Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's this?

Hmmmm la flor dominicana ligero? I went curious, it sounds like a mouth-watering dish so I checked it. Oh it's a special kind of cigar that pro-smokers enjoy. According to them it has full flavor and smokes good. I really thought it's an expensive dish from a Mexican restaurant or something. Lol! See, obviously I don't have a single idea on cigarette brands or whatever such. Happy weekend ahead everyone. Have a blast and enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones.

PhotoHunt 254: Mostly Black

I love black nail polish! People think it's Gothic but i don't even care.. wink! I just love dark colors like black, red in particular! My entry for PhotoHunt this week.

On fitness

To stay fit and healthy, people nowadays becomes so dedicated to working out and going to the gym. They'd go the extra mile to get those lean body and sexy muscles. But for some, it takes them more effort, exercise, and time to achieve those. So products like electronic muscle stimulation may help. I think it's what athletes use before an exercise or competition takes place because it optimize muscles to reach its full potential. It supports endurance, strength, recovery, and even massage. It's kinda expensive devise but sure does wonders!

Today's Agenda

Our Agenda for today is just very simple... kiddos and I are waiting till Dada get home from work at lunch time and we planned to take the kids for a ride since joy riding is the kids favorite thing to do they both a lot like their momshe loves outdoors and driving around so Dada needs to be patient to the 3 of us because he is like a home buddy kinda type of! Anyway, then we will be heading to grocery shopping then lastly maybe will have our dinner at Ruby Tuesday we still have a gift card to use there it's from our Wedding Anniversary gift haven't use it yet! So that's pretty much it for this weekend, hope tomorrow is sunshine and we can go visit their Grandparents! ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend ahead ya'll and enjoy! By the way, don't miss to visit my online BOTIK! we have sales going on there... wink!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Busy

Weekend break was over and am back to my daily busy life. But before i proceed i need to get colon cleanse for me to cleaned up my inside because after pigging out last weekend am pretty sure i need it! Not use of eating a lot so until now feeling like bloated... yuck! Will just grab some in the store later along with my grandmas food supplements that she is asking me about so that in no time i can send the package in Philippines. Plus the goodies that sissy is bugging about, lol!

Mellow Yellow Monday #109


Our last day in Hilton hotel while waiting for our departure momshe never miss to take pictures of the inside and this is one of the bunch. The hotel is so gorgeous the interior design is very modern and fancy i want to go back here again and spend more days than we had this weekend but we enjoyed our short stay here though! Thought of this picture as my entry for MYM meme because you see the carpet? i like it, has kinda multi YELLOW square accent on it! This is just part of the beautiful lobby of the hotel.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not now!

My cousin is bugging me that she wants to apply for a credit card. What she talking about? LOL! She said it'll be more convenient for her to avail something because that piece of plastic is the only requirement. Well she's right. There are advantages but consequences too. So if she's asking what can I say? In my opinion, definitely not now. Had my first card in my late 20's, so she still has to wait for a couple or more years. Haha! Seriously, time will come when she'll have one.

Eye bags

Last night we went to the grocery to get some milk and other foodies too. It's quite a long drive later, need those stuff so bad lol! Anyway, I also manage to grab an eye cream, for these dark circles under eyes. When I don't have enough sleep, my eye bags get so obvious and it looks bad. But since we're off for a trip, should have that fresh-looking face with no nasty eye bags. Alright, gotta go for now. Fixing our luggage and needs to sleep early tonight Take care everyone!

His Gift

Been fascinating with toning shoes lately specially those women sneakers toning shoes. I mentioned it to the husband that i dont need any expensive gifts for our anniversary coz money right now is tight so all i want is this shoes, lol! Am happy he granted my wish and got me a pair, i so love it, and feel to have more in the future!! I can use it also for my exercise thingy! Thanks beb!

Heard of Hoodia?

