Monday, March 25, 2013

Soundproofing your room

Okay so I woke up and realized that I missed my mini office back in TN. I have that little corner behind the kitchen where I do all of my online job and everything about blogging. It’s a quite spot where I can gather my thoughts and think better. So I told the husband if I can have a little office here as well. This time the idea of putting egg crate foam seems nice because it make a room soundproof. I’m actually looking on where to find egg carton foam online. Glad to find some at Foam Factory and their egg cartons are really cute especially the ones with colours. I really like the purple ones, and for sure the lil girl will like it too, you know! Winks!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Absolutely for Kids

Mommies out there treat your kids with this new pirate fish collection from frecklebox the personalized girfts online store exclusively for kids. I am sure they will loved everything from here! They have so much stuff to choose from. Thinking of a customized backpack with their name on it? you got it there! For girls they have the super cute theme collection. From lunch boxes, to school arts and supplies, coin banks, story books with their names on it. And it varies with ages and genders too! So check this out parents or parents to be, Store is absolutely what you are looking for... for your beloved children. Wink!

Homecoming- the second time around

It’s been almost three years since our last vacation in the Philippines. It was totally an unexpected trip and everything, from the preparation, dates and itinerary were all instant. Sometimes I wish I can go back to the moment and planned better. But then t’was a beautiful vacation and all I want now is to do it again. I would love to see everyone back home, family and close friends, but if there is something I would like to stress more is that more than having a good time and reunions, I would like to relax, take things slow, and fall asleep while chatting with mom and grandmama.

So what will I do now? Of course, airline rates are better if you book way ahead from your preferred date to fly. I’m crossing fingers and toes to find a good deal! Also, it would be nice to treat the family into a nice weekend vacation, someplace near the beach, yeah, should check out cheap hotels but definitely with a great service. I actually have something in mind but it good to have a list and then decide on which one is the best. For us to enjoy every moments together.

I’m so looking forward to our family’s next home coming and I bet the peeps back home can’t wait to see the kids and how they’ve grown up so much. Just the thought of it right now makes me more excited and i can not wait to hugs them once again!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sewing 101: Mommy and Daughter Match outfit

Aren't they cute? I am so proud of the outfits. Matching mom top and girl dress for me and my daughter. Will be wearing these in the summer time. Sewing is outside my ally honestly! But my 4 year old daughter given me the inspiration to pursue this hobby. Right now i am not a pro nor experts to sew dresses for her but i will do my best to create nice stuff for her, well particular dresses that's her favorite of all, lol.

When i have my spare time, i go ahead and make one or two really depends on the style. I admit this is the easiest and simple patterns i use. So far so good. anyway, more sewing coming up guys. Wink!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sewing and Crafts

I look forward to my new project to make soon. It's my other hobby should I say. I am not into sewing before when back i was single, however when you are a mom and have a daughter your prospective will change tremendously. I started getting the interest of sewing specially dresses when i have my second child and she's my only girl. I called her my walking doll, because she's a typical lil girl who loves dresses and make her feel like a princess. One reason why i wanted to have a daughter in the first place. I am so envy before when i see mommies and their lil princess together, dressing up their girls with those beautiful dresses with matching bows and shoes and stuff like that, lol! Ohhh, they're so CUTE! That's why, i told my husband i want one, haha! I am so thankful he gave me one. So from then on, I am a certified crafty mom just like any other mommies out there.

Learning these things wasn't hard at all, i know i rather cook than make dresses and accessories but, hey you know what right now?  I totally enjoying it! I can't wait to get my new sewing machine delivered so i could start my thingy very soon. Spring is fast approaching, would be nice to dress up my princess with those colorful and brilliant spring color dresses that she really love. Those are my materials and fabrics to make. Will share you my creation as soon as i start sewing. Excited pretty much! Wink.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who’s getting married?

Raise your hands! I came across a website that’s all about wedding rings and bands and I must say almost all of their stuff are beautiful! If we are just to browse website like this, without wedding in mind, we can just choose anything because everything seems nice. But you know what, when you’re getting married, deciding can be hard. You would really want to pick the best one, the one that will rightfully represent love and bond. So anyway, I’m talking about JewelryVortex's mens wedding bands and other jewelry items. Their two-toned collection are all lovely especially the one that looks like a braid. So in case you’re getting married, celebrating an anniversary or would just like to renew your vows, just visit the website to check out.

