Friday, March 30, 2012


Guest post from: Natalie Walter

My husband has been a dentist for a little over ten years. He has been working in an office with another dentist the whole time. Although he really likes working with the other dentist, he felt like it was time to move into his own office and have his own practice. After he found the office space he wanted to go ahead and set up phone and internet. He went to t1.xo to have everything set up. He has been really happy since he moved into his own office. He was able to bring most of his clients with him and he has gained several new clients. His office is in a great location and it is really convenient to a lot of people. I work at his office now and it is really nice to be able to ride to work together. We also have flexibility with our hours and we can take vacation whenever we want to. I think that moving to his own office was the best decision that he has made so far in his career.

Side walk chalks

Best stuff to take when you and your kids go outside for fun playful day. It's sunny here in our state always so the nice way to enjoy is spend the time outside the grandparents has a huge yard so cousins really having the best days whenever they want. Their GP spoils them all and they got them this colorful chalks. I am thinking t'was fun look at her busy as bee! lol

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just reading

About this affiliate marketing tips because I think am gonna be needing them one of these days. I mean, with my online job who helps promote other peoples business and products, it will be helpful if I'm updated with the latest strategies in the affiliate market. And also, my sister just started working with an online company that has to do with the same field and she's asking for feedback. Accordingly, there are steps to take and even programs to install. Knowing the tips, dos and don't are essential so as to pull off something right? That's what am doing now. Wish me well. Winks!

Kiddos Shoes

As a mom i enjoy shopping for my kids!! Daughter was helping me shop online last night she picked her 2 adorable shoes. She said "this one mom, it's cute! i love that red one please...! haha i think that's cute hearing it from a 3 year old, sure she's a lil fashionista hmmm like her mama?? lol. Meanwhile, the big brother heard us so he's running towards us and when he saw this tennis shoes she bragged to get it for him! They picked all their shoes, they're so picky on their ages to think they are just 3 and 5 years of age but anyway to get moving i just go ahead and let them decide their style, lol because otherwise we will be shopping for awhile! though this is how i love spending time with my kids they're so fun to be with! LOL.

Monday, March 26, 2012

For Him

I am talking about my son who just turn 5 last week. He'll start his schooling pretty soon will enroll him this coming enrollment and so i was thinking about getting him a tablet PC since we decided to do it home school. He is good in computer stuff so it will easy for him to use the tablet. I found a great deal of playbook for sale it's dual use for his schooling and gaming as well, not to mention it's portable we can bring it whenever we go somewhere which is really awesome! He loves games such as super Mario's, angry birds, racing cars and from Nick Jr and Disney channels. Bet he will like the playbook tablet we got! More so i am excited for his schooling pretty son! Sure he is not a baby anymore :-|.

Future artist :)

He always have this funny and creative drawings in his mind, thought at age 5 he did a pretty good job on this! He drew this without anywhere to copy did it all by himself! That was yesterday on the Christian meeting, i make sure i keep his drawing pads and pen for him to get busy and we can listen to the talk without kiddos being whiny i guess you know what i mean mommies :). So anyways, after the meeting he let us see us his arts was amazed how he drew them specially the car i told my husband he is good than me no way i could drew like that, lol! I guess it runs in the family because his Daddy and grandpa are artists so is my brother so i think son has a future for this! Keep up the great work sonny! Wink.

Great deals for sports minded people

Are you a sports minded individuals? Any kind of sports are fun, people of all ages are engaged to it! Well good news for you guys if you are organizing this kind of activities specially the football sport, here's the place that you can get the best and great deals of fantasy football trophies! They have the widest selection of trophies you can get. The prices are just right. Moreover they also have all kinds of awards and trophies for sale, also they custom service for those who want it! Check it out people, so that your next sports event will be as memorable as can be!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Becoming a Wise Shopper

Times are tough. When we look around us all we see are the soaring cost of living such as the prices of prime commodities, oil price hike, so on and so forth. Reality bites but we just can't avoid it. The same thing goes in shopping. We need to purchase items such as food, clothing, for house maintenance, and more.

As a mom, the budget is in our hands and we need to handle it the wise way. One thing that help me is comparing prices and looking for deals from different shops in the web. If I need stuff from the most common like shoes to those hard to find ones like heavy cotton chenille bedspread or cheap waist cincher, I can search for them in just a few clicks. I can then view a wide variety of options, discount offers and buying guides from the experts. I can even narrow down my search like looking for zero turn mowers for sale in Ohio and stuff like that. I do this through Become's product search engine. By the way, it is a website that works like a search engine that crawls the internet, helping clients research what to buy and whom to buy. If you want, you can likewise visit them and thus see how to become a wise shopper.