The word is quite new to me but since I'm interested in stuff that has to do with losing weight, I went curious and checked it. Well hoodia is a plant, accordingly it has the power not to make you feel hungry, nor thirsty the whole day. It was even featured in a show where a correspondent tried it and proved its results. But there are some who talks about hoodia scam too. Maybe because it's too good to be true, I mean is it really possible not to feel hungry? I think that's unhealthy because though you're in a diet, we still need to eat. Well let's just wait and see about this new diet product

Busy as bee

Am so busy and so hectic this morning momshe is all over the house from the laundry room to the kitchen counter cleaning here and there before the time click at 12 o'clock..yikes! Because i want the house to be cleaned before we go out somewhere. It's our anniversary this week and planned to celebrate it! Am excited and can't wait where husband take us! Though am super busy only have an hour to do the rest of the chores i don't know how am gonna do it but i will try my best, lol! Anyway, am also here doing my tasks coz tomorrow is the date u know. Wish me luck! I need help!

Dermapril reviews

Men and women these days are getting more and more conscious with their appearance. There's nothing wrong if it means looking good and feeling good. With products like dermapril, I'm reading some article now on dermapril reviews that says it's the leading skin care treatment in the stores today. It's good at preventing wrinkles and gives skin a youthful, fresh appearance. Of course we can't believe it right away for many other products are claiming to be so. That's why there's a free 2 weeks trial to those interested so they can test the effectiveness of the product. Just check out their website if you want

Friday, February 18, 2011

If I only knew...

I have a big question in my mind right now, how to lose belly fat faster? I need it badly! LOL. If i only knew how and what i could done it already because am losing weight right now and am happy of the progress i made but the only thing is left behind and take so slow to get rid off is my love handle and my belly area particularly in the mid section. I guess i have to be patient and do a lot of abs exercise which is i do right now everyday i do 50 counts of abs rocket for my abs obviously. Wish me success! wink.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Challenge: TREES

I love the look of the pine trees lining up in the corner of a road going up the mountains. Taken this during a hard snowy day here in our state we drove around to see how gorgeous the surroundings when it is blanketed with snow. My entry for Thursday challenge--TREES.

Is winter almost over?

Seriously, hope it will soon. I'm waiting for the weather station to finally say no more winter. The other week I saw some in the neighborhood clearing the area. Using their honda snowblower I guess. It's quite fun to look at, throwing snow for like 30 feet, kinda like a snow shower. But I bet it wasn't a joke. Can't imagine how cold it is! Anyway, the weather's getting better lately though it's still cold. Hope it'll stay nice as we're going on a 4-hour drive this weekend. Can't wait!

Know your car

For someone like me who doesn't know how to drive, all cars seem to be all the same. Except for the outward appearance of course, I can make judgments like if it's pretty or cool, sexy or cute. All of those what the eyes can see. Although the look of your car speaks volume, what's important is the performance, engine, and versatility. The hubby loves his old Chevy truck, it doesn't look gorgeous anymore but I guess it's the value that counts. So anyway, what makes a good car? When it comes to this, The Car Connection website has all the reviews, updates, latest buzz, offers, and deals of the hottest cars in the planet. Just like Audi A6 4.0, Mazda Mx-5 Miata, kia, Chevrolet Camaro 2Ss, Sedan, Cadillac, name it they have it.

A friend bought a car last year, and before doing so, she checked out the website first and made queries. It really helped because she found a great deal on a used car. I wonder if in the near future I can have my own car? Well it's fine if I have none, I just wanna learn how to drive. For me that's more important, lol!

The best toys

What kind of toy should I get for my child? How much money should I spend? If you are a parent, probably you have asked these questions many times. Well, the good news is that the best toys may be the ones that are the least expensive.

“Kids benefit more from active manipulation and exploration than from passive watching, so simple toys that demand imagination are better than flashy battery-powered cars or talking dolls, which limit what your child can do,” says the book Motivated Minds—Raising Children to Love Learning. The latter toys may be “fun at first, but children usually lose interest in them quickly because they don’t allow them to experiment, explore, or create.”

Depending on a child’s age, mentally stimulating toys include things as simple as building blocks, empty boxes, paper, art materials, and even sand and water. “Small toys, like farm animals,” says Motivated Minds, “will give [a child] a chance to match, group, and compare, and to develop his language skills by making up stories.” The book also suggests simple musical instruments—if you are prepared to endure the noise—because these allow children to explore sounds and their patterns.

