Friday, July 29, 2011

Gone to Kids bug party

Good morning ya'll! TGIF huh! Kiddos and I with auntie and cousins are all going to Columbia, Tn a 1.5 hour drive to enjoy the bug party going on. This week was so busy for us preparing their costumes and all that kinda stuff which is a challenged for us though to find bumble stuff for kurdapyo's to wear but auntie managed it at the last minute because if it was announce a week early that we are attending the party i could have just order it online but it was so short noticed, yet at least like what i said the sweet auntie is so creative to make some for kiddies. :-)! Meanwhile the lil girl is wearing a red butterfly it's all cute we're excited to see them all wearing their own bugs attire! Will be sharing it the photos later on the entire event. See you guys... momshe is getting ready for the trip!

Happy weekend again to all of us! Wink!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kids Field Trip

We took our kids to the aquarium in Chattanooga on Saturday and sure it was a blasts for them! My boy was having so much fun seeing all the fishes from shark to dory the blue fish, lol. We're so glad we took them there because this is his first time that he really can interact with all kinds of stuff in there and as well the lil girl's first field trip to the aqua. We've been at the aquarium for several times when he was a baby boy then and now he is 4years old he's more interested of stuff like these, all grown up now huh! And of course this is the best time for all four of us, i took bunch of exotic flowers and butterflies.. yay me! These are just few of the photos I've taken.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Dinner

Zaxby's is our dinner tonight! We love the flavor of their food special the wings & things and the chicken finger plate it is incredibly good! Mine are the wings & things traditional teriyaki style while the husband is the CFP, kids loves them too our lil 2year old girl is munching the wiglets to the bones. I don't know why since we tried zaxby's we're hooked on their menu. Never miss a week not to dine or take out from there! We just loves the flavors.

It's Interesting

Personalized T-shirts, mugs, gifts and all that kinda stuff are widely very common now days. But one that is not common before that is right the coins collection where in you can get it with your own personalized designs. At COINS FOR ANYTHING they will help you create and design your own coins collectible. Take a look on their challenge coins that they have already designed it is outstanding and very creative. So if you are coin collectors this is the best place for you to create the coins you wanted. They have special people and graphic artists to make it possible. Check them out! Wink.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Ohhh emmm geee! I woke up this morning i saw a visible line in my upper lip i guess this sign for aging am getting old already... ugh! Can't this happening but it's really really true that no matter what we are going there and i have to start using an anti aging fighting cream to prevent me to have more. I have to relax myself more often also because lately I've been so overly wore out myself well that's normal for busy moms out there. Time to check and consider our selves well am doing that though but right now i have to get some help to the experts will get this Mary Kay product pretty soon I've heard so many comments about and it is one of the best brand in the market today and proven for me already my aunt is using it so i guess will try them for me. Honestly i don't want those wrinkle on my face for now though wrinkle wrinkle go away come back in 30years. Yikes!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yummy Sunday 99: Breakfast in Bed

The husband had a bad morning so what's the best way to make him feel better is a surprised breakfast in bed. Haven't done this in awhile and he said how sweet of me... haha! He loves french toasts, bacon and eggs to start up his day with a glass of orange juice.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Non-dairy smoothies

Guest post written by Kimberly Wilcox

Since I became a vegan, I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on some of my favorite kinds of food. I have a really huge sweet tooth, so I've had to find a replacement for my favorite ice cream, along with some other stuff. But I think that becoming a vegan and having to find all of those replacements and adjustments has just given more of an excuse to cook and experiment with my food. I've always enjoyed cooking anyway, so that's an OK thing for me.

I also really love smoothies though, so I knew that I would have to make some non-dairy ones that will taste just as good as the dairy ones that I've come to know and love. I went online to look for some good recipes and while I was doing that I saw the website After I looked through it some, I decided to change over my home internet access to it.

I did find a really excellent recipe for a non-dairy strawberry smoothie, that I think has become my new favorite. It tastes even better than the regular old ones that I used to make!

Friday, July 15, 2011

One of our theme song

First of all i love the movie Mannequin and the song super love it! I honestly never get tired of listening this song even it's gazillion times already haha, it is really meaningful special to both of us. This is one of our song and the husband dedicated it to me and likewise too it remind us of our love to each other and making us more deeply in love again and again and again... naks! lol.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #129 : Gladiola


Another MYM entry mine is the yellow gladiola picked from my yard. Last Friday i woke up so early around 5:30am, going to grama's house and before heading there i detoured going to my front yard where this pretty gladiola almost kissing to the ground so i cut them off before they get dirty! and so i went back to the house and put them on a vase to surprise my husband before he wakes up. So sweet huh! lol

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nice Camera for her!

My cousin in the Philippines is wanting me to find her a camera that suits her needs. She like what we have now but it is kinda over her budget if that is. So i suggest that i might check and look where my husband got ours and i know we can find the right price for her. Well, I'm right this camera casio digital is perfect and the right budget for her. It is a camera and at the same time a GPS perfectly bundled into one device. The features includes with tons of great stuff including a 24mm Ultra-Wide Angle lens with 10X Optical zoom power, perfect for capturing scenic landscapes and distant subjects. She's like me... a frustrated photographer wanna be, LOL!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kiddos Asleep

Finally! they went to sleep early tonight after a long day of playing here and there. They were so hyper earlier it's not even funny! They're always these way everyday i have two adorable energetic kiddos they always wear me out! haha. Today the girls wore them out in playing outside. Am glad though so i can relax a lil and do my stuff without them messing around. Having two hyper toddlers in the house is not so easy thing to say they love to bug you around, want some attention and always on the move! But at the end of the day momshe is not complaining though just a thought that my life wouldn't be the same with out them. I love them so much. Well anyway, am glad they went to bed early! Wink!

Ohhh Goodies!

Can you resist these? Me, I can't! LOL. Speaking of desserts brownies is one of my favorites and of course it is chocolate! I am craving for strawberries dipped in chocolates lately and so when i see this it makes me drooled already... grrr! Am thinking getting those on top with 3 flower browniepops. Of course can not be forgotten the husband he loves these stuff too so am getting the sports brownie pops for him so he will enjoy his while am enjoying mine, lol! I've tried them before and i tell you they're so tasty and fun to munch because of their colorful and in-demand theme. Surely our kiddos will definitely be the first to eat this when it get delivered both of them loves chocolates!

Supper at Inlaws

We had a good supper at parent in laws house awhile ago sissy cook her delicious chicken Alfredo for all and after dinner kids hitting the office parking lot to go ride their scooters and tricycle! They having so much fun the 5 of them while momshe is also having fun taking pictures in the surroundings i had so much to take picture of! Took the biggest flower I've ever seen in person, the beautiful sunset and of course the kids! Just love capturing them in stolen shots so natural and pure.

Anyway, until now am still stuffed from the dinner so I'm here to relax before going to bed! Tomorrow is another exciting day for all of us wondering where we are heading tomorrow... hmmm?? Hope Dada will take us to the Aquarium... crossing my finger! :-D

Behind my doors

These are the list of my top favorite shoes behind my closet. I have like 50+ shoes and am still counting, lol kidding aside but am certified shoe fetish ever since i could remember but I'm way far to Imeldific :-). I remember when i was in college, i saw a black exotic shoe in a department store one day that moment i fell in love with it and i really asked my papa to buy that shoes otherwise i couldn't move on my life, lol! Never stop bugging him until he bought me those. By the way don't freak out of how many heels, wedge, boots and flats i have because i am also a cheerful giver!

Today I enjoy shoes collecting much and purses also but shoes is my first love. I just love them and makes me feel happy that's one thing i came up a business of fashion for women like me who loves shoes, I'm not just selling to earn but am also sharing the experience that you and i can relate. I know every women has their own favorite thing, what's yours?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Plus Size Clothing

I really want to continue my online business as much as i can! Am already there so why not proceed. Thinking of getting new stuff to sell so it won't get boring for same stuff again and again. Shoes and bags are my thing but I planned to get like designer clothes, apparels and accessories right now. I have little of the ladies and junior fashion already but some are looking for bigger sizes so i guess i might have to try the plus size clothing as well have few friends and their friends of friends that are in women's plus size and they want to be fashionista and pretty of course. The plus size jeans and plus size denim jeans are they gonna ask about so am browsing right now where to fine good deals of jeans. The mustang jeans shaped fit is what one of my costumer like because it fits her good and very comfortable she said. Well, i guess i found one already they have bunch of stuff for women's plus size from tops, to blouses, dresses and bottoms take note very stylish and comfort. Am going to look and check so i can start telling them what new collection will have.

Dangers of Polluted Water

According to a United Nations report, more people now die from contaminated and polluted water than from all forms of violence including wars. The UN reports that two million tons of waste- agricultural and industrial, as well as sewage and so on- are discharged every day into rivers and seas, spreading illness and damaging ecosystems. Moreover, every 20 seconds, a child under the age of five dies from water-related disease. Says Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN Environment Programmed: " If the world is to thrive.... we need to get collectively smarter and more intelligent about how we manage waste".

This article of awake magazine makes me wonder the relevant of our world situation right now. The mismanaging of waste is triggering the condition that most of individuals are facing and experiencing now. Natural disaster come from one place to another and it is really frightening isn't? So lets start to save our planet the best we can before it's too late! We can do that in our own little way as he say manage waste smartly. It start from my home to yours. Wink!

Thursday Challenge: "ROADS"- Highway Memphis

This is the view from the 13th floor of Hilton Hotel. Busy interstate highway going to Mississippi bridge. Spending our 5th wedding anniversary at Memphis at the same time we had to visit the barbecue state. Good time and great dining experienced!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy me

I was busy sorting the other day, old stuff to be sold at the garage sale. Then I realized there's so much to be done and waiting to be disposed. I like it though when I'm busy. Time flies by so fast when it's like that. So right now am also super tired too. There's so much to be done in my job online but I can hardly find time to open the computer nowadays. Tsk! Guess I have to sleep early tonight and just do it all at once tomorrow. Before though, I'll be browsing at personalized stationery and checking for some nice cards there, gotta make some love letters. LOL! Seriously, need it for notes and other token too. I'm making a mini project like a slam book to be send back home in the Philippines soon. I am so behind of sending our last trip photos so before the folks fuss at me will put time to it! So got to go, hope to see you guys later!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Good morning everyone! Waking up so early like 5 in the morning is not a thing for me despite though i have to because we are having yard sale today and tomorrow and it is going to be in our yard. It's Huge yard sale altogether my stuff, sister and mother in-laws imagine how a lot to display huh! Well, everything must go before the big move soon the rest of stuff we couldn't bring might as well get rid of them. From kids stuff to bank bed, toaster and more all that kinda stuff, lol! This will be fun! Girls are selling lemonade because it is gonna be hot today and more so tomorrow! Yay!