Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reminiscing Childhood

Years passes by so fast before you knew it, years totally gone! I am into the mode of remembering my childhood when i bumped into a page about ukulele. Well Ukulele songs are famous during my times, my friends and neighbor does this all the time during late afternoon. I heard them gathered together and just enjoy the singing and everything. I didn't know that Ukulele is also famous here in the States, even have Ukulele Instruction for people who loves it. There are books to get for that and i am thinking i will let my kids introduce to this type of activities. I tell it's fun and never boring! I should ask my ma'am about one ukulele song that we used to sing! Wink.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Kids in action

When your children has their first ever swimming by their own? Those moments are really meant to be treasured and captured. That's why i always have my cellphone or camera in handy so every move and acts they do i won't never get a chance to miss it!

On the weekend, Saturday was a blast. My lil girl is totally enjoying the beach with her big bro. The keep talking how cool and fun it was, lol. We're totally surprised in a nice way tho how they reacted by the water well it was calm and shallow and perfect for the young ones to enjoy the water. We really do make some priority that our kids can go and have some fun activities as much as we can during the weekend because we are hectically busy on the weekdays.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby Bullet Giveaway

Recommended for mothers to use this Baby Bullet food processor for babies! Its cool i may say, i have the adult bullet :) and it's doing great for the entire family. Must join the giveaway so you have the chances of winning this for your lil one. My sister in-law would love this for sure!

Welcome to the Baby Bullet Food Making System Giveaway!

Hosted by:  Savory Savings

LoveMy2Dogs and GottaGetMyBodyBack

Sponsored by: Baby Bullet


Have you thought about making your own baby food, but decided not because you thought it would be too hard or take too much time?  Have you heard of the Baby Bullet?  It is a food puree system by the makers of Magic Bullet – but with special blades and cups just for baby food!  This easy to use machine is convenient, fun and fast!  Krista over at Savory Savings had a chance to review the Baby Bullet and has shared her thoughts on why she wishes she had this when her little ladies were babies and how she is using it now when they are toddlers!

Girl's Shoes

Today's art is my lil girl's pink tennis shoes. For some reason they didn't send the shoe strings along. So momshe has to think something so she could wear her favorite color tennis shoes. I have some extra tutu left i though i would make for string shoes, lol. I think its cuter than normal huh, although i am not done with this yet! Will get some rhinestones stickers for extra colorful bling that my daughter loves! You know girls... winks!

Check out my other creation here!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

For music lover

I was reminiscing my high school life when everything is like fun and just be teenagers. I remember my suitor is one of the band int he school he dance and he sings as well he plays instruments, lol. Whenever there is an event he always get invited to go and that kind of stuff. One thing tho, he let me showed his instruments, the guitars especially onetime he was looking for this peizo thingy, i was clueless then. I wish I've known it by then so i can tell him where to get the piezo pickup at musicians friend only. I bet he is now successful in his endeavors and his life. Last time i got contact with him was he just got a new baby with his wife. Oh high school days is one of the unforgettable moments in once life isn't it? wink!

Kids Beaching

Kids loves to go to the beach, well who doesn't? Beaching is one of the fun activity for family everywhere. You don't need to spend so much just to go there unlike some other recreational areas around. There's plenty of things to do here actually, children enjoy playing with the sands making castles and such. Meanwhile parents can just relax while watching them. That's what we always do whenever we head up to the beach in our place. We have quite a number of  beautiful beaches here and there with parks along. One of our quality time with kiddos.