Children have vivid imaginations, and they are eager both to learn and to play. So why not help them in all three areas by choosing their toys wisely.

credits: Awake! magazine

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More of the Steam Team

I just wanna share more of the no.1 total cleaning and restoration company in Texas. Just so you know, they've been serving the community since 1983. Wow, That's 28 years ago! Their track record shows that the service they provide is truly one of its kind. If we're from Texas, I might ask for some help in case we need some serious house maintenance LOL! Anyway, if indeed you guys need their service too, just give them a visit. See if your location is available by searching keywords like Carpet Cleaning Brushy Creek, Carpet Cleaning Marble Falls, Carpet Cleaning Westlake, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and so forth.

I have an aunt who lives in Texas. Maybe she heard of this company already. Or if not yet, I can share the link with her. Who knows she'll avail of some kinda service one of these days. Sounds nice. On a second note, the girlfriends went over our place yesterday. I prepared our favorite rice pudding and basically just chitchat and let the kids play around. But no pics to share, I forgot about my camera as always lol!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Skywatch Friday, Season 4, Episode 31

My entry for Skywatch Friday. Just driving around over by the lake close to our place, it is nice and quite place to relax and go fishing all day as you!

Getting ready...

For weekend getaway soon. We will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in Memphis Tennessee! Am getting anxious about it because we both husband and i looking forward to go to Memphis. So here i am making sure everything will be ready even though it is just a weekend thingy i have to written down the lists of things i need to pack so i wont forget. Most importantly my kiddos stuff it's a long drive approximately 4 hours at the most they need to be entertain good thing they got their convertible toy laptop with extra nimh rechargeable batteries so they wont get bored in the trip otherwise that will be a problem. It's my lil girls long driving so far. I can not wait and be in Memphis.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

let us always...

Begin our day with a thankful heart. If we do, we can never go wrong. Had this lovely message at my mail and thought of sharing it with you this beautiful morning. :)

A thankful heart
Take nothing for granted.. Because when
you do..
The "Joy of Enjoying".. is lessened for You.
We rob our lives much more than we know
When we fail to respond... Or in any way
Show our Thanks for the Blessing

That Daily are Our
The warmth of the Sun.. The smell of the Flowers.
The Beauty Of Twilight... The Freshness Of
Dawn , The Coolness Of Dew...On A Green Velvet ,
The Kind Lil Deeds... So Thoughtfully Done
The Kindness Of Friends... The Love That ,
Someone Unselfishly Give Us In So Many Ways , Expecting No Payment... And No Words
Of Praise...
Great Is Our Loss... When We No Longer Find
A Thankful Response... To All Things Of This Kind , For The Joy Of Enjoying...And The
Fullness Of Living
Are Found In The Heart That Is Filled With Thanksgiving.
Have A Bless Day

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

roofing needs in Austin

How's everyone today? It's the start of the week and hoping things will work our well for all. Alright, to begin, I'm here now at NTBS website. What's it about? NTBS is Austin's most referred roofing company, believing that anything worth doing is worth doing well. I must say that base on customer reviews and feedback, they provide their clients nothing but the best. Anyway, if you happen to visit their site, just look for keywords like Austin roofing, Austin roof repair, Austin roofing contractor, etc. and it'll lead you to what they have to offer. All information, quotes, and prices that is.

On a personal note, when it comes to issues like this, I kinda have a little idea about it. The husband too is a contractor and handy man by trade. It's not an easy job, clients deserve the best service possible to keep them coming again. And it's a very fulfilling job as well. Hmm, now am done here. See ya around friends!

Monday, February 7, 2011

on mattress

Sometimes am having back pains and I think it's because of my spending much time in front of the computer. And also maybe because of the mattress or uncomfortable pillow. Whichever! So am looking for a a good deal now maybe I can soon get a new memory foam mattress sale or a recliner. It depends on the budget, I mean the tax refund lol! Maybe I can also just lay straight in the floor. It's a good way to cure a stiff-neck and who knows back pains too. See you around folks, enjoy the rest of the day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Sick

I thought daughter is over with colds but i heard her sneezing again this morning she got nose running! Here we go again i hope she won't get there again at night that we both can not sleep because for the passed couple of weeks we've been that way and just last week we had our normal night back nicely. Am crossing my finger today that her sneezes will go away and she won't share back to her brother what she have right now otherwise both of them will handfull! I hate winter this is the time that my kiddos are very easy to get colds and allergies..ughhhh! Hope winter goes away soon and can't wait for the summer!