Thursday, September 30, 2010

Children who can't communicate

Today's parents are spending less time to talked to their children at mealtimes or reading to them at bedtime than previous generations did. "Children are starting primary school with a speaking age of just 18 months and the number unable to form simple sentences is rising," reports a certain newspaper. In Britain for example, "18 percent of children aged 5(more than 100,000) fail to meet the expected level of speech for their age." Hence, many children who cannot understand basic instructions or express their needs "like foreigners in the classroom," not able to understand what is going on.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Coin Collection

I just find out coins are very in demand right now! My friend asked me about how she can get hold on gold bullion, gold dollars and silver dollars because she and her husband are one of those people who loves collecting coins in different country. So when i found this website i mention it to her and she nothing to worry about as far as i know of they are secure and reliable and the shipping is fantastic unlike any other companies they are fast! As well she can find the complete collection in large quantities! I told her just check it out for more info and she said she will definitely do!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #88


When you visit Dakak Beach Resort in Philippines you can't miss this centerpiece in the entrance of the restaurant different variety of fruits and colorful flowers and plants it is really a work of art. Pretty!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tough girls

I really admire those women who can and will do a man's job. They're girly in a sense that they put make up on, polish their nails and wear high heels. But knows their capable of doing what others may think just a guy thing. In my case, the husband is a handyman so pretty much he knows everything that lands in his lap. Sometimes I want to help him or at least give it a try. I want to know if I can. Like if I can do some painting stuff, which I already did. If I know how to put the tiles, I mean do the bathroom tiles if ever we want to renovate. If I can drive the tractor, and stuff like that. Oh well, am I just being silly or what? LOL!

Seriously, there are girls whose doing a great job in a guy's world. And I really think it's cool and totally fun. But of course it's so challenging too. I know someone who works for a construction company before. She's the only lady among a hundred employees yet she's not intimidated. Imagine putting the subway tiles, do the roofing, etc. her job is really exciting isn't it? But when she got married, she resigned. Am quite sure you know a lot of tough girls also. All girls are anyway!

PhotoHunt 232: Natural

Everybody says that this is so natural shoot from us (Husband and I) way back when i was so slender woman. T'was 5years ago when we're walking on the beach my sister got a gorgeous stolen shots of us two. And i love this, one of my favorite pictures of all time that we have together! Wink.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now I know

Have you ever wonder why the worst pimple problem is around the chin or what is called chin acne? Even stars like Jessica Simpson have such problem. Probably because it's the area that we consume food which are often too oily and unhealthy. And accordingly, pimples on the chin is one of the hardest to treat. Well sometimes I have some pimples to but my proven effective treatment is an antibacterial and antioxidants soap. And a moisturizer I've been using since I was single. But it's another thing of course in serious cases.

Just reading

Some hydroxycut reviews and other health issues. Since our trip, wasn't feeling really well and up until now I still haven't had a good night sleep either. They say that staying under the sun and sweating is the solution to get back to the norm but yeah, been a lazy butt these days LOL! It's really affecting my daily routines like the kids and I sleep the whole day and stay up during the night, it's not cool is it? On this weekend we plan to take the kids to the park and do something active. I'm sure things will get back to normal soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Just taking pictures here and there and i saw these red, yellow, and pink dots where the playground is. So i took a snap shot for ruby tuesday meme! Wink.

Need fast result

Trip to Philippines is so much fun but sure it is pressure especially food! I must admit i gained my old weight back for all those days we just eat and sleep. We've been pampered by my family there so they feed us all the time. That's the reason why i need to work on my belly fat right now, lol! Hope this slimming thingy am taking right now will do burn belly fat fast because i need a result right away. I learned from my aunt that it is indeed effective for her and hope it is for me also. If that's the case i will get some more and using it for good.

Oh nice!

Am still in the process of uploading more pictures from our recent family vacation in the Philippines. I tell you, it's more than a thousand LOL! These are indeed moments I will forever treasure, let me put it in a picture frame..hahah! Kidding aside, thanks to my sister who was our official photographer, we have here pictures that paint a thousand words. Oh am getting poetic, but really there are lots of lovely shots. Here are some of my favorite...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Nothing's change

Seeing my mom in the Philippines after more than 4 years, all I can say is... nothing's change. I mean, physically speaking she still look young and sexy, LOL! Seriously, the wrinkle lotion I gave to her was effective and of course the lifestyle too. It pays to be health conscious. If you take care of your body, you'll definitely aged slowly. That's something I learned from my parents. By the way, smiling a lot and not worry too much helps in staying young and blooming. I'm sure you agree, winks!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watching Dora at 3:45 am

My kiddos are really not adjusting yet to the time zone here! It is kinda longer than what we expected. My lil girl usually wakes herself up around 2am then goes her big brother after 30minutes he is running towards us and noisy like they just had their afternoon! Then they want to watch TV and play, as well eat haha! It was cute but it's hard for me and Dada. Then they go back to bed at 5am and sleep through the day till 4pm! Sigh imagine that. But i hope they will get over soon otherwise we like zombies for awhile during the day. Anyway, husband just found out what we can do about it the solution of the problem haha and we will start it today when the sunshine is up! Hope this is effective otherwise we will just wait until their bodies are ready to go back to normal schedule.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Did I?

