Monday, May 30, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #123


Eggs for mellow YELLOW! This recipe is so new to me but i gave it a try and i was successful it was delicious more than i expected so i saved it on my menu lists for further purposes! Oh to see the complete recipe of baked bird nest this is good to serve for breakfast... check it out here! Wink.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Off to bed

But before that, let me first check my emails. I usually do it at mornings but wasn't feeling good today so I didn't go online. If I don't get to check my mails daily, I'd have like a hundred new ones in my inbox, and sometimes it drives me crazy lol! By the way, got an update here about the nicest deals available in town. Like these LED Light Bar for your and ATV's in case you have one. I really find it cool, seeing someone with an ATV driving around. Looks so manly and rugged but at the same time, fun too. Isn't it?

My son's Masterpiece..

Am so proud of him he drew this yesterday while i was fixing our lunch i heard him talking and whispering i just couldn't hear him what exactly he is talking about then after awhile when i checked him already i chuckled and smile in a heartbeat when seeing this image he did! He said, "This is me, and my little sister Alex". All i did say is great job boy! He is 4 years old now and very smart boy sure this kind of stuff is a thing to keep!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sign of Aging

Back pains are kinda, sorta sign of aging what do you think? Had it after the gardening session we had last week. Oh boy I'm still young for that. But seriously, all of us are not getting any younger as the years goes by. So as early as now we should take preventions. Drinking milk helps a lot but to those who are not fond of it, calcium supplements is the answer. It protects bones from breakdown, even rebuild it. I saw a commercial on TV that says women are more prone to bone damage. I think we all should be taking care of our bones, the earlier the better.

Ruby Tuesday

Fun time with my kids at skates arena and saw these play stations with Reds color of course that my boy having a good time playing!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fun at Spring time

What I like most about the warm weather is that we get to do a lot of stuff, especially outdoor activities. Like the other day, we started gardening here and at the in-laws yard. I'm the one who does the planting, though it's hard and exhausting but sure fun too. The kids are busy doing their thing as well. My boy was having a good time under the sun and the little girl too, makes her forget her teething. On a second note, since the weather is hot, might as well add up something that will make the kids even more happier. I'm thinking one of those above ground pools, it's cool isn't it?

The cousins have their own above ground pool and we usually hop by their place and have a splash. But sooner or later, will definitely have one in the backyard or maybe when we're in FL already. I want the kids to know how to swim because that's something I can't do. It's terrible not knowing! Want them to become good swimmers in the future, lol! Anyway, if you're looking for ground pools, I know a website that offers just the best. Just click the links and you'll see. Winks!

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Yummy Sunday 91- Cakes

~two layered cookies&cream chocolate cake~

~single layered chocolate ganache filling Oreo icing cake~

Last Sunday was a graduation party of my husband's niece her mom&dad threw her a big party with family and friends across the state. We had so much fun eating and socialization! And those are cakes i made for her.. i made it from scratch and it was everyone's favorite i must admit it was so yummy! Meanwhile the oldies didn't make it to the party so the next day since i still have some left over stuff from the cake so i made them the second photo on the bottom i just did a lil changes on the icing and filling and of course same as the first one it was totally wickedly good! LOL.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This time

Been buying some girly stuff lately. Shoes, purses, and dresses. Well what can I do? It's really a girl thing and kinda like a therapy for stress and boredom, lol! Kidding aside, am thinking of blac label clothing this time around. Since am done sending goodies to the ladies in the house, I mean the girls back home, might as well start to gather something for the boys. My father will really like a nice jacket for he travels a lot. For my bro, he'll definitely love this pair of new Levis shoes. It's really a nice feeling to give, indeed true happiness!

nice & sweet

Was browsing for that one song that stuck in my mind. But this song catches my attention first. Feels like love is in the air nowadays huh! Well you know who you are guys, and as for us here we're hoping to hear "I do's" soon. Winks! Can't wait for that. By the way, wouldn't it be nice to play this song on weddings?

Good morning everyone! Wishing you a day filled with happiness and love.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good morning!

It's Monday again, hows your Sunday? We had a beautiful family day yesterday. After our worship meeting in the am we headed to some nice bonding time with the family celebrating the graduation party of my niece. Anyway done the fun weekend so before proceeding my day today am gonna have to finish some chores. But have to check this electrosurgery thing first it is confusing me, lol! Might as well browse some articles first cause I really don't have any idea about it. Anyway, what are your plans for the day friends? Hope we'll all have a nice day ahead. Got to go, we'll be doing some laundry and cooking a lil bit. See, that's how busy yours truly! Winks!

Blue Monday - big brother

Smiling Sally

My kurdapyo is doing his job so great as a big brother to his lil sissy, i will give kuya the 2 thumbs up because he is my lil helper very responsible with his sister he make sure she don't get hurt when they are outside playing meanwhile when inside he is always there for her, keep reminding her to be careful! I think it is so cute to hear that!! always enjoyed watching them do their toddlers moments.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kicking off my green home office makeover

Guest post written by Rosie Caldwell

One of the best parts about working at home is that I feel like my own boss, even if I'm not really my own boss. But that also means that it's a little harder to make myself do work when I don't have someone constantly around that knows how much work I should be doing. I thought that maybe I could pump up my enthusiasm for my home office a little bit if I gave it a green makeover, so that's what I'm working on doing right now.

Right now I'm more so in the planning stages and haven't made many adjustments yet. While I was online a few days ago I found some savings energy plans on a texas electric website and decided that I should just sign up for one of them so that I'm using my energy more efficiently.

That's also a part of my green home office makeover that's going to save me a little bit of money at home. I'm also going to start using less paper, or try to at least.

More tiling job

I bet this tiling job we have lately is never gonna end soon. Although i am so busy in other things but i want to help my husband to finish the bathroom floors of his parents, i admit i'm not that old haha body is still stretcy,lol. So anyway yesterday was the start of laying those tiles, good thing they are like 18" square foot so it is not so hard to put down in but we're so exhausted after the long day of labor because of too much bending and cutting, at least I'm the one on the floor most of the time putting morters and laying it down he's in the cutting and aligning them. Then today is the finale will grout it and put vanities and showers back together. Sure it is fun, haha but seriously i kinda like the job but just too much of bending and kneeling so make sure have padding's on the knee you know. And so after this bathroom we have another lining rooms to do! OMG.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who you gonna call?

For total cleaning and restoration, I guess there's only one place to check out when it comes to that purposes- The Steam Team of Texas has over two decades of cleaning and restoration expertise in Austin and Dallas. Whether it's commercial or residential, their services are what clients need for cleaning and maintenance. They include upholstery cleaning companies austin, water damage mold austin, carpet tile cleaning austin, air ducting tile, dog odor removal, leather cleaning, marble polishing, and so forth.

There comes a time when some serious house make over needs to be done and sometimes it's nice to just call the experts and ask for their help. After all it's no easy job to take. I mean, cleaning and all is exhausting especially if it's more than just the usual right? I better keep this link in handy. Have an aunt in Texas, who knows she might need TST's help someday. Winks!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #120


We had a wonderful Sunday after yesterday, we took the kiddos to the marina near our place and had a nice walk through the docks of boats and boats. Thought of MYM meme with this Yellow thingy here.