Too much of a character

Yea, she's my girl! Too much to handle for a 4 year old miss attitude girl. She speaks her mind. I just enjoyed her alot despite she's miss attitude however she's sweet and funny. She loves colorful stuff as you see. That's why i wanted to caption every precious moments with them because when they get big and grown up. Things will change and get conscious on the things around. I love her so much and momi is always her for her forever no matter what!

An idea

Now that my cakes and pastries business is doing good, I’m thinking of something that will make my clients extra happy. What could that be? Well my idea is to grab some non woven tote bags wherein I can carefully placed their boxed orders, to make it look nicer and special. I think it’s also a nice way to promote my products because unlike boxes, tote bags can last longer and more useful. Glad I came across UsImprints, their tote bags are so cute and most importantly very affordable, price starts $.075! Can’t thank enough for all the positive feedback I’m getting from simply doing what I love to do, which is cooking and baking. Winks!

Mommade Shirt Dress

Besides baking hobby, i am as well enjoy sewing. Making crafts for my kids is my hobby also, particular the lil girl's stuff. She loves dresses, hair bows/ribbons, anything and everything makes her a princess.. that's what she always says, lol. So anyways, dresses is really her favorite to wear and she seldom wears shirts and bottoms. Bunch I've got is just useless! So i came up an idea to fix them and give a twist and character instead of just plain t-shirts. I was bumped into how to make your shirts into cute casual dresses for everyday wearing. You can even wear it at formal night out, it depends on shirts you use. This is the simple shirt dress so far i made, she loves it as if it is new to her, haha. Keep telling me " iloveyou momi, you made the best dress ever". Isn't that cute and wonderful feeling your child telling you those words repeatedly? For me it is priceless indeed. You can make one too for your lil girl. Wink!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cousin's Rant

Exactly what my dearest cousin love. A danelectro 12 string at music123, she is into music lately and one of her things to have list is that one. I wish i can send her the guitar, but for now i have to save and prioritized other stuff. But i told her don't lose hope i might get her the guitar she liked if ever i have the extra money. Maybe this summer or so. I ask her a favor though, that she should get high grades before we proceed on this thing! I am sure she won't let me down on my request. Wink!

Mommade Tutu

Got another project lately, Keeping momshe busy! I'm into Tutu skirts nowadays. My daughter just simply a girly girl and she loves dresses and skirts. So i thought of making her some. This is the very first tutu creation i made. A combination of purple, pink and white tulle. Thought she would love it and i am not wrong as she sees it she got ecstatic! She wanted me to make more, lol. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Gift Baskets for your four-legged friends

I know a lot of people who loves their pets so much and treating them like members of the family and best bud. Those four-legged animals, especially dogs and cats are really close to my heart and even though I don’t own a pet now, they will always have a soft spot inside me. Not getting too emotional, I just want to share something that I’m pretty sure all the animal lovers would want to know. Okay so I recently came across Bisket Baskets, an online shop that caters gift baskets for all occasions and yes, for all reasons. What makes Bisket Basket a lot special amongst the others? Well aside from their bunch of collection and designs to choose, they also have something for our four-legged beloved friends. I’m actually browsing their dog gift baskets right now and all I can say is that this is the kind of stuff that will surely make the doggies happy and the owner smile. The basket includes an assortment of treats like dog biscuits, bone-shaped cookie, popcorns, soap, etc. They also got something for the feline. If you know someone who loves their pets so much, wouldn’t it be nice to make the two of them happy? Bisket Basket will surely surprise and make them happy!

By the way, Easter is fast approaching and is being celebrated by many around the world so if you’d like to grab some Easter gift baskets, they also have a lot of choices for you. Actually, their gift baskets are so many and all of them are nice, you might even find it hard to pick just one. Give them a visit now if you’re interested, their rates are pretty cool, you’ll definitely get what you’re paying for. Winks!

Getting out in the sun

Kids were having fun in the sun yesterday at grandparents house. She honestly picked her outfit for the day. Am just amazed by how kids acts these days seems so smart on things and they're funny too! Meanwhile, the lil man was ecstatic and proud upon riding his papa's mower. Pretending himself like a big man, lol. I just enjoy everyday watching them. Always, treasures each moment with your kids because time is so running fast and before we knew it they're grown up!