Just mentioned I need to get back on my exercise and diet again? Lost it when we went home to the Philippines, you probably know the reasons why. Anyway, I have this appetite suppressant coffee right now. Something that works like phentermine, a drug that controls your appetite. Oh well, I don't wanna think about diet now but I know I have too cause that's life LOL! Oh How's everyone by the way? I know been a while since I visited your blogs, so sorry. Will see you around soon, winks!

Have a wonderful day ahead!


These were just few of the food that my family and relatives fixed for us! Lots huh? i must say everyday we ate! And not to mention i gain weight again...duh! Need to lose those weight soon. But that's one reason we go home to taste the unbeatable Filipino cuisine. Filipino food are always the best for me and nothing in the planet can bit em! When i was there i never miss to taste them all took the most out of it! My family here in US are so much delighted of the hospitality that my family and relatives shown to them. They said they can not wait to go back to PH again and again. Honestly we are missing them already and the food!

On tables

Medical exam table in particular. If you're related to the medical field and need products and device such as this, just drop by at MDD. Another online shop I found that caters everything in the field of medicine. Their prices are affordable too, lots of sale actually. Alright folks, time to count sheep for now. Still have my jet log, the husband too, so as the kids. And before I forget, have a happy weekend everyone! Have some fun time alright?

The cake

The cake of my brother's wedding held 2weeks ago! It is simple yet sophisticated not too fancy but stunning which is i like it about. And of course it taste really good my favorite chocolate. Thanks to my aunt for this gorgeous modern cake she donated! It's nice to know that we have plenty of people who help to make the wedding smooth and successful. Wink!

So pretty

While driving down the roads in the Philippines, the husband can't help but admire the Philippine products especially the native ones. There were very nice dining sets, couches, office furniture, all made up of wood and grasses. Love it! Something I like to have in our house but here it's so expensive. Anyway, I still got some native souvenirs too. It feels great to visit home, how I missed the place so much!


Hi here am so wide awake in front of the computer just get up 15minutes ago! Oh well my kiddos keeps me awake this kinda hours since we got home from Philippines last Tuesday their time zone still adjusting from 14hour difference same thing when we are there they were awake and kicking at 3am in the morning and wanting to play with my sister. So i just decided to do my blogging thingy right now because there is no way i could sleep while they are so hyper right now i guess once again will catch up some sleep later on. They will be awake for 3hours till 5 am and go back to sleep and wake up around 3pm later! Sigh! Hope everything will go back to normal very soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hate Math?

I do! That's one thing I don't look forward to when I was still in school. As a mommy now, I don't like my children to have that kind of feeling towards Math. After all, like it or not, we need to deal with it as long as we live, lol! My kids are still so young, but when they reach school age I want them to like Math, even not that much. How about you? Does your kids enjoy mathematics or they dread it? As for the latter, there's online help available for all. Probably heard about TutorVista. It's the leading online tutoring company in the world. Their monthly tutoring package is reasonable, all subjects included. An unlimited tutoring in the comfort of your own home, or wherever. Some of what they offer are Algebra 2, 5th grade math, adding fractions, formula for volume, equations, K-12 and collage tutoring, homework and test help, and so much more!

See, math isn't a head ache anymore! But still I don't enjoy math, maybe not ever. I tried to but it doesn't work for me, lol! I'm pretty sure lots of my friends and visitors here also doesn't like numbers, just correct me though if am wrong. Winks!

Family reunion!

For almost 5years of not seeing them, these is half of huge clan attending the wedding of my brother. My first homecoming reunion! It is mix emotion and emotional to seeing them all. Above picture... that's me in red with my family the fantastic 5! haha!

All about

MS or Multiple Sclerosis. The first time I heard about this disease was when a local actress was diagnosed with it. She was crying on that interview, fearing for her life and children. Being a single mother, she was worried on how it affects her children since they were still very young then. The good thing though was she learned about it when it was not too late. But what is MS really? It is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, our central nervous system. When It occurs, certain body movements are impaired or difficult to make. MS symptoms include unexplained fatigue, weakness on one's legs or arms, clumsiness, trouble focusing, depression, and slurred speech.

There is no known cure for MS, it's a life long disease. But it can be manage. There are websites that explains much about it. Treatments, advices, common questions, and even MS diet. Cause accordingly, the food patients eat plays a big role in their health. Do you know someone whose diagnosed with it?

Yard Art on Thursdays

This one of the views of the resort we went to on our family vacation to Philippines. I tell you Dakak, beach resort is a gorgeous place to visit! lots of beautiful and amazing things to see there and happen to be this is just one of those things! Wink!