Miniature Airplane


One of the little man's favorite toy, his miniature yellow & red airplane that he could live without! We had to call his cousin to bring it over because he forgotten it when we had a day with the family and when he saw this picture he keep bugging us to get it poor little guy! My entry for MYM.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nice find

The high cost of living has taken its toll to many especially those that struggle to make ends meet. Just chatted with my sister and according to her, there's a constant power interruption in our place right now. Though they're experiencing constant brownout, the irony is they are still paying high electricity bills. That's so unfair! I wonder if they have a low cost electricity program, something a lot of states in the U.S implement. It has helped consumer lower their electricity bills every month indeed through availing such program. I'm pretty sure they have it there also, I mean the government should make it available for the people.

Nice hair style

Planning to get hair done one of this days trying to look what this year's hairstyle are in and found one that i will consider for my self. I actually trying to play my photoshop so i can picture out how I'll be look like. This is one of the hair that i thought of doing but in brunet though there's no way am gonna colored my hair like this in the picture but at least it looks nice on me though, LOL. My friends and family said so specially the husband... haha! What do you think??

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching up

It's been days since I last made updates here. If I get a chance to be online, it'll have to be quick because there's a lot of other things I've been attending to in the house and also at the office. The husband and I switch duties and shifts, kinda cool and we're doing good so far. The nice thing with our set-up now is that the husband can spend more time with the kids and also has spare time doing the job he likes best. Being a handyman. He's been making custom cabinets lately and welcoming clients. Just recently he did a full kitchen makeover, using walnuts and oak tree. I'm just a proud wifey! Anyway, he likes to devote more time to it and thinking of creating his own line of custom-made furniture and kitchen cabinets. I'm pretty sure he'll do well if he pursue that endeavor and I'll be here to support him. Right now, we are doing some research about the latest designs and inspirations we can get from other successful furniture-making business. One of with is the Kitchen Cabinet Depo, I must say their products are awesome. Their designs are one of a kind and the quality just the best. They have those rta kitchen cabinets which are all so beautiful, a kitchen will look gorgeous having those.

Feel free to visit them online and see their collections. As for me, well got a lot of catching up to do. Will be working tomorrow so I'll see you around on the day after. Winks!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Picky little miss

Spring is definitely around the corner and to welcome it, thought of looking for a new, fun and colorful shoes for the little girl. We are to spend more time outdoors most likely so was thinking of a footwear that's rugged but pretty. I bumped on the first pic below and to my surprise the little girl said, "No mom, I don't like that! That's yucky!

So I let her choose... Tadah! The pink, girly sneaker caught the little missy's attention huh! She knows exactly what she wants for a 3 year old. Oh well, now I have a certified fashionista, following her mommy's footstep I guess, lol!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have you purchased a 'lemon?'

Referring to lemon cars or vehicles is what I mean here. Those are cars, trucks, SUV's and other vehicles that ain't performing the way it should be. Buying a second-hand car is a good option to many for it helps them save money. The problem is, some sellers doesn't disclose the exact condition of the vehicle which is something they owe to the buyer. Problems may arise if a newly purchased second-hand car is not in good condition, not to mention it is unfair for the buyer's part.

The nice thing is that lemon law exist thus ensures consumer protection and require the manufacturer or car owner to take responsibility in case a messed up occurs. Under the law, if you've proven that you are really have a claim, you can either ask your money back or have a car/vehicle replacement. Those living in CA in particular, there are California lemon law lawyers ever willing to help you along the process. If the car you just bought is pretty messed up, sure it's a headache. But through lemon law attorneys in California, you can take steps and settle the issue. Nice to know we are protected and thus ensured of our rights.

Monday, March 5, 2012

the picture below

Definitely caught my attention. While visiting random pages I saw this decor and must say isn't it lovely? A wine glass turned up side down, with flowers at the bottom and a candle on top. I never thought this was possible, thanks to the creative mind of the one who made it. Gotta try making one on spring when we have flowers in the garden, am thinking of red roses but orchids would surely be simply pretty. Indeed this is a nice house decor, we should try what do you think? Winks!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

In my kitchen

I'm the master-chef. I must say I'm proud of my dishes and cooking skills though I haven't had any formal training from the experts. I just love to cook something special for my loved ones, those made-me-forget-my-name dishes to be exact. I love making breads now, I just discovered recently that I know how. Still there's a lot of things and methods to be learned though and if am given the chance to enroll in a culinary class, I'd be so happy. Would have to check for chef jackets at and grab a piece, and a hat too, just to feel like a pro. LOL! Anyway, gotta make our quick dinner, the guys are starving already.. excuse me first. Winks!

Friday, March 2, 2012


I woke up this morning having a beautiful thought in mind. Feeling happy and cheerful, I wanna share it to my friends here in the BlogLand. What's it all about? I won't explain any further, just an announcement.

"I am giving away FREE monthly gift to a lucky winner. Just LIKE my store fan page at FB, (you can see my mini boutique icon in the upper left corner of my page) and you are in! That's about it, easy peasy! The ruffle draw will end on the 2nd week of March, and then I will announce the winner! Everyone can join. I love going international! By the way, the more the merrier so kindly share this goody freebie to anyone you know. Help me inform all those ladies in the house by spreading the virus. Winky Winks!