Sunday, May 29, 2011

My son's Masterpiece..

Am so proud of him he drew this yesterday while i was fixing our lunch i heard him talking and whispering i just couldn't hear him what exactly he is talking about then after awhile when i checked him already i chuckled and smile in a heartbeat when seeing this image he did! He said, "This is me, and my little sister Alex". All i did say is great job boy! He is 4 years old now and very smart boy sure this kind of stuff is a thing to keep!


Arcee said...

my daughter is an artist, too, i can very much relate to u. keep it up. tnx for dropping by & gladly returning the favor. already your GFC follower.

Yannie said...

Ang cute... galing naman ng son mo

shengy said...

i agree with you