids or pets in the house, you should avoid hard-to-clean carpets and instead go for textured rugs which conceal footprints and vacuum tracks. Take time to compare. Yes, not because you like a particular style means you just grab it. Make sure it blends well to the over-all look you want for your home or certain area of your home. This way you can avoid getting several styles of carpets and then end up realizing it doesn't actually works. And of course, select your carpet provider. You can never go wrong if you had them from a reputable source. Ask for feedback from friends and read reviews. A trusted store will not just provide you with a beautiful carpet but will also help you with the installation and you can always turn to them when it comes to maintenance. Don’t worry, these shops won’t blow your budget. They actually provide listings and advice on how you can be a wise shopper.

No need to be caught in carpet dilemma, make it a fun experience with the right info and help from the experts.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The thing with carpets

Carpets and rugs I think make great flooring. Why because carpets provide many benefits and is something durable and can last for years. Carpeting has this comfortable feeling when you’re walking and sitting, the cushion makes it friendly when you’re playing with your kids, and of course it’s slip-resistant. Not just that, did you know that carpets help reduce noise? When there are too many people moving around the house or when doing a vacuum, carpets reduce the noise between the floor levels. So they are the perfect option for multi-level homes thus to minimized the sound of footsteps and stomps.

Would you like to have carpeted flooring? If you live around Erie, PA, then you might want to check out Flooring America’s webpage. They have an amazing collection of carpets and rugs from the most popular brands at affordable rates. By the way they also offer Erie carpeting installation, that’s because they want to make sure your floor, well, looks the finest. The in-home measurement they offer is for free, yes, at no cost at all! Then when your carpet is ready, the installation thing will be scheduled.

I am actually browsing their collection now React by Design Collections caught my eyes. It’s very simple actually but I love the somewhat patterns, like a mesh design that makes it stylish. It’s available in many colors but something neutral is ideal for a whole house. My dream house will definitely have carpeted flooring but maybe just in the individual rooms. I prefer bold and vibrant rugs in the living room, yeah, something fun and unique. So anyway, friends in Erie, if you have plans of shopping for carpets, just visit the site and start your search, you sure will find something perfect for your home. Winks!

Just popped!

I wasn't expected these at all! Found it in a baggy bag when sorting out our stuff. Three (3) cute girl shirts, seems like i went out for shopping after seeing them. I have no idea when or where those shirts came from it is either bought it from store or someone gave it to my lil girl. Oh well, pretty good deal, they're all cute and the missy loves it! Just glad i don't need to buy more shirts for her in the meantime, thank goodness for those.. huh! The middle one is almost outgrown to her already but still can wear it in just short period of time. Maybe will last till winter season. Because the kid grow like a weed in the meadow, lol. 

On home restoration

I am reading an article about home improvement and restoration and find the advice of Sara Hobbs, a director of Cleveland Restoration Society, well, true indeed. She said that when you’re planning to restore or remodel an old or damage property, “don’t do it alone.” Many people have the tendency to rush things, maybe because they want their property to be up again, or maybe they want to use their budget right away so that it won’t be spent on other things. But jumping into a project without enough information and good planning may result to glitches along the way. The advice is to actually hire a contractor, guys that are expert in the field with work experience for years. You can discuss with them your concerns, expectations and of course budget and they will develop a plan that will work for you.

For instance, if you live in Austin area and you need your property be restored, you can call Kowalski Construction. They specialized in water damaged projects and that includes extraction, dehumidification, structural drying, smoke removal, temporary fencing, fire damage repairs and more. You can be sure that they will handle your project the best way they can, in fact they've been making clients happy and satisfied according to feedback for many years already. You can actually find out more of their services and all they have to offer by simply visiting their website, the first step you can take to rebuild your property.

It’s not an easy task restoring a damage property, in fact, it can be a daunting, overwhelming journey especially if the damage is done overnight. But with the right information and great back-up team that can work for you, every step towards bringing back your home will be worth it!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Proud of my son

Today is his school reschedule conference 101. Every twice a month the online school where son enrolled, the assigned teacher will be checking his progress as the year ends, see how much he is progressing. Well, we are so glad that he is great in his subjects and lessons. The Mrs. D told us that the entire class room my son is on the top, he got the highest grades and success rates on readings. Today she made up some words and the students should get perfect on those to our big awesome surprise our son got it perfect meanwhile she mentioned his classmates or other students, they only got couple or up to 17 points right, then son was perfect point of 57! How amazing is that? we are truly proud of him and Mrs. D said we did such a good job teaching him. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cool Djs

Not so long ago when I was still a teenager, I used to watch a music channel show not only for the love of music but mostly because of the super cute and witty DJ, lol! He talks smart and carries himself very well which makes him adorable. He’s also very talented, he sings and dance and did a lot of DJing thing in a super cool way! But he’s also humble giving credits to the people behind the camera and the equipments they’re using that accordingly bring magic to everything. Well now that I came across akai apc40, I know he’s referring to these kind of things. I wonder what happened to him, did he got married or simply fade away from the limelight? Hmmmm… Whatever happens i hope he is doing great!

Park Time

Another great Saturday afternoon at the park with the kiddos. Almost they don't wanna go home because of so much fun out there. They met 3 kids ages the same as them and the were playing tags and sand castle making. I am just happy to see them having the best time of their life! Promised to the kids as long they are being good we always bring them to the parks. Then after couple of hours in play stations, we headed towards the beach and watched the waves and it was relaxing!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend guys!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Swing it!

