Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Social skills in Infants?

Babies as young as six months develop social judging skills before they can talk, the researchers say from Yale University, USA. Babies aged six months to ten months watched a large-eyed toy try to climb hills, while other toys either helped it or pushed it backward. The children were then presented with the toys to see which they would play with, Houston Chronicle explains. Nearly every baby picked the helpful toy over the bad one. So to some extent, even infants can tell the difference between naughty and nice playmates, and know which to choose.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

at 8 still breastfeeding

This is a very rare situation that a mother still considering to breastfeed her kids in a very long period of time. At age 5 the eldest stop breastfeed, meanwhile the youngest age 8 still drinking her mother's milk. This family is unique and they have their own principles when it comes to this matter. Well, it's her choice! Just watch this video so you can fully understand what i mean...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Booster seat

I was looking for quite sometimes a booster seat for my son to use on the meetings because he is big enough to be hold all the time and very malikut! I found this Pop-Up Booster Seat at and I think its perfect for him. Like the features and capacities plus the price is right. And the reviews are good that says they all love it for their kids! So I planned to get it on Saturday of course along with husband.

• Lightweight booster seat that folds down for compact toting and pops up simply for on-the-spot use
• Buckle system ensures a good attachment to chair; gripper material keeps it in place
• 3-point harness holds child secure; a thick padded seat keeps them comfortable
• Pocket stores toys, kids’ utensils or snacks
• Imported; 12Lx3Wx14H"
• Booster Seat