Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sister's Request

Soon I'll be sending my BB box to family in the Philippines i know it's going to be late already for December even though we don't celebrate Christmas but I'd love sending them on this time of the year you know cheaper and faster way to send package might as well take advantage of it. Well speaking of such advantaged thing, lol. My sister is requesting for new laptop or tablet i try to wait until this stuff will be on sale i might get her a tablet instead have very good deal on it right now just like this Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 32 GB Wi-Fi Black Tablet at pricegrabber online store they are giving away 20-25% discount on selected tablets and electronics. My sister doesn't like big tablets she rather interested into smaller size so that it easy for her to carry anywhere she wanted. I think this is the right one! Will gonna mention this to the husband because he said he is gonna pay for the new computer to send to my family.

Friday, November 25, 2011

No Black Friday....

.. Shopping for me because the husband already got me a thing, lol! My washing machine got messed up so i have no choice to tell him and he decided to get a new one and of course dryer should be replace as well for them to match. In my pleasant surprised the stuff he got is really what i love because they are in my favorite color!!! wanna guess? haha! It's RED baby! Been longing to have a matching washer and dryer in this color and now just the timely manner. Couldn't ask for more i thank my husband for thinking of me always! So sweet of him! I am totally fine even i can not get to spend my shopping spree on a black Friday deals b'coz i already got more what i expected. Wink wink!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

An ultimate vacation for the kids

Disneyworld would probably have to be the ultimate vacation for the kids and even those kids at heart. I really thought we could visit Disneyland this year but things happened along the way and our plans changed. But of course we can't forget about it. We love to go to Florida, my husband's relatives are all there and I haven't seen them yet actually. Aside from a wonderful family reunion, the sight-seeing, beach hopping, and Disney adventure is something to look forward to. I also have a good friend who lives there and I'll be so happy to see her. She already mentioned a nice place to stay in FL, the Epcot resort hotels that's located in the heart of the Walt Disney World Resort. A gateway to the amazing themed park, you also get to enjoy other specials and benefits if you stay in this hotel. She said it would be a practical and perfect place to be if you're on a Disney vacation. I hope this time around our plans will push through. I just can imagine my children's smile and happiness the moment they'd see all the Disney characters and all. That would be so cool!

PhotoHunt 292: Wet/Rain

Kiddos was having fun in the sun last summer that they can't get enough swimming in their mini kids pool we found it in the shed.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My world

Are my kids. It's them who keeps me occupied, tired, stressed, blessed, complete, and happy all the time. I've got best of both worlds you know, lol! Seriously, they are growing like weeds, as if it was only yesterday when I carried them inside my tummy. Now they're just so hyper, jolly, playful, bold, ever learning! With their age right now, they are at the peak of their learning years and as parents we are doing all we can, all our best to be the support and example they need. The little girl love books lately so we read her a story or two before she goes to bed. While the little man loves to draw and play puzzle. He's also getting interested with building blocks and of course his trucks. You can imagine how our house looks like when they're active. Their toys storage are indeed helpful for keeping their stuff after playing but after several hours, it's all over the place again and again. Oh well, kids will be kids. It's just wonderful seeing them grow as bright, healthy, and happy.

May we all have a fantastic weekend ahead everyone! As for me here, am definitely looking forward for a joyride. Winks!

Sky Watch Friday

Just a peek of my Photograph here and my entry for Sky Watch Friday meme! For more of my Photography just visit my other webpage and hope you enjoy!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Her app..

It's my little girl doctor appointment today for 2 years well check we missed it last April and so when i brought her big bro last month (same doctor) i asked to check her in and the available schedule is by November only so even she's late i go ahead take the appointment. I am kinda curious how she reacts today on the last time we visited she was ballistic like his brother way before she doesn't want her doctor to touch or do nothing on her! I got so exhausted watching! I hope she'll be different this time around just like the Kuya's last visit he is more mellow and relax! I'm feeling bad though because they will give her a shot and her flu mist today which is so necessary! Poor baby,mama sorry :-(.

Got to go to get ready! have a great week ahead!

Friday, November 11, 2011

About Airsoft

What is Airsoft? It is a recreational activity wherein participants shoot round non-metallic pellets via replica firearms. The game used to be for special purposes like military simulations, historical reenactment, and target shooting events. But nowadays airsoft has became more of a form of sports and recreation indeed. My sister told me that it's getting pretty famous in our hometown. Different people from different walks of life, old and young alike team up and play airsoft every week. They get this thrill and excitement every time they play combat. But this kind of recreation is also quite expensive. But if you enjoy such kind of hobby it doesn't matter right? By the way, if you are looking for airsoft guns, tactical gears, and other equipment, the God Father website is the choice for you. They have the widest selection of airsoft, all in their lowest, most affordable prices for they get it straight from the factory. Anyway, when it comes to guns or tactical gears though, I personally don't have an interest with them to be honest. But we have a riffle though in case a bear crash in or something like that.

Weekend plan

I have this crazy last two minute plan for tomorrow the husband doesn't know yet but i try to convince him if we can go out of town tomorrow night and stay on the hotel i am browsing right now, haha crazy me huh! He knows i am like this once in a while just love to jump up in the car and go wherever our minds lead us. I have this itchy feet feeling and i wanna go somewhere but HOME! kiddos and I were stuck in the dungeon for week or two now and i know they are bored as much their momshe is! Well, I found a nice deal for 4stars hotel on an overnight stay only that's what i wanted to do right now just relax and chill out. I have mix emotion how to tell him and he will only say "OK dear", LOL.

Nursing units in Ohio

Living in Ohio and in search of a nursing home? Crandall Medical Center might be the one for you or your dear elderly loved ones. This particular skilled nursing Ohio unit is a non-profit, therapy facility center known for its best patient care and services. The Center is staffed with compassionate, reliable, and fully-equipped medical team who values each patient's right and well-being. Whether it's for a short or long term stay, Crandall helps both the patient and their loved ones through the assistance they provide and services they practice. Adding to skilled nursing aids, they also provide rehabilitation programs that will help residence regain skills and get back to their normal life. It includes recreational assistance, speech and physical therapy, even aquatic therapy in the safest and most efficient way. Nursing homes need not look or be like hospitals, it should be home-like nowadays. Where elderly ones can retire and at the same time still enjoy companionship and be productive.

Do visit their website and know more of what they have to offer. See the community and residence and view pictures of their rooms and amenities.

Good morning mommies!

This one's to all the mothers in the hood. Here's a really nice and heart-warming photo I saw at facebook today. It's such a simple sketch and yet says so much! I love you mom and it feel so dang wonderful to be loved as a mom.

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dance Party

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

My niece told me that for her seventh birthday, she wants to come over to my house and have a dance party with her friends. I do not have kids of my own, but I adore my niece, so if she wants to have a dance party, then I am going to give her one rocking party. I have already thought about the music. We have several music channels from direct.TV that will be perfect to dance to. I am pretty sure that the food will be simple because my niece has requested pizza. My sister was a little worried when my niece told her that she wanted her party to be at my house instead of hers. I told her that it is probably just a phase she is going through, but secretly I like having her to myself. I told her that she and her friends can spend the night at my house after the dance party if they want to. I would like to have kids of my own someday, but for now I think I will just spend time spoiling my niece.

Exchanged fruit in the basket

Cousin in San Diego and I are playing the exchanged fruit in the basket game! But in a modern way haha we used to play that game when we were little. Anyway, this is more fun though one of the heels i am selling right now did really caught her eyes and she loves it a lot meanwhile the other day she was on her favorite store she took some pictures of the stuff inside and i saw this beautiful fashion winter coats hanging on the very center and so to speak i am planing to get one on this color and style so i came up a plan and she agree to just swap stuff to each other we both excited and can't wait to wear them on. I gave her the heels and she gave me a jacket. Woohooo i like this game! LOL

This one is better

Teenage years are the time of our life when we start to get conscious and concerned about our physical appearance. As for me though, am such a late bloomer so I don't remember I had lots of issues with myself. But I have a teenage cousin in the Philippines and at the age of 13, she's very lady-like. I guess it's normal for teens nowadays because of the influence of media and peers. Right now, I heard she wanted to have braces on her teeth. She needs it but doesn't want to have that nerd, boring look. I don't know if the dental clinics over there has something like San Antonio Invasalign Orthodontic process. This one is way better than the typical braces. Invasalign or invisible braces is the breakthrough new technology that lets you have that smile without the hassle and awkward look of metal braces. The treatment involves using a series of clear, removable aligners that straighten your teeth with fast results. I bet anyone using, or planning to have braces would prefer such invisible ones. This one's for my cousin I guess.

Anyway, if you'd like to know more of invisalign treatment, do visit CDA. They are the leading provider specially around TX area.

My favorite drink

Orange peach juice is my by far favorite fruit juice since am avoiding my best to sodas and other caffeinated beverages now a days this really helps my cravings of soft drinks which is really good alternative for me. I used to be a Pepsi or cokes lover but it's not very good on our body. Another thing is i believe drinking healthy equals younger looking skin fruit juices have plenty of anti oxidants benefits to our body and skin. Feeding our skin on all sorts of anti oxidants it will give you a glowing complexion. Just glasses of fruit juice makes your life healthier and prettier. I love mine with plenty of ice and a fresh fruit on top. Wink!

Have a wonderful morning everyone!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Care at Home

Months ago, our grandma here fell over and had injuries at her back and legs. For a couple of months, we had to assist her all the way because she can't do things on her on. We had to bathe her and moved her around as gently as we could. With the help of elder care programs, we had a caregiver came over to the house and gave grandma professional care she deserves. The caregiver was really reliable and compassionate. Providing assistance, aid, companionship, housekeeping, medication reminders, personal hygiene and so forth. Their support helped grandma get back on shape. I mean, eventually she can do things on her own already and right now she's doing well. We're thankful with this kind of service, just have to call them anytime we need them.

By the way, Preferred Care at Home provides such services too. They care for those you care about, and very willing to give you assistance in caring for our dear elderly ones. Just give them a visit and know about their other services and rates as well.

I've won a pretty wedge

Last weekend i was doing my online thingy and i don't know why i ended up myself bidding on a gorgeous yellow wedge, lol. I was just playing along to the auction thing going on i just love the style of the shoes but in the back of my mind if i don't win so be it don't hurt me, i placed the bid when the clock is almost over and after awhile like an hour i got an email that i won it! I was kinda... you kidding me! haha. But at the same time happy though because i really like the wedge and i have a matching dress already so it is very perfect for each other. I really need to avoid going on a bidding sites because i always win i guess i am just lucky enough, lol.

Wedding update

In my previous posts I mentioned about my brother-in-law's coming wedding. We are all getting excited here. I heard they have a fixed date already and hoping everything works well as planned. As per update, I know the bride-to-be is now looking for possible wedding gowns. At first we thought they'll have to buy it here in the States the moment she arrives but because of her petite sized, it would be better to have it done in the Philippines.

The groom-to-be is also busy over here. Looking for a nice reception venue, the wedding stuff, and wedding ring. Knowing him, his got a unique style and taste so I guess he wants something like Celtic wedding bands. Since Celtic people are known for their mastery of metalwork and unique patterns embodied in their fine jewelries, Celtic wedding rings are indeed precious bands perfect for that one beautiful wedding. Can't wait for that one sweet day! I'm so happy for the both of them. I remember the feeling when the hubby and I were about to get married, it was so blissful and nerve-wrecking. LOL!


Kids demands for McDonald for their breakfast this morning so the daddy jumped up the car and drove us to get the big breakfast meal :-). The kids loves well who doesn't ever since the first time we took them every now and then especially the big brother and the lil girl just followed him all the name. She look up to him big time and they just seldom quarrelling each other. So anyways, they hugs their Dada and thank him for the wished! lol.

On a second note since the husband is working even Saturday he got to catch up times on his job. Me,will call the MIL to drive us in the store to have grocery shopping. Nothing much this weekend to do. K, Have a great morning!