Having kids brings out the child in you I guess. I mean, thought I’ve outgrown doing childish things like going to the park and enjoying the rides already but I though wrong, it’s actually fun! Especially if you do it with your kids, you get swayed and bounced in the air, it’s one of the most priceless moments I should say. Hubs and I really wanted to bring the park in our backyard since now we have descent good size back with pvc privacy fenced. He thought of having that kind of play station for the kids sometime soon. By the way, swing sets raleigh nc are available to those living in the area, they can set up a fun-filled playground for you and your kids to enjoy. It’s always nice to keep the child within isn’t it? It’s a great way to prevent wrinkles!

Party in their Room

We purchased this 11-in multicolor disco ball party light at Lowe's a week ago. Kids loves it how the lamp rolls and have all kinds of their favorite colors lights! Son's fave orange and blue, then pink and green for missy. It is fun actually they turn it on and it works good, they are fascinated with the lights like ball. haha. And it doesn't make any noise so we are happy with it. When they go playing inside their room, always turning this on as well, it's like there is a party going on!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winner Rugs and Carpets!

I never thought I could love rugs so much that I actually swallowed my pride and asked the seller and owner of this house to leave her beautiful rugs behind, safe in my hands lol! Seriously, rugs and carpets are pretty investments and if we take care of them real good, they could last years, we can even pass them to our children. So it’s practical to buy rugs that not just look amazing but of high quality. One source is, it’s been serving satisfied customers for 3 decades and counting, providing them the best quality floor coverings.

They have everything from tiles, vinyl, hardwood, laminate and carpets, just browse their collection and shop for your style. I personally love their Side by Side by Evans Black carpet design. I thought it’s classy with carved trellis patterns. Since it’s made with Stainmaster ExtraBody nylon fibers, it’s sure tough and soil and stain resistant. I was thinking, if I could have this kind of carpet, I’ll go for ‘Windy City’, it’s kinda like red/maroon something, yup forever red for yours truly!

So anyway, if you’re interested, head up to their website and choose your style. You can request for a free measurement and estimates for your floor project. By the way, I need to mention, their carpets t has a 15-year warranty, how cool is that? It only shows that they can really last for years in its best shape possible. For those hunting for rugs and carpets that’s worth the investment, this could be the one you’re looking for.

His and Her's

I am talking about kids bedroom, was finally done! Organizing and sorting wise. I can not imagined how much stuff they have and despite of that momshe able to managed and she handled it as easy as 123, lol. Anyway and practically speaking we decided to put them in one bedroom for now since kids are still little they don't really need a bigger space and for us also, it will lessen our loads in cleaning their rooms every now and then. Because you know how kids can become messy as they can be! two(2) in one(1) cleanings solution is a good mindset ideas for parents. Well, since the bedroom is quite bigger and fits twin size beds, there's his corner and her corner also in the opposite side of the wall. The boy loves cars and boy stuff and colors so i make sure he got all his things well put out together, his curtain hanging on one of the window and his cars chairs, lamp, frames and all that manly stuff.

Meanwhile the lil girl loves her princess thingy, so i did a purple curtain on the other window, haha! And her girly wall decorations, like butterflies and hearts, as well all kinds of stuffed toy animals that she called it her sisters and friends. Her Dora's chairs, her doll house on her side spot too. Actually it turn out nicely than i really anticipated and still got plenty of space for them to play and their stuff to put in. So far so good, we are all happy about it. We'll move one of the kids out to other room as they get bigger enough and responsible. 

Love at first sight

Do you believe the words above? I personally do, I’m not generalizing but there are things in life that makes your heart skip a beat and your eyes battle, something that will just make you say “yes!” I always encounter that when shopping for shoes, lol! Seriously the house we settled in here in FL is one example of love at first sight. Really, it was a long and frustrating search, with lots of deliberation. Then that faithful day came and the husband drove around the neighborhood. It was just supposed to be a simple wandering, we didn’t know something was waiting for us at the corner.

So a nice, neat looking beach house caught my attention. Told the husband to drive towards its direction and to our surprise, there was this signage that says “For Sale.” You know that moment you realized there is something exciting that lies ahead and you just can’t help but smile, yup, that’s exactly it. So we pulled over the driveway and silly as it can be but I thought to myself, this is going to be our pavers soon! The owner was so friendly to let us inside without an appointment, lol! As we toured the house, I just knew it has to be the one. Was giving the husband an irresistible smile and battling eyes so as to give him a hint, so glad he got it! To make the story short, I realized that it takes a whole lot of patience and an ample amount of time to get what you hoped for, and that it will land in your lap in perfect timing.

Here’s a bonus, we learned that the landscape and everything in the pave way are from Pasifika, the best when it comes to outdoor space and landscapes. Winks!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Her afternoon drill

The regular routine that my daughter has been doing lately. We have huge back yard with pvc fenced and her big brother will just go there and play anything and everything that they might think interesting and fun. She's definitely a peanut, she did lots of acts and we just enjoy watching her! I am glad that the place we purchased got lots of potentials yard wise? i super loved it! It makes our days and moments easy and manageable unlike the old we had, i can't leave them alone outside because of unlocked fencing all the way around. However this time i can do my blogging and household thingy while they are playing and i can